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YouTube Anti-Gun Policy – The Fight Begins: Day 1

About 11 months ago, this is how I started
the show…. Yea… at the time I fully believed that YouTube
was not in fact going to come down hard on gun content creators. It seems as though I was completely wrong. As you guys may have seen by now YouTube has
released a new policy about guns. I’ll break this down the best I can and then
we’ll talk about what all of this means. To my knowledge this is the first time youtube
has actually segregated out firearms into its own category. The policy states that youtube prohibits certain
kinds of content featuring firearms. OH BOY. Then they get into specifics. They don’t allow content that intends to sell
firearms or firearm accessories privately or links to sites that sell guns. Even more specifically, they outline accessories
that “enable a firearms to simulate automatic fire or convert a firearm to automatic fire”
… like bump stocks, binary triggers, etc. They also specifically mention everyones favorite
vague term… high capacity magazines but they actually define it as mags or belts that
hold more than 30 rounds. Drum mags be damned. It keeps going. They dont allow content that provides instructions
on manufacturing a firearm, ammunition, high capacity magazines, homemade silencers, or
accessories like they mentioned in the other portion. So if you show how to complete an 80% gun,
say goodbye. If you show how to reload ammo, say goodbye. And the last and quite possibly the worst
part… they dont allow content that shows users how to install any of the aforementioned
accessories. HOLY SHIT. This is insane. Think about it this way… someone could argue that simply inserting
a magazine into a gun is showing how to install that accessory. Someone could argue that simply taking the
gun apart and reassembling it would be demonstrating how to build it. No more gunsmithing videos, no more reloading
videos, no more educational content about guns AT ALL. And god forbid you give a positive review. That could be argued as a marketing or sales
tool and you could have your channel shut down for simply talking about a product you
actually like. Someone could argue that training on how to
more proficiently use your firearms would a violation as it might make you shoot faster. On top of all of this… they recommend that
people report policy violations by flagging the video. What that means is that youtube is opening
the door to an entire subculture of undereducated anti gun people to come in and flag every
little piece of gun related content they see and shut us down across the board. THIS IS BAD. And this goes far beyond just us content creators. They are essentially silencing an entire industry. Imagine if the main resource for gun related
content suddenly disappears. The direct line to a massive number of consumers
would disappear overnight and I am very skeptical of anyones ability to bring them to a new
platform in great enough volume to effect change. And the world would keep moving forward while
the gun industry remains behind. Some might say, well what about Facebook? What about instagram? Well first those are both owned by Facebook,
which in recent months has shifted its algorithm and will continue to do so and push people
AWAY from business pages and in a more general term, away from firearms related content. The days of easily distributing content on
Facebook and instagram as a business are behind us now. And you might think, im not a business or
a content creator, why does that matter? If the gun industry disappears from a platform,
and you are completely unaware of what is happening, sales will PLUMMET and the gun
industry will suffer in a big way. This is not a joke. Its not April fools. This is one of the largest controllers of
internet traffic, silencing an entire law abiding industry. Which begs the question… can this be stopped? That’s really tough to say. We were able to bring channels back from the
dead like Hikock45 with a huge concentrated effort and I would like to hope that YouTube’s
policies can be shifted with a similar effort. You need to let youtube know that this is
NOT okay. You can send them a message directly on the
gun policy page thats linked in the description, OR you can hit them on social media everywhere
and let both Google and YouTube know that you will not be silenced. As far as TGC goes, This will absolutely impact
us a big way. Without knowing exactly how things will shake
out, I can’t predict the exact path but this could be a big problem. You can rest assured I am on it. I’ve already contacted YouTube looking for
true clarification on all of this. If you guys want to support what we do here
and stay up to date on gun news AND this attack on the firearms industry you can do that on, There is a link down in description for that. Stay tuned because I will have more for you
guys tomorrow. When I know something, you’ll know something.

87 thoughts on “YouTube Anti-Gun Policy – The Fight Begins: Day 1

  1. Oh I forgot, Doctors, and Hospitals kill more people per year than any gun ever has, 250 thousand and more per year. Look it up, maybe we should reform the medical profession before we go after other things that cause way less deaths!

  2. 1. YouTube videos don’t effect gun sales , sales go down there is republican majority in office. Go figure ? 2. YouTube does not have a responsibility to serve pro or anti-gun agenda. They are a profit based business and must make decisions that benefit investors so feel free to post videos on Pornhub or other none restrictive sites. Hope this helps. Cheers.

  3. We should get as many people as possible to try to get Google and youtube to stop all the bull shit including switching to vevo and duck duck go to hurt them where it hurts the most. THEIR POCKET!! Also I forget the guys name and which branch of federal intelligence govt he came from but he is now the CEO of Google and that's why all of these changes came to be!! WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!!

  4. There needs to be a competitor directly to youtube. Too much monopoly for them. Don't support any youtube advertisers, money is their lifeline. Buy youtube out.

  5. Screw YouTube. I ceased all my pay per click advertising with Google a long time ago. All my browsers were changed to DuckDuckGo and I blocked on all my business computers and devices. I don't do business with libtards that hate me and my values. They've been begging me to come back. Every couple of months I get an email offering a $150 credit to resume. NOPE! Not going to happen. I had considered advertising on ScrewTube also but nah.

  6. Can't let people know that guns exist! They might want to buy them and even change the laws in their countries to better suit them.

  7. Anyone feeling Just sayin.. if they do this, I'll uninstall and stop using YouTube completely, all I want to know is who's coming with me?!?!

  8. The NRA should start a program like youtube. Maybe they can call it NRATUBE??. It could be just like youtube with all the same content as youtube or more??

  9. Yes no more guns we have lasers that can burn a hole in your heart make your eyes melt but you will in no way show guns yes this is the mantality there are now lasers that can burn thruo clothes burn your eyes out but there only interested in taking our gun rights away guess ill buy a laser you csn kill without one sound awesome

  10. Well, here we are Christmas Eve 2018 and I haven't noticed any gun channels missing, and most have a backup channel on full30.

  11. If YouTube shuts down all gun channels, someone(being most all bigger gun channels as a collective group) should create another video platform specifically for gun content.

  12. interesting that how all our world governments want to ban guns yet they don't BAN Hollywood and the bullshite car-chasing cops and robbers/goody baddy films/series which for decades not only promote GUNS but glamorise them!! Why don't our governments BAN all the highly violent video games which also promote GUNS!! Or: is it because the Jews who not only own you tube/our governments/hollywood/mass-media/video games they also own and control the weapons industry which don't want YOU to be able to fight back against their NWO! The totally Jewish Hollywood has been drip-feeding the world with totally insane violent films for decades now and most just accept them as the norm but psychologically… what message is it sending out?

  13. I dont like this fat guy.. Why are these land whales always trying to represent the gun community? Wheres Paul Harrell at?

  14. Gun channels need to make there own websites with email subscriptions that way they can make money and entertain there fans without worrying about the pusses at youtube ruining good things. Fucking snow flake leftists.

  15. Wow this is the first that I'm learning about this. This is the first of what they will do to stop the education of firearms! I'm a solo parent, there is no way I would I have learned what I have in the last 6 months on YouTube. Let's say I had to pay for classes to learn what I have learned about firearms. I bet those classes would have been very expensive. No way I could ever afford them. But…..with you YouTube and all the great videos people have made I have learn soooooo much! I surprise the hell out of men when I start talking about all I have learn because of YouTube. I'm definitely going to send my opinion to them. Punish all of us because of a few bad apples. MENTAL HEALTH IS THE ISSUE NOT GUNS

  16. This is how the leftist and those libs that really don’t understand the whole point to a FREE society will destroy what WE have known as the United States of America and THEY will not know what THEY and WE have lost until it’s gone and good luck getting it back.

  17. After youtube started implementing new anti gun policies I decided to move to gun media platforms instead, specifically gunstreamer. I downloaded the gunstreamer app from the play store in multiple phones and well I could Not get a single video to load for me. I went to their website and it was still absolutely impossible to get any videos to work. I also tried a number of different search engines and even downloaded multiple different browsers. Nothing. I could wait 20 minutes, 30 minutes, even an hour at low video quality to try and set the videos to buffer out, and yet I still could barely watch 5-10 seconds of the videos on gunstreamer. Gave up and start led searching around the internet for other websites that would have hopefully had videos attached to whatever subject I was searching on. And low and behold every single website that I'd searched had only youtube links to videos that were alread taken down by youtube. As a conclusion to the gunstreamer phenomena I assumed that it was either their site that was hopeless, Or that the anti gun movement had the strings to well tied down that they were able to slow the data feed to that specific platform.

  18. This country is turning into a bunch of politically correct p u s s i e s . You cannot say anything that hurts someones feelings or offends them in any way. What happened to freedom of speech? Say something I don't like and you are in big trouble. It's all bullshit.

  19. This is horrible but while we fight this, everyone should also make an account on the website "Gun Stream". It's a lot like YouTube but ONLY firearm content. They can't touch us there. For now.

  20. I'm looking for my first concealed carry gun (and my first firearm in general for that matter). I'm scared to get any double stack because I'm really worried about printing. Am I over reacting?

  21. You tube you're full of it!! You're helping the gov. destroy our 2nd Amendment right. You're possibly even killing the video makers 1st Amendment rights. Youtube what are you going to do when another media website who's not anti gun takes a lot of your viewers because they will show everything about guns. youtube you're un-American!!! Youtube are you getting paid by some anit-gun politician to remove this content??

  22. Ya know, I'm just gonna learn coding and make a new YouTube website and not have any of this liberal rule bullcrap.

  23. Is it just me or were most of the mass shootings only ever in gun free zones? So why would banning firearms help anyone if they place more gun free zones, there will only be more shootings….. Youtube has no right to take away our rights for videos that are educational in helping people develop their skills and knowledge in firearm safety and maintenance guides. I carry a concealed firearm for my families safety and my own. Do your homework people, alot of anti gun talk going around but no one has noticed that the mass shootings are in gun free zones where people such as myself are not allowed to carry to defend the ones we love.

  24. If YouTube does this…I will never watch another YouTube video ever again in my life… The only reason why I am on YouTube is to watch gun videos… This is unbelievable

  25. I am going to flag every single anti-gun video I could find….they are an infringement on my second amendment rights

  26. Alot of the channels I watch are about firearm's and educational purposes, hickok45,, and other's, YouTube wake up.

  27. It will end when Youtube has competition that is gun friendly. The ONLY thing that will change their stance is a drop in their cash flow. That's it. And it can't come soon enough. I'd do it myself if I had the money to break into the market.

  28. By the way, they should also ban Video Games like Battlefield and Call Of Duty being it contains gun customization and the insertion of clips.

  29. Of course You Tube is stomping all over the First Amendment in order to undermine available information on the Second… They headquarter in Socialist San Bruno California.

  30. Well it looks like you got all worked up over nothing. I don’t see where anything has changed.

  31. No offense, but this is how Capitalism works. Someone, probably a gun manufacturing conglomerate will start their own You Tube like company and make millions of dollars doing what You Tube doesn't. Personally, I can't wait for a You Tube like business to form, a community of fellow brother's. God bless America.

  32. All gun related people should start to stop looking or participating in/at all youtube content of any nature. To protect themselves from youtube censoring , gun related content. Don't get me wrong youtube has been a wealth of knowledge for me in the past for numerous topics. When a specific agenda is set e.g. anti gun by youtube. I believe a line has to be drawn. Remember Hitler started on a soap box because he was so small he felt he wasn't being heard. Youtube has to know they are a great source of information but only a singular source. Youtube has gained all of their knowledge from all of its members. If youtube can use their likes and dislikes to a certain topic to remove it from the conversation as they see fit, why would anyone listen to what a youtube panel thinks? We should be listening to the content of each individual and then make up our own minds. Knowledge has not only been gained from people like youtube but cannot be gained successfully from censorship. If people stop viewing youtube advertising support for youtube it will be removed from its soapbox the same way Hitler was.

  33. I agree. However, YouTube / google is a private entity and well within their rights. As a patron of their services I must let them know i disagree with their action. However, it should be noted that most of the “ second amendment community” likes to poke the social media and internet barons with their use of mouth breather vernacular like libtards. While I am not on blue or red, I think that this silly bipartisan party affiliation might not be helping .

  34. Whelp! I wish someone else would make a platform for us "guntubers" to go and make money like on Youtube. I'm pretty sure they make most of their revenue off gun channels. I also think that any international company that makes 51% or more of it's profits in the U.S. should not be allowed to enact B.S. policies that discriminate against our constitution/ Political beliefs.

  35. Gun owners always found excuses of why not to actually defend gun ownership other than by hot air or buying two faced politicos or sad but sadder NRA, now we cry and weep like women having a 16 pound kid and quiver like a hound dog shitting peach seeds.
    So we will sit and pretend this guy is gonna have good news in a week, month maybe a year?
    The good ok boy, damn them yankees, they just sat there and lost their guns and cannot even buy them; but that's OK I live in numb douche State, I got mine and my State would never screw me.
    There was a lot more to American History than a bunch of farmers with guns shooting British while hiding behind stone wall, such as why the Bill of Rights was inserted after Constitution,was written, and why 2nd was to protect Government from overstepping its bounds and not to protect your ability to buy a gun for hunting and to protect your butt.
    As to the cold dead fingers crowd, they froze their balls off years ago.

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