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You Can Be My Wingman Anytime – Top Gun (8/8) Movie CLIP (1986) HD

(cheering) Yes! (applause) Yeaaaah!
Yeaaaah! (laughs) Maverick:
What the hell happened to you
guys, huh!? Hollywood! You! You are still dangerous. You can be my wingman anytime. Bullshit. You can be mine. (triumphant theme swells) (triumphant theme playing
softly) (triumphant theme swells) Maverick. Sir. How does it feel to be
on the front page Of every newspaper in
the english-speaking world? Even though the other side
denies the incident, Congratulations.
Thank you, sir. They gave you
your choice of duty, son. Anything, anywhere.
Do you believe that shit? Where do you think
you wanna go? I thought of being
an instructor, sir. Top gun?! (coughs)
yes, sir. God help us.

100 thoughts on “You Can Be My Wingman Anytime – Top Gun (8/8) Movie CLIP (1986) HD

  1. I love his thick spikey glorious hairs , his greatest attractiveness and his chisiled physique and his greatest acting skills too.

  2. The hate between iceman and mav was throughout the movie, the ending proved that the hate had been forgotten. The moment it went quiet will the rest watched them hug it out while iceman had a passionate smile on his face and mav bringing in the man hug . If you look when iceman said "you". "You are still dangerous" mavs face expression changed to thinking that he still didn't have the respect for him but when he smiled that brought a relief to mav. This scene is truly incredible it shows that victory can resolve hate 👏🤝🙏

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  4. i love the atmosphere of this scene, the enemy is gone, the entire deck crew is rejoicing, and the pilots are all hugging it out, and maverick's reaction to the fact that Hollywood and wolfman are alive and well is just so perfect, im going to base the ending of my war story on this

  5. me arriving back at Belfast airport four hours after losing my virginity to a Dutch prostitute called Lotte.

  6. Who's here to see which clowns is typing the " Who's here after seeing the top gun 2 trailer?" I am… stfu you like whoring clowns

  7. Such a great ending. So uplifting and victorious. I love Maverick's reaction when he sees Hollywood. He and Iceman finally come to terms in the end. Awesome.

  8. Memories:

    This brings back memories of when I was a young Sailor reporting for Sea Duty at my first Naval Duty Station which was NAS Miramar in San Diego, CA.

    It was January 1985 and I was only 18 years old and was directed to report to Hangar 6 where my command VAW-112 was located. The "Golden Hawks" of VAW-112 was an E-2C Hawkeye Command of Pilots, NFOs, and Enlisted Sailors.

    Shortly after reporting, I learned that I would be one of the Operations Yeomen who would assist the Pilots and NFOs in the Ready Room onboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63).

    What an experience that was for a young Sailor like me at the time. Coincidentally, the movie "Top Gun" was being filmed later during that Summer of '85 at NAS Miramar. Btw, "Top Gun" was located at Hangar 1.

    Later on, after many deployments onboard the USS Kitty Hawk, our squadron then switched over to the USS Nimitz (CVN-68) which 8 years earlier was featured in the movie "The Final Countdown" (1980).

    When the movie "Top Gun" came out in '86 the entire San Diego area was proud and honored as there was a feeling of electricity all around.

    Looking forward to the long awaited sequel "Top Gun: Maverick".

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