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Yugoslavian / Serbian Ceremonial SKS M59 / 66A1 Rifles

hey everybody Ben with Classic firearms
here today is Tuesday June the 20th and before we get to our very special
offering today I need to do a little housecleaning
yesterday was the Monday following Father’s Day I made a little Father’s
Day announcement talked about how happy I was that my daughters were home which
that was but I didn’t take care of business I was supposed to take care of
platform business and that announcement first we had a Father’s Day promotion we
had a winner on that promotion it was mr. Weil s out of Dallas Texas
well we appreciate your business we want to congratulate you on winning one win
that was a thousand bucks that came your way not only have you been notified of
that but she’s taking your thousand dollars and turned it into product
already which is on its way to you so again thanks for your participation and
congratulations on the win we’ve got another cool contest and promotion
coming up with July 4th so be on the lookout for his nap
having said that Dylan’s running the camera Billy come on in and let’s just
let this product speak for itself this is something that in my 28 years of
the business I’ve never had the privilege to hold before these came in
both these are ceremonial honor guard SKS rifles you just lobbying 59 60 60
that were originally manufactured and set aside for the honor guard to use in
official military ceremonies and parades they also use them for their equivalent
of the 21 gun salute dignitary funerals and things such as that you can see the
beauty of them Billings go ahead and scan this rifle I want folks to see the
high gloss finish on that stock it is absolutely gorgeous all the chrome on
this rifle is very high in Chrome this would be the quality of what I would say
you would have on high-end custom build motorcycle as far as the chrome is
concerned all of the serial numbers are original serial numbers there are no
renumber x’ from the importer on these such as atf requires on surplus
sometimes they’ll folks I’m not going to say that all the numbers match on these
we have actually seen at least one mismatch
number on one of the four plates here on the magazine but all of the bolts that
we stand in the receiver bolts are either unnumbered which they would comes
that way sometimes for the ceremonial or they have matched the receiver and they
are just absolutely beautiful they’re marked as X code but Allah quality is on
issues condition absolutely beautiful library we have less than 50 of these
all under the Xcode and Billings I’ll scan the table to show you each other so
this is a prime example we set out five but everything we’ve seen so far has
looked just like this with the exception of one rifle we had one rifle that is a
very slight floor brain it had a couple more Dean’s on the stock I think where
they had been in the crate together that particular rifle came to us under a B
code it’s very good we could just lock them all in together but because we know
that it been classified as slightly less cosmetically we’re going to run it and a
hundred dollars lower under the custom option so we have one D code under the
custom option at minus one hundred dollars metal to hit seven 9999
otherwise we’d have the very nice excellent unissued condition ceremonial
yugoslavia SKS’s beautiful rifle hard history these are
eight 9999 we expect them to go fast they all come with their original
military manual they come with an original sling all of them come with the
cleaning rod the folks we asked the importer to provide a cleaning rod
because if your shooter we know within Iran is important to you but originally
the ceremonial rockers did not come with the cleaning rod the cause of the way
that they that works on this particular life or the cleaning rod will be
inhibiting on it but we are including cleaning rods in the Box just though if
you run into bad happy to be without the cleaning rod there stilling bring it on
in I want to show something more close up or we close out
you can see the bolts on these if you look in there you can see the grind
marks where these are all the heavy milled bolts all of the barrels are the
heavy lug screw in barrels all of the trigger guards are the one piece meal
trigger housings so everything here is just top-notch quality they are very
usable this is not just some type of expensive wall hanger if you want to
shoot it go out and shoot it not only are they great shooters and I just
noticed this doesn’t come back in even the follower on this folks is chromed so
you can see down inside there you’ve got a chrome follower inside the magazine
well but not only are they good shooters these actually have the best and most
smooth trigger pulls on them to any SKS I’ve ever seen they do that so that all
the troops when they’re firing and time fire they can all fire one time they
want the trigger to break crisply evenly on command so that’s a very smooth
trigger pull I’ll do that again because I love the trigger pull event they are
sweeter than honey I love it buzzes I could go on and on but they’re going to
sell fast less than 50 available at 899 99 when you see this they will be on the
stock we’re going to go ahead and post them on the site as soon as we send the
email but when you see it they are on the side ready to sell under the SPS
ceremonial rifle product tab now post if you like our videos don’t forget you can
follow us on youtube the videos will come directly to you just sign up right
here this link for our YouTube channel and the videos will come directly to you
because we appreciate your business as always thank you for being with us at

23 thoughts on “Yugoslavian / Serbian Ceremonial SKS M59 / 66A1 Rifles

  1. If you want one to shoot, just get a regular m59/66, not one of these. This is more for a collector, or as a display piece.

  2. I have a beautiful Russian sks k lettered rifle with a zebra pattern stock . has the number 1 stamped under the rear sight and is a tack driver at one hundred yards .the smooth yugo stripper clips from classic fire arms .com work excellent .

  3. would love to have one but been got hurt about a year ago and haven't been working so money is tight owell some one going to be getting a nice gun

  4. Awesome! But let me know if you ever get a ceremonial East German Karabiner-S. Saw those up close in East Berlin in '78.

  5. Of course it's not CA compliant because of all those grenades I can easily pick up at Walmart. Another day I'm a pretty done with living in Commiefornia. Next stop Nevada.

  6. Classic Firearms is hosting a drawing to win a Yugo M72B1 Rifle 7.62x39mm and it ends in 10 days.

  7. Holy shit Ben!!!
    That's easily the prettiest sks rifle I've ever seen. And I'm a big sks fan!
    I wish I could move near you guys and work for you. Just to see and hold some of these absolute gems you guys have coming through your shop.
    You are a blessed man.

  8. For the folks who bought these exact rifles. These were issued to Slovenian military. As I see the manual has a Slovenian army crest and says in slovenian "Tehnična knjižica" which means technical booklet/manual.
    I know because I'm Slovenian.. and we still use them for military ceremonies and for the honorable guard

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