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Zeiss Conquest HD5 Rifle Scopes

Hey guys, Chris here with With the hunting season right around the corner,
most of you are probably looking for new glass to outfit your hunting rifle before the season. Well we’ve got the scope for you. We’ve got an excellent buying opportunity
for you guys on Zeiss Conquest HD5 rifle scopes. Why do you need it? Let’s take a look at the features. First of all, you’ve got a scope that is designed
and manufactured by Zeiss in Germany. So that means you’re getting premium German
glass. It’s gonna allow you to see later and see
better than the competition. The HD5 rifle scope has a 5x erector range,
so what that means to you is that I can get lower on the low end and I can get higher
on the high end without sacrificing that field of view. We’ve got a 3-15×42 here, we’ve also got the
3-15x50s on the site as well. So I’ve got that nice low-end power of 3. I can crank it down if I need to. I’ve also got the 15x on the high end, so
if I need to shoot something a little further away or if I need the extra magnification. These rifle scopes are going to come with
a couple of different reticles. We’ve got the Rapid Z 600, if you’re shooting
a non-magnum caliber, that reticle works great. We’ve also got the Rapid Z 800 for you magnum
caliber shooters out there. It’ll allow you to get out to about 800 yards. We’ve also got some of the scopes with the
PLEX reticle, which is just your standard duplex reticle. You’ll find two different turret options. You’ll find what we call a hunting turret. These just simply have a removable cap. The turrets are still finger adjustable. You’re also going to have what’s called a
target turret. These scopes don’t have a cap. They’re finger adjustable. It will have a locking mechanism on it, so
you don’t have to worry about, hey, is my scope turret going to move if I’m pulling
it in and out of a scabbard. The turret’s got a locking mechanism on it,
so we’re gonna pull up to adjust. Once we’re done adjusting, we’re gonna push
down and the turret’s going to lock in place. All these turrets track 100%, so no matter
if I’m cranking up or cranking down, I know the scope is going to go where I want it to
go and it’s going to come back to where we originally started. The click increments are going to be in quarter-inch
increments, so just like most of the hunting scopes that you use today, there’s no new
system for you guys to learn. So we’ve got two different objective lens
sizes for you guys to choose from. We’ve got a 42mm objective lens if you want
that nice, sleek low profile. We’ve also got that 50mm objective lens in
case you’re looking for a little bit better low-light performance, something to get that
exit pupil nice and large for you. If you have any questions about these rifle
scopes, we’re only a phone call away. Check us out at Thanks.

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