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Yugoslavian M57 TTC Tokarev Pistols – Surplus Good / Very Good

Hey everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms here. We have had these for a couple of weeks now
up on the site, but just now getting around to showing them to you. We’ve been very, very busy. It’s a new shipment of the Yugoslavian M57
TTC Tokarev pistols, the M57 designation. These have the magazine release and the nine
round bag. I think we have some additional nine round
mags for sale, also original nine rounders. Like these little Tokarevs. It’s one our favorite that we have. They have the crest on top of the slide. These also have, I believe that’s aftermarket,
but they do have the safety on them as required these days to bring them into the country. Here’s another one. You can see the grip. I’m showing you these examples because these
are cleaned up. Then I’m going to open the crate. When they come to us they’re backed in heavy
Cosmoline inside this crate, as you can see. They just don’t display as well. We just took a rag and wiped these down with
a little bit of WD-40 to cut the cosmoline off. Jordan, come on in and take a look inside
the crate. You can see they’re all very consistent, pretty
nice lot. Now, we have graded these out or we’re in
the process of grading them out. I’m not certain, but we are offering different
grades, different custom options, hand selects, and so forth. Again, the Yugo M57 Tokarev, nice little Tokarevs,
folks. They’re at a great price. We’ve got extra mags right now. Come check them out and as always thank you
for joining us at

10 thoughts on “Yugoslavian M57 TTC Tokarev Pistols – Surplus Good / Very Good

  1. Did you guys pick up some of Samco globals inventory at auction? seeing some similar stuff hit the market all around

  2. I really like the feel, look, and ammunition of the TT33. However, having such large hands, the grip on the original and TTC is just too short for me. Thank God for the Yugo M57 lol

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