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You Need a Place to FOCUS 🎯// Dan’s Daily Dose #299

– Hey, what’s up guys, this
is the first Daily Dose, coming at you from our brand new office. And I’ve got a beautiful,
beautiful office up here, and I’m super excited about it. Take a look at the views, I’m
gonna flip the camera around and show you guys. So out there you can see
the National Cathedral, just a ton of amazing buildings
and beautiful green trees. They’re building a new
luxury condo building there. So it’s just exciting to
have this type of workspace. And in here, I’ve got a
TV, which is really nice. I’ve got an adjustable height desk, so I’m really excited about that. I’ve got it in standing mode
now, but as you can see here I can go down to sitting mode. Got the whiteboard, I’ll
have some monitors up here, so that I can work
multiple computer screens which helps when I’m blogging,
doing email marketing, creating other types of content. So I think there’s a cool
message in the importance here of having a space, having a place to work, where you can focus, and a
lot of real estate agents, kind of neglect that, right? Especially if you’re just on your own, and if you’re part of a large brokerage, you maybe just taking floating space. I think it’s important to
get your own kind of space, get in your own routine and have a way to just get in the mode. Like when you wanna do follow up, when you wanna do prospecting. Your physical environment matter, like the environment of people
that you’re around matters. So get in an environment
that can get you comfortable. Elevate your state, elevate
your vibration level. And put you in the routine to work efficiently, productively and happily. And I’m excited about being
able to do that in our office and I hope that you can
create that, wherever you are. All right guys, if you
enjoyed that content, please hit that thumbs up
button, hit the follow button, I don’t want you guys to miss
out on any of our content, our podcast shows, our interviews and I’ll see you next time.

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