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Yugo SKS Rifles With New Archangel Mags!

Hey everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms here. I want to tell you guys today about something
I’m really excited about. I think it’s the neatest invention I’ve seen
in quite awhile. As a matter of fact, I think the guy that
came up with it is a genius. I’ll show you why. We have a brand new detachable SKS magazine
by ProMag. It’s the archangel division of ProMag. They’ve come up with a way to utilize an SKS
mag, after market SKS mag in an SKS, the only way I can explain it is to show it you. I think you’re going to be as impressed as
I am. Here we have an SKS. This is our standard Yugo’s. By the way, all of our Yugo’s aren’t this
pretty. This is a very nice one. All of our Yugos are very nice. If you don’t have a Yugo SKS, you need to
get up out of your studying chair and go ahead and get one of these because they are very,
very nice and they’re going away. First you have to remove the standard box
mag and put any after market SKS mag in an SKS. We take the trigger housing out. We take out the standard box. Put the trigger housing back in. We’ve done a video on the disassembly before. Once the trigger housing’s back in. If the safety will go back into the down position
then you’re good to go. That leaves an open magazine well here. There have been a lot of after market SKS
mags up to this point and they’ve all worked basically the same way. This is our standard ProMag SKS after market
mag. We’ve carried these for awhile. Nothing wrong with them. They lock in place well. They hold good and tight. They work well, as you can see here. Lock the bolt open on the last shot. The only drawback to these is just like every
other mag that’s come down the pipe beforehand, come on in here a little bit if you can Grayson,
they’ve all depended on the original mag latch to allow the magazine to be released and reinserted. Basically, it takes two hands to take your
magazine out of your firearm. You can insert it with one hand, of course. It takes two hands, one to steady the weapon
and one to pull that latch back because it was never really designed for this. It was just designed as a release for the
original mag to be able to take the magazine out. The engineer at ProMag, and I talked to him
at Shot Show in January when I first saw this and I was so impressed with it. The story I was told was that he was standing
in the shower one day thinking about these things and he came up with this. He thought, “What if I put the lever release
on the mag itself instead of on the weapon?” By golly, that’s what they’ve done. Now, take a look at this. One hand release. Let’s do that again. Inserts into the magazine well. Locks up tight. This is a polymer mag but has a steel mag
latch. Grayson get in here close. I want people to see what happens. When you use the [cannal 00:03:12] lever here
from the bottom, the lever pushes back the original release on the bottom of the trigger
guard, thereby allowing you to release the mag. It’s a one hand mag release on these new Arch
Angel 35 round SKS after market mags by ProMag. Beautiful mag. They’ve got a lifetime warranty. They work just that easy. You can hear it releasing. It’s got a little snap there. That’s the metal on metal. They work great. I love these things. It’s the answer to a problem that’s been going
on for probably 20 or 25 years since the early 90’s when they first started having releasable
SKS magazines. First one that I’ve never seen with the lever
actually on the magazine. It’s patent pending. We have them in stock now. They come with a lifetime warranty. You’ve got nothing to lose. They look great. Function great on the weapon. Last shot bolt open, as you can see. Where did I put it? I thought I had one here. They come in this very nice commercial packaging. One word about ProMag, while we’re at it and
about the Arch Angel division of ProMag. When I first got in the business, ProMag was
looked on as an entry level magazine and some of their products were looked on entry level. Folks, all of that has changed. We carry a full line of ProMag now. They’re all professionally boxed. They all carry a lifetime warranty on them. We’re very proud to carry them. Particularly this newest one. We think you will like it. We appreciate you seeing it here. This is in our ads and available for sale
now. Thanks for taking a look at it and as always
thank you for joining with us at

66 thoughts on “Yugo SKS Rifles With New Archangel Mags!

  1. This is pretty awesome, but why hasn't anyone designed and adapter for the mag well to modify the sks into accepting standard AK mags?

  2. I think I found my fathers Christmas gift. I don't mean to complain but I noticed that you guys never seem to put a link to the featured product in the description. Being able to go from viewing a product on YouTube and then going straight to viewing it on the Classic
    Firearms website just by clicking a link wouldn't be a bad thing.

  3. I wish you guys had these sooner. I bought mine from somewhere else. BUT, I can buy the next ones from you guys. I haven't had a chance to test mine yet.

  4. I sold my yugo (not purchased from classic). Too many big chunks of metal at the end of the barrel. That being said, when I spring my norinco from the shop, I'm gonna pick up one of those mags to try out. Looks pretty slick.

  5. I purchased my SKS from Ben and Co. – great rifle – like new. This mag is just what I have been waiting for – I ordered two yesterday. And a crate of ammo, of course! Can't wait to get them and take them to the range! If these work as advertised you'd better load up on them because the prices will go UP and the supplies available will go DOWN! Get 'em while you can. Classic Firearms rocks – I've done business with them several times and when it comes to honest and trustworthy customer service, they are the best. They are my go to supplier, bar none.

  6. I bought a yugo Sks from y'all and I'm loving it. Awesome accuracy with one problem: the front sight is canted and my windage is maxed out and I still can't zero the rifle. Good groups but the windage is off. Is there any fix y'all recommend? I'm looking for a windage adjustable rear sight; anyone know if RPK style sights would fit on a yugo Sks? Thanks

  7. I love the way those sks's look. I have got to get me one or two of those bad boy's. Just waiting on my money to get right, then boom, jumping on it.

  8. Love it!!! Now Prove it!!! I have 3 30 rnd and 1 40 round Pro mag for my Norinco SKS that are FLAWLESS!! But Pro mag does have a rep with their "Gen 1 Mags" being …. well , SHIT!!!
    I'm so glad I purchased what Pro Mags I have, but they were all later productions and they are FLAWLESS. WHat is the premium for the new 35 rnd quick change novelty and is it at least 98% reliable like my 30 and 40 SKS Pro Mgs?

  9. It's absolutely true that Classic has some beautiful Yugo SKS rifles. I picked one up earlier this year and it's spectacular. Looks, performance and reliability are top notch. Ditto for Classic's customer service. Having tried a couple of these mags, I can't say the same for them. Chinese SKS: mags didn't fit, as the rear feed lips miss clearing the trigger housing by close to 1/4 inch. Yugo SKS: slipped in like an original part, but getting it out was brutally tough…rifle in vise grip and pushing with both hands kind of tough. YMMV, but I'm not keeping the two I bought. Box magazine and stripper clips never looked so good.

  10. that's not bad for 30$ but I have a dozen mags already, so I bought the super rapid release from Texas Firearms for 65$ and I don't have to replace all my mags.

  11. LoL did after longtime save uip a nuff 4 a yugo SKS which I n'joy alot w/g/son who borrows it 2 cull feral hogs on friends farm. Taken Tuskars out 2 200 yds so far w/it

  12. My buddy bought a couple if these mags for his Yugo SKS and they work great. It would be nice if they offered them in a twenty round version for bench shooting.

  13. Neat idea.. problem is Pro Mag.. anyone ever have a Pro Mag magazine not be a POS? … just sayin

  14. back 4 nother look still using standard box-but curious abt high cap mag sadly due 2 wifes eye surgeries no $$ 4 quite awhile N the future! sell knives @ flea mkt but Wx & my volunteer work seem's 2 make miss work alot 4 Christmas TY 4 such good intel Well done video & gives Us hope 2 git some new Kit N 2018 TY & Happy Holiday

  15. Hey Ben…You failed to mention here that you HAVE TO HAVE THE BOLT LOCKED IN THE OPEN POSITION TO LOAD THESE…FYI…I just received two of these and they work and fit awesome..!!!

  16. I wish the archangel line designer worked for Magpul and was given free reign.
    Promags good but… I mean… Promags stuff seems to be more hit and miss. It's gotten better in quality over the years at least a little… But there's still lemons coming out a bit too much.
    With magpuls quality control and materials…. Shit… Could you imagine a Magpul version of this?
    Or better yet… A Magpul mosin nagant stock with removable magazine?
    My God… It would be a miracle.

  17. I bought four of these after seeing this video. They all work like they should. No jams so far. Awesome mags and customer service from Classic…!

  18. It's fine. I own three. But an sks will never be an AK. It would be like modifying an M1 Garand to take detachable mags…wait it's called an m14. Leave an sks alone to be what it was designed to be.

  19. This is the best magazine/upgrade in general for an SKS. I have never had a single malfunction with these. Much much faster than stripper clips, and you hold 35 rounds instead of 10, it's a no brainer.

  20. I recently bought 3 Archangel Mags for my Yugo SKS and am planning a future video on the conversion and a fun mag dump into a few targets

  21. I would like to see a live fire demonstration video,with this magazine and a YUGO M59/66A1 series SKS rifle.
    Run the weapon WITH, these magazines,thru a REAL run and gun,training scenario.

  22. I have one. They work very well.
    Now, how to modify the rifle so the bolt doesn’t have to be open to remove and install the magazine.
    The SKS is a badass rifle

  23. That is Awsome! I have a Hugo SKS!! I will be moving out of California and move to Arizona. When I move to the Great State of Arizona I am getting that for my Yugo SKS.

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