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hey guys this is DragoNate and welcome
to zombieCraft dot IO now I’m going to tell you guys I was paid $5.00 to play
this game through Fiverr so yeah just so you guys know that now
I’ve already tested this game out slightly just a little bit there is no
as you can see there is no multiplayer quite yet which is okay that’s totally
fine but I wonder what more games does oh shoot
this is not what I wanted thank you alright so I’ll just get into
single-player here start game so you can see here I did I did start playing just
a little bit I just want sure the characters quickly we have a policeman
you who spawns with a gun and ammunition minions so we have a farmer who who has
an awesome action piece of woods we have a salary man spawn with food and several
items we have the doctor have a medicines and survival kit now we also
have noo new I don’t really know why that is what that is but this is a woman the
female character and I’m glad that there is actually a female character in this
now it says she have everything necessary so this is the one I chose
this is a character that I chose to play with I’ll just go back to my original
character because I’ve already made one and let this enter world now this game
so far there’s it seems to be very very new which is okay and because of this
there are definitely some glitches so we have we press tab to look at the
scoreboard I don’t even know how that works
he is your inventory and then you go to craft or items from there so you can you
can craft up a bunch of different things now there’s two different pistols here
see what the difference is is you can make the pistol through metal fragments
or you can make a pistol using ammo now you see here I’m not sure how exactly
you make the pistol I’m not sure how much ammo it takes but if we craft one
up here you can see at the bottom down here we
know is that that only took one ammunition right so now we have 23
ammunition right okay well I’m just going to craft up like five or six more
okay so now I’ve crafted up as you can see seven total pistols this first one
here is my original one now if we go to craft now we can make ammo right well we
started with how much was a 24 ammo right so now we have only 17 so we
create we can craft ammo by using pistols now watch this see when we craft
the a ammo from the pistol you’ll see it
takes nine seconds so there is timed and time it takes time to craft things oh
shoot that peck the arc that took the one I was using but look now we have 37
ammo all of a sudden that doesn’t make much sense now does it so it’s a little
bit confusing and a little bit strange but you know I guess this is totally
fine see we’re getting like a 20 ammo I think each time we craft a pistol yeah
look at that 20 ammo oh oh no oh no I hear zombie okay okay so we have our
first 3 zombie jeez okay nothing actually scares the heck
out of me okay so there’s that black ninja zombie
thing that likes to come and eat my face for some reason oh geez and it seems
difficult to get out of the out of the crafting menu because you have to you
have to press something twice because you can’t shoot while you’re in the
crafting menu for obvious reasons and we have a 157 ammo so I I really don’t
understand why this is what why that happens that way but you know what I’m
not going to question it either I’m just going to go this direction you
move around with either the arrow keys or WASD I recommend WASD you can see oh
jeez the sensitivity is a bit a bit high here now you can you you can press shift
to run but you can only run going forward and back if you move to the side
you cannot run and for some reason that guy does not want to do anything but you
do have a health kit you also have food you have to watch your food in your
water so you have to be very very mindful of those things I’m going to see
if I can run right over to the barn over here
oh shoot go around and inside oh no oh but hey there’s a shotgun in here oh no
hi hi there all right so that guy’s gone now you
press F to pick things up so you can pick up an axe but you see it doesn’t go
away but now I have an axe so I can pick up multiple many axes Oh wait what what is the
computer to first have to pick pick up open oh wait what what does this do
oh okay well I was gonna say note to self don’t do that don’t over the
computer I mean it’s still kind of a bad idea anyway because now I don’t get the
shotgun so I should have at least picked up my shotgun before I did that but you
can see if this guy thank you you can see I still have all seven axes that I
picked up and there’s a guy through the walls here
this guy is almost inside yeah give it get out
no thank you are you are you serious stop yelling brains in my face and just
just pop okay thank you oh look a there’s also a machete
let’s take the machete I don’t think you can actually drop oh yes you can even
drop them soma chippy is actually quite powerful what despite its seeming to
make me move a little slower I think ruff holy you know go away don’t
touch me I am just going to leave because I don’t want to for that thank
you alright so this game is pretty open
world and here’s the village I was told I need to get to the village because
that’s where the assault rifle spawns as well as something else which I now
forget oh my god that actually terrified me oh my god my
heart oh okay anyway oh we can pick up a thousand void I kind of feel like just
putting a Macro on my keyboard so what what we need to do right now what we
need to do right now Tripp are you serious
see okay now herb all right so I figured out we can actually move while we’re in
the crafting menu we can also run and also I can’t turn okay we got we got we
got the hissing zombie coming towards me again there he is that guy actually
doesn’t take too much he’s a little bit weaker in terms of how many hits it
takes to kill him compared to the other ones now give me my gun back now these
houses it seems to be a bad idea to actually go to them because every time I
have so far there have always been zombies that just pop out and they just
like constantly spawn over there oh but what what is that is that okay there’s
just piles of wood mr. hissy did I hear mr. kissy no okay good
and so picking up a bunch of wood here stop every couple seconds make sure
there’s no mr. hissy come after me this here says to the village so we
should where we could find the village okay we have a big giant open field and
the building in the middle of it and I don’t know what this is yet
I think I went the wrong way to the village as well so we’ll have to make
our way back again I guess oh you scared me get out of here
don’t touch me yeah what is this hmm a huntin shot again oh oh okay well it had
had only two ammo it’s light oh nice get out of your way and slice
goodbye get out don’t touch me I get the sniper now Oh No okay so here’s a sniper
and looks like shotgun shell oh but look at the amount of ammo I have mm oh geez
are they dancing out there okay well that’s that guy that guy’s
dancing as well oh my god what happened oh my god I just flew okay then maybe it
does not oh wait yes okay village that way oh yeah I think the village sign is
lying to me and here we have mr. hissy again so besides mr. hissy holy okay the
shotgun does very strange things all right maybe I just went the wrong way
when I was trying to get to the village and it seems to actually be getting the
nighttime because it seems to be a bit darker than it was previously
I don’t know what happens at night Oh God but in some ways I’m just a little
scared I don’t know scared I don’t know what’s going to happen tonight
that foundation get good out put the foundation there okay jump up jump up on
top oh god oh god oh god oh god okay I’m going to put the one right there one
there all right let’s put the door there there we go
I don’t think times can climb or anything so we should be safe in that
regard and the ladders don’t seem to want to work right I don’t know if I’m
just doing something wrong or what but I can’t seem to actually get up this
ladder which worries me just a little bit okay well I assumed we’ve got myself
stuck in here now because I accidentally built myself a hole unless there’s a way
I can crouch what don’t hit me like that please
oh my god never mind I can break through walls now that I know I can actually
break through the walls I’m just going to put that back up right there no
problemo I wonder if I can break through this iron thing here to a foundation it
does not seem so but I’m wondering maybe if I put a roof on here and then I put
in a ladder or sorry I’m trying to make a figure out how to get the ladders to
work because they’re not working for me but maybe if I put a ladder on then I
can get through no no that’s not how that works all right then I have
absolutely no clue how to go through them but at least now I know I can
actually bust through things so that that is good it doesn’t seem to be any
more dangerous at night than it is during the day oh here’s mr. hissy again
okay the only thing that seems to be with night is that maybe mr. hissy
spawns a little more often but even at that he didn’t respond that much oh wait
never mind I lied he spawns a lot I should get
myself stuck up inside at night I am very very terrified right now I think
I’m just going to wait here until it’s daytime again it does it seems to be
getting a bit lighter out so well it’s good to know that they’re zombies can’t
break through the walls I just went to the bathroom and I am somehow totally
fine okay oh it seems like it’s quite difficult for them to actually oh okay
that one scared me seems like it’s actually quite difficult for them to get
through the walls and to kill them through the walls well okay
I really don’t like this very much oh but look at this because I thought I
found water I found much mini water okay well I do have a 150 water now I just
need to find food don’t please shoot I need to find cloth so I can make
bandages I know the cloth spawns in one of these oh my god
there’s the assault rifle the ak-47 and then Magnum – oh I like that sound wha
for no no I didn’t see that guy come towards me oh jeez I got scared by a
bush there’s a bush popping out right in front of my face and it scared me so the
difference it doesn’t seem like this game is randomly generated each time you
play so oh that’s that’s my house that’s the house I built there and we have this
thing coming towards me oh that’s fun thank you for doing that I’m almost dead
now okay so this actually saves the buildings that you build as well if my
dead body okay can I find my dead body over here
and and pick up my junk okay well since since we never actually got to see what
the sniper did maybe I will use that now oh look you can actually zoom in with it
– sweet boom plus it takes more than one shot for those guys serious face okay
well we saw what that looks like now let’s take my much a day and then let’s
look in the know down the road there’s definitely another hissy coming towards
me there is there is I see you I see you here oh god what was that
stop it what are you doing okay enough was this here let’s backpack
oh I’m going to die again here oh my god oh my god this this backpack has a lot
of junk in it oh my God look at look at all this well is we got we got an AK we
only have 35 ammo for it but we have an A
okay that guy scared me oh there you are did I not get them if I just keep
drinking water I can actually hear myself I didn’t know that and it’s also
daytime now oh well thank God I’m glad I picked up a couple hundred water’s there
that backpack actually had a couple hundred in it so oh my gosh no no more
brains no way Oh No hey that took one hit to get that
guy down I wonder if it’s actually also possible to drive the truck are you
serious that can actually kill you okay you know
what well we saw sort of all what all of the weapons are kind of like we saw what
the Magnum does we saw with assault rifle those who saw the sniper rifle we
saw the shotgun there’s also a different shotgun here too this is the other one
I’ve been using was a double-barreled shotgun I don’t know what this one is I
just got smacked in the back too which startled me alright so there we saw
another different weapon that we haven’t seen yet mid missing and there’s only
water here look at what’s in here we come oh oh it’s all supporters okay well
this is good things because now look at this we go up here we can craft bandage
because now we can craft infinite bandage of it is is going to pick up
multiples of the backpacks oh my gosh yes I can pick up multiples of the
backpacks okay well now I have way too much crap in my inventory but I do have
this here so we have a few different ones of these haha ok so there now we actually get to
fully 100% see what that actually does so well that guy just popped right into
my face oh geez that scared me again and I don’t know what just killed an zombie
over there all I was doing was grabbing some out here and neck I just okay well the his aunt is that is it
okay so we have we’ve now died I’ve played this multiple times so I’ll click
the respond button while I talk okay so yes a new game kind of interesting quite
fun to play a little bit difficult but I did enjoy playing it and it does
definitely still need to work so yeah once again this with zombie crafted dot
IO so if you want to play this for yourself there will be a link at the
description below so you can of course go play it for yourself and I recommend
that you do because quite interesting it will be even much more interesting so
once there is more players once multiplier is added to this that’s sad
yeah that’s that’s it for now so thank you so much for watching I hope you
enjoyed this video if you did don’t forget to leave a like what is this what is this little thing that looks like a
doll get out of here get out of here I’m looking at a doll because that’s
interesting okay well I think dance party is the
best way to end this video so yes absolutely delightful that’s what that
was fun was it not that zombie up in the top corner over here just randomly
popped for some reason okay so that that’s it thank you for watching if you
like self cavae let you leave a like and yeah I will see you in the next video
Godbless you

14 thoughts on “ is a Blocky Styled Zombie Survival Web IO Game – Glitches and Scares

  1. Best moments of this video:
    5:55 huge jumpscare for me
    7:54 small scare
    8:31 dancing zombies glitch & wtf happened???
    9:02 Mr. Hissy dances
    10:16 I can break walls (bad idea…)
    11:57 scared by dead Mr. Hissy
    12:49 I like the Magnum!
    14:09 explosion
    15:20 "Oh my gosh, no, no more brains, go away!"
    15:31 is it possible to drive the truck? (nope -.-)
    17:07 what happened to the zombie?
    18:01 Mr. Hissy doll? Also ending dance party glitch…

    Hope you guys enjoyed!

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