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Zenith Rolls-Back, Wilson Combat Hunts and a Nighthawk Firearm! – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Zenith drops dead weight,
new Wilson Combat long guns and a firearm from Nighthawk! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, My name is Jon Patton. Before we get into today’s show, I want to
share another set of awesome giveaways with you guys. This time we’re working with our friends at
NeoMag, you’ve seen the Not A Review we did on them. Well, now you can win a neomag and a sweet
neomag t-shirt by going to the link in the video description. There will be one winner each week for the
next 4 weeks. Check it out! One more thing, this week’s show was recorded
on Thursday of last week because as you’re watching this I am just getting back from
the annual YouTuber shoot in GA put on by the IV8888 crew. So if I’m missing anything that got released
between now and then, you know why. Now the news, first up, you might be familiar
with Zenith firearms as they kind of exploded onto the scene with their HK lookalike guns
a couple years back. They were quick to expand on importations
with the addition of some sub brands like Tisas, Girsan and Tedna. All of which were guns that were super affordable
but not exactly what I would call high end. Either way, the CEO of Zenith recently stated
that they will be kind of refocusing their efforts and concentrating on only the roller
delayed blowback guns AKA the stuff that got them where they are. I totally understand this move. The guys working here on the US side of things
were a small team and trying to manage all of that AND market it and keep up with all
the paperwork, etc etc. It had to be a massive amount of stuff to
manage. Realigning the focus will hopefully allow
them to step into their stride with a little more strength and hopefully keep the guns
coming. For reference, The HK SP5K which is the latest
US Legal MP5 sibling from HK has an MSRP of 2699, whereas the zenith Z5’s, which are just
as good as the HK, have MSRPs about 700 – 950 dollars less. And on top of that, Zenith offers way more
configurations of that core gun. Now if you are looking to snag up some of
the guns they are ditching, they apparently sold all the remaining inventory to CDNN and
there’s some solid deals to be had. I know the Zenith roller lock guns are NOT
cheap in comparison to things like AR style pistol caliber carbines or AR15’s and the
like, BUT I still want to know how many of you are into that sort of thing? Sound off in the comments if you think focusing
on a single type of gun is a good or bad thing. And in more guns we can’t afford news, Wilson
Combat has just announced the addition of 3 new rifles aimed at the hunter with cash
to burn. Now they’re more known for their custom 1911’s
but they do know how to put together a nice long gun as well. First in the batch of new AR10’s is the Ultralight
Hunter. These can be had in 308, 338 Federal or 358
Winchester. They all come with a 16 inch non fluted barrel
and have a 12.6 MLOK rail, a sweet carbon fiber buttstock, a Wilson Combat 2 stage trigger
among some other trick parts. They also come standard with an intermediate
length gas system and utilize an adjustable gas block. Certainly to combat the varying loads across
brands of ammo and cartridges that weren’t originally designed for gas guns. The next gun in the line is the Ultimate Hunter,
which features either an 18, 20 or 22 inch barrel depending on whether you get the previously
mentioned cartridges or the additional 6.5 creedmoor offering. It’s very similar to the Ultralight but offers
a slightly longer gas system and slightly longer barrels. And rounding out the line is the Tactical
Hunter. There are a lot more options with this one. They’re available in 7mm-08, 308, 338 federal,
6.5 creedmoor and 260 remington. They Are available with 18 or 20 inch fluted
and non fluted barrels again depending on cartridge and instead of the carbon fiber
stock, it utilizes an adjustable buttstock. All 3 of these rifles will come standard with
the paintjob as you see them pictured. Now here’s the damage, the Ultralight has
a base price of 3295, the Ultimate is 3345, and the tactical rounds things out with 3145
for the non fluted and 50 bucks more for the fluted version. Ouch. Now of course, you could build your own AR10
and get something with similar parts and you may even save a couple bucks, but then again,
you wouldn’t be able to rely on the build quality of Wilson Combat if you did that. And AR10 style rifles are a slightly different
beast than AR15’s so definitely be cautious if that’s the route you end up going. And because I didn’t hurt your wallet enough
this week, here’s another one that will set you back from a different custom 1911 builder. Nighthawk Custom has introduced the Tomahawk
which their version of the shockwave/tac-14/it’s not a shotgun but it’s chambered in 12ga craze
that’s happening these days. Long story short, they’re rocking a hogue
overmolded pistol grip and forend, a vangcomp ported 16 inch barrel with back-boring which
is designed to give better and more consistent patterning down range. It has a 4 round side saddle, a front bead
sight and an enlarged safety button. I believe Nighthawk is utilizing the 870 receiver
and action from Remington and essentially tuning them up like normal. We’ve talked about the shockwave and tac-14
a little bit here on the show but for those that missed it, essentially, because the gun
is under a certain overall length AND it was never technically a shotgun according to gun
regulations, it’s considered a firearm. That is also the same reason it does not fall
into the purview of the NFA. On Nighthawks website there’s a section that
says they have a letter but it is not posted. Either way for a whopping 1395 dollars, it
better be awesome. Man this week’s show is chock full of silly
expensive guns haha. A couple updates for you guys regarding us
here at TGC. First things first, I know a lot of you were
very upset by what the NRA had to say regarding bump stocks. We have a way for you to contact them very
easily on the TGC website. Just go to and you
can contact anyone on the current NRA board. That being said, you need to be a member of
the organization or you don’t get a say in what they do haha. Another thing, I had been asked by a bunch
of people to create a patreon page for TGC and I was a bit reluctant to do that. We have some great industry partners and I
didn’t want to detract from them, so this will be the only time I mention it. If you want to support TGC directly on Patreon. Follow the link in the description below to
do that. We seriously do appreciate all of you for
even watching, so anything more than that is incredible! And that is it for this week’s show, if you
enjoyed the show, hit that like button and share it with your friends, that is a huge
help. If you didn’t let me know why down in the
comment section below and if you haven’t please get subscribed you won’t want to miss a single
episode and as always, thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon!

100 thoughts on “Zenith Rolls-Back, Wilson Combat Hunts and a Nighthawk Firearm! – TGC News!

  1. With Youtube sticking it to gun channels, why are gun product companies still doing business with Youtube. Youtube hates the gun community but loves our money. How is it different than whats going on in Illinois with Springfield. Even the NRA pays Youtube to show their videos.

  2. I seriously love me some roller-locked guns. Seriously considering an "MP5" and SBR'ing it on a Form 1 as my graduation gift to myself (yes, I know I said I wanted a Peacemaker before. Yes, I flip-flop worse than a politician up for re-election). I wish PTR, Zenith, Omega, et. all would step up and introduce models in calibers other than 9mm, 7.62x39mm, and .308. Namely 10mm. Particularly 10mm. *ESPECIALLY 10mm*. (Any firearms manufacturers reading this, that's what you call "a hint.")

    That said, I'm not too keen on Zenith. As I understand it, their "pistols" are not 922r compliant right out of the box. I really don't feel like dropping $1700 on a gun and then having to drop another couple hundred bucks on it to make it "legal" to SBR. If/when I get my "MP5 Pistol," I'll probably get an Omega, or if I really feel like splurging, a Brethren Arms or Dakota Tactical in…. wait for it… 10mm.

  3. I would LOVE to see a modernised version of MP-5 -with bolt hold open and some other, more minor changes like some folding stocks , rails QD mounts etc etc

  4. What's with these companies. The pricing is something fierce. ! Hopefully NRA is using "bump stock regulation" which will go nowhere…to smoke screen the passing of the share act.

  5. @theguncollective so watching last weeks episode about the maxim 50 as it is not fall under the NFA could silencer co take one of these (not a shotgun)😉😉and permanently fix a salvo 12 to one of these and not fall under NFA???

  6. I dig the guns but…dam that price hurts ..I wouldn't pay more than 1000 for one personally.the zenith guns to be specific obviously .

  7. good! have a zenith z5p sbr and love it!  never had any issues what so ever.  plus it is a lot of value for the money.  you get a lot in the box as opposed to the real HK sp5k and other clones.  Id buy another.

  8. I have a Zenith Z 5p and love it, i bought a silencer co Hybrid just because i love it so much its my new home defense/ anti zombie go to. i also have a PTR 91 that i set up to be a PSG1 look alike, i dont know what it is but i love roller delayed blow back guns.

  9. HK (or homage) roller-locks? HELL YES! Keep ‘em coming! I prefer authentic HKs (SP5K), but until the GA plant releases the 5.56 variant in a pistol, I’d go with a Z43P!

  10. Those Turkish HK copies, licensed by HK or not, are tremendously overpriced. Turkish labor rates vs. German labor rates, the Turkish guns ought to cost a quarter or third of what the German made guns cost, not a third less. Not to mention the chronic weakness of the Turkish Lira vs. the US Dollar. And as far as all the Shockwaves and whatnot, I'm not any kind of weakling but my experiences with pistol-grip 12 guage shotguns have never been favorable. Great for Arnie in the movies I guess but not a serious weapon for reality. Jon good video as always.

  11. Why do people say "Rifle X comes with a 16" non-fluted barrel". That's like saying… "The new Camry comes with a 4-cylinder non-supercharged engine." Thank you, for telling me it could be better… but it's not. Just don't say it at all.

  12. Am I the only one that noticed that the Daniel Defense ad is suddenly missing all the fast firing and near-full-auto guns?

  13. Jim carry again, come on Jon there are more comedians that are not anti- gun to be using screen shots of. I don't support anti-gunners in any way and I don't want to see pictures of them on any gun Chanel!!!

  14. Since the demise of vectorarms, no one has made a high quality HK53 or HK51 clone. These were excellent SBR/pistols and almost too much fun to shoot.

  15. I'm a roller locker kid from the 90's. And have been rockin a few of them constantly since 2000. Like the G3/91 & 93. I'd love to see more out there and the prices drop to more manageable levels.

  16. Oh god Jon I LOVE roller lock guns!!!!!!!!! I have a new PTR-91 (witch are way nicer than most think!) I want one of every Zenith!!! And a few real HKs too. I’m a roller lock super fan boy I can’t lie!! I would do anything for an HK G11 even with no ammunition available I want a wall hanger so bad. Ohhh and a Real PSG!!!!

  17. And thank you so much for the link to contact the NRA Directors. Here's what I wrote them just now:

    "I am VERY disappointed in the NRA's stance on the bump-fire stock issue. You guys might as well just have Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox call for a ban on shooting too fast. Banning ANY gun parts is a slippery slope that will only lead to further restrictions and bans on all firearms.

    Speaking of Chris Cox, you should fire him, post-haste. Anybody who supports a "no-fly, no-buy" scheme should have their NRA membership rescinded. If he is willing to throw the 4th and 5th Amendments under the bus to appease the anti-gun crowd, he has no business making decisions in our organization.

    You guys need to pull your head out of the ass of the political system and start standing up for our Rights. "Shall Not Be Infringed" used to mean something. Quit putting in with all these traitors in Congress and their "compromises". It's not a compromise if we give up our Rights and get nothing in return.

    Wake up and quit screwing around."

  18. Focusing on a particular style of gun can be good, or it could hurt them. Personally, I like those style of guns and if Zenith can offer them cheaper, I might be interested in picking up a few.

  19. As a photographer myself, those who specialize always do better. I think Zenith would be doing themselves a favor. Heck, look at what Yeti does. I think there is opportunity is there for sure.

  20. Roller block are nice but they should try something different and offer 2 kind of guns ! And Wilson combat hole guns are way way to hi in price ! . I have and can build just as good AR-10’s and then night hawks shoot gun is to hi on price just pick up the Remington one and add what you want !

  21. I shot a mp 5 full auto once and made an impression on me. awesome guns would love to have a clone but cant afford it

  22. I live literally 3 miles from the zenith facility in VA and manager gun shop that sells the product who also hosted them and Polenartactical when they came to States. I personally love my z5rs.

  23. put link at the bottom of every video towards the end in every video for your patreon! no shame in asking for support great channel good content

  24. they need to drop prices by about $1,000.
    some companies are way too proud of what they make they price their products like they have gold in them.

  25. Just because an AR Pistol Cal. Carbine is cheaper ,.. doesnt mean I dont want a roller lock HKstyle gun for 1700.00 if I have the money, just like just because an AR is cheaper better doesnt mean I dont want a Mini-14 also…. Theyre all good

  26. Zenith HK clones are in my want to buy list specially the MP5 10mm Clone with the telescopic stock SBR. The Pistol with the braces are cool too but I think that a 40SW, 357SIG or 10mm would be the way to go for me since I already have a AR 9mm pistol from Spikes for all 9mm high capacity shooting needs and I believe that the 40/10 or 357 would make a great gun into an AWESOME GUN!!! FBI still has their 10mm HK MP5 in their HRT SWAT armories throughout the country.

  27. Forget this episode…IV8888's Range Day was enough to crush my wallet! But, it was awesome to meet you face-to-face Jon!

  28. The shockwave is still a better version than the Nighthawk's shotgun. Nighthawks shotgun's barrel is 2 inches too long.

  29. Is Zenith the continuation of Vector Arms from back in the 90's and early 00's?

    I remember seeing a myriad of H&K style firearms under the Vector nameplate and nearly had my Dad convinced into buying one or two. Sadly we passed on the Vector Arms and picked up a Galil instead, so it was still a win-win situation.

    For those that are curious if we still have it, the answer is 'No'. It was part of my father's collection that was sold off after the Clinton era AWB at a huge premium and that money was used to help pay for my college education. Still money well spent.

    Keep up the good work my friends.

  30. I want to but a mp5 clone, but they would probably do better not putting all their eggs in one basket. HK roller delay is great, but it's been mostly unchanged, minus some pic rails welded on top. It's hard to look at the price of a mp5 clone and a scorpion evo and pick the mp5 even though I like them better. The same is true with the roller delayed battle rifles vs an ar platform in the same caliber. They have a market and will sell plenty, but they could expand to some cheaper but still quality areas to increase their range of the market. It's a good call dropping the cheap handguns and shotguns; everybody sells them. They need to go after the almost NFA, NFA, and easy to NFA market. Short 300blk side folding braced pistol for example. Sell a stock kit for it separately. Keep it 922r compliant. A sub $1k 9 or 45 sbr ready pistol would do great.

  31. All guns are fun! Especially roller delayed blowback if you haven't shot one you don't know how sweet and smooth they are. Triggers are a little clunky in those babies though. Anybody know how to smooth out hk trigger packs?

  32. I thought the zenith mp5s were actual hk licensed guns. Meaning they are for all intents and purposes mp5s. If I’m wrong, let me know.

  33. I do believe you are the first channel to post an real easy way to get threw to the NRA . THANK YOU…. I live in Nazi Connecticut. Talking to congress men is like talking to a Brick wall . Here.. lol probably nationwide …thanks again . I really do wonder why I am a member of the NRA

  34. I want a Z5 so bad, but I don’t need one. I think I will make it a retirement present to myself. I think Zenith has done the right thing.

  35. How about featuring Kirsten Joy Weiss as your GunTuber of the week, if you’re still doing that segment? Great message, humble, adds female diversity to the community and easy on the eyes!

  36. The zenith roller lock guns fill a niche in the market that personally, I love. I’ve shot them, and like you say they’re just as good as their HK counterparts. The 1911’s, and shotguns they produce are just noise in a market already saturated with reasonably priced versions of those items. I support this decision or the “dance with who brung ya” business strategy.

  37. $$$$$$$ flying through this episode!

    FWIW, I'll take my CZ scorpion any day over the Zenith or HK. Affordable to buy, affordable to shoot and extra magazines are also affordable.

  38. Here's what I sent to the NRA using your link:

    Your response and public statements on bump fire stocks are way out of line. To claim that a bump fire stock converts a semi auto gun into a full auto gun is a lie. For you to say that bump fire stocks should be subject to additional regulation is unacceptable. To support any legislation that restricts bump fire stocks in any way is also unacceptable. Your statements and responses are causing bigger problems for gun owners. If you don't get the story straight (confirm that a bump fire stock does not convert a semi auto gun) and oppose all legislation regulating bump fire stocks, I will cancel my membership. This is the time for you to be on offense and removing infringements on our right to bear arms. It is never the time for you to advocate tighter restrictions.

  39. I picked up a Century Arms C308 a while back and once I cleaned up everything and got it working 100% I've been extremely happy with the gun. Ever since then I've been planning on getting one of the Zenith Z5's once more cash is free'd up.

  40. The NRA said (about bump stocks) "…should be subject to additional regulations." The NRA agrees on a ban/regulations. Just like pre 86 MGs have "additional regulations". Oh, and the ATF has already reviewed the legality of bump fire stocks. TWICE! Why call on them to review yet again? Obviously an MG ban has been useless, just like the prohibition on alcohol. And guess what, we reversed the decision on the ban of alcohol. We need to go for broke and we need a bill to de-regulate EVERYTHING! Since obviously all these gun laws have done diddly squat. Do your fucking job!, NRA

  41. I like Zenith stuff from the point of view of a gun guy who can't afford to buy Zenith stuff. There's so many hours in a week to work overtime. My friends who have Zenith rarely bring those toys out to play and rarely let anyone other than their BFFs. If Zenith can make stuff cheaper and in turn get Sig to drop their prices *cough "MPX" *cough for good ol' fashion competition I'm all for it.

  42. I can't see spending $3k for something I can build. The reason is simple. I can buy something one piece at a time and avoid demon credit.

  43. This is just too commercially packaged, and simply a venue for the Mainstream Firearms community, to market products, by their partner companies. So making it all seem like a independent review, while fully funded and scripted, by corporate giants. The NRA having a way to promote from a different approach. I am a second amendment, freedom loving, working class, hunter and shooter. But even I can see this front for marketing. A unbiased, and unique view on the firearms, shooting, and all related, is lost to channels like this. Being the venue for what was previously public, free speech, and mass media for the voice of the people. Everything seems to be getting more commercial, and pushing products or organizations. There is no doubt now, and what surprisingly James Yeager said would occur. That free speech is lost on YouTube, for topics that conflict with the far Left, mindset. And a website or something else had to be made, for everyone to go to, for unfiltered, and complete free speech, videos, etc, had to be made. So whenever you get that channel setup James, just notify everyone via Facebook or something.

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