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Zombie Army 4: Dead War – 101 Trailer

In 1945, Hitler summoned a Nazi Zombie Army – and
left Europe in ruins. He was defeated by The Resistance, and cast into the fires of hell. One
year later, his hordes still roam the Earth – but in the shadows a terrible new darkness rises Diabolical Campaign This is Zombie Army 4: Dead War, survive
a diabolical story campaign featuring massive levels, teeming with gruesome terrors and
demonic monstrosities. Visit Venetian canals swarming with the drowned dead, enter a
grotesque zoo where all hell has broken loose, and visit a towering volcano overflowing
with molten despair! Face Hitler’s legion of the dead alone, or
join up to three other survivors in brutal four-player co-op action Fearsome Enemies The undead Nazi scourge returns with strange
new powers, and is a greater threat than ever seen before. They swarm in massive hordes march
relentlessly with an inexorable blood thirst and deadly accuracy and when they
push you to breaking point, they send in the elites, great hulks of undead flesh
who employ flamethrowers, chainsaws and heavy machine guns with no remorse! The curse of the dead has infected more
than just human flesh. Face hideous zombie war machines, avoid snarling, rotting sharks!
The Army of the Dead features harbingers of annihilation like no other! Powerful Weaponry Your only chance is to fight back with
every weapon you have. Your primary rifle lets you snipe zombies from afar.
Your secondary shotgun or machine gun tears apart the bloodthirsty hordes
up close. And in a pinch, your trusty pistol lets you let’s you kill with
precision. Each weapon class also features a special
ability. Take a deep breath to perform a long-range brain-busting overkill. Tear
through enemies with unstoppable power Line up a quick-fire chain of killer
headshots. When Hitler’s hordes get too close for
comfort, use melee executions to take them down and restore your health, or
special melee attacks to control the crowd Creative Carnage Take advantage of your environment.
Deploy trigger decoys rigged to explode, and set off electrified floors and
devilishly whirring blades. Use items like lethal grenades, mines and
trip-wires, to outwit your enemies and turn them into bloody pulp – then enjoy
their TIMELY demise in Rebellion’s trademark X-Ray Kill Cam, expanded for
gut-wrenching kills The hordes of the dead are also susceptible
to elemental damage. Throw flaming grenades to burn your enemies to tinder, use
divine energy to heal teammates and weaken infernal spawn Upgrades and Perks There are 100 ranks in Zombie Army 4, each
unlocking a deadly range of new options: Activate perks to Boost damage resistance
and delivery, increase your resilience and focus, and add new skills to help
you and your teammates Unlock weapon upgrade tokens to supercharge
your arsenal. Power up elemental bullets, increase your magazine, even take back
enemy health! Ranking up will also reveal item modifiers,
special melee attacks, weapon executions, cosmetic items, and more! The dead
won’t know what hit them! Hellish Horde Mode Returning in Zombie Army 4 is Horde
Mode – a satanic gauntlet to test your zombie-slaying abilities. Play in a
team of 1 to 4 deadhunters, and endure wave upon hellish wave of unstoppable
Nazi zombies. Survive long enough and the level will open up, granting access
to greater rewards AND greater terrors! Blood hungry enemies, epic weapons and
a harrowing new campaign for 1-4 players await you in Zombie Army 4: Dead War! [XBOX SOUND]

64 thoughts on “Zombie Army 4: Dead War – 101 Trailer

  1. I've been waiting for this game ever since it got announced and I'm sooo excited for it to launch soon. Definitely going for that 1000G haha! X3

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