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Zoom SSH-6 Stereo Shotgun Microphone Review

Hey guys, in this video we’ll be reviewing
the Zoom SSH-6 stereo shotgun microphone capsule. This is a microphone attachment that can be
used to change the audio pickup pattern on a Zoom H5, H6, and F1. It replaces the microphone capsule on these
recorders to make them more versatile in different situations. In this video, we’ll use the SSH-6 microphone
capsule with a Zoom H5 and compare it to the audio we get from the included Zoom XYH-5
capsule. I’ll link to all of these in the video description
for you to check them out. Before we get started, I want to mention that
the Zoom H5 with the included microphone capsule is a fantastic recorder on its own. This video is only meant to show one of the
alternative capsules that’s good for some different types of recording situations, and
they all have their uses where they’ll be better. I typically use the included XY capsule for
most recordings when I want general background sound, or to record music. The SSH-6 shotgun capsule is a more of a specialized
microphone that I use for video production, and it’s also great for outdoor use since
there’s an included deadcat to block out the wind noise. There’s two things I really like about this
microphone compared to the included capsule. First, the SSH-6 is very directional, so you
can focus in on an audio source like a person talking and get a clearer signal than with
an XY capsule. This helps exclude a lot of the background
noise as well. With the XY capsule, you’re pretty much
just picking up the source and everything else around it, so it’s not directional. It’s great if you want to get general background
sound, or sound from a broad range of sources too. The second thing I like about the SSH-6 is
it’s a mid-side microphone. That basically means that it has a separate
signal for the stereo and the center directional microphone. That allows us to adjust the amount of stereo
in the signal and we can do some adjustments afterwards as well. On the Zoom H5, the midside level is adjusted
with the scroll buttons on the right side of the recorder, and this can be done whenever
we’re not recording. Now let’s cover some of the audio recordings
we got from this recorder. I made some acoustic guitar recordings to
show how they each handle music, and talking so we can see what they sound like for voice
when using them for video production. For each case, we recorded the audio from
about 6 feet away. We did each performance with the XY microphone,
the SSH-6 with the mid side up and the SSH-6 with the mid side turned all the way down. First is the acoustic guitar with the XYH-5
capsule. Next we have the SSH-6 with the midside turned
up. Finally, there’s the SSH-6 without the midside
turned off. I found both the XY capsule and the SSH-6
to be great microphones, even at this distance away. The stereo spread between the two microphones
is different, but they both sound good and it depends on how you need to use it. When we turn the midside off, we don’t get
any stereo signal, and I don’t like using this mode as much when recording music. Next let’s do a voice recording. Here’s the XYH-5 capsule. Now we have the SSH-6 with the midside turned
on. Last we have the SSH-6 with just the shotgun. As we can hear, the more directionality comes
from the SSH-6 with the midside turned down, and we can really start to focus in on a sound
source from far away. We can also start to blend in some of the
background noise if we increase the midside level. Thanks for checking out this video on the
SSH-6 microphone capsule. If this video helped you out, don’t forget
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2 thoughts on “Zoom SSH-6 Stereo Shotgun Microphone Review

  1. Thank you….a simple and short review but certainly concise and to the point! Thank you for the comparative samples..they sure help I think you've convinced me that the SSH-6 will be a good investment. I'm now a subscriber.

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