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Yildiz SPZ ME Over / Under Shotgun Review

So you want to get an over/under shotgun
but, you don’t want to pay two crazy price tag he usually comes along with
them well I might have just the thing for ya I’m Jeremy with PoindexterG and today we’ve got a Yildiz SP zme over/under
shotgun. The Yildiz shotgun to we’re going over today is the over-under model
if you are interested in their semi-auto shotgun I have a separate video on that
Yildiz makes a bunch of really inexpensive shotguns. this particular one
here runs about four hundred dollars which is really cheap for an over-under.
But is it any good? Well, let’s go ahead and take a look at everything on it and
see what we got. We’ll start with the markings on this one as you can see here
it is Yildiz Silah Sanayi, Burdur Turkey SPZ ME 20. this shows that it
can take twenty gauge up to three inch Magnum rounds and it also has Academy
Limited Katy, Texas. The reason that Academy is listed here is because
Academy is the importer. They have a deal with Yildiz where they are the
exclusive seller for Yildiz products in the United States, so that’s why you only
see them on the shelves at Academy. Being that this is an over/under shotgun and
it is like all double-barrel shotguns a breech loader, there’s not really a
whole lot going on here as far as the controls. Let’s start with the safety
right here which is located on the tang the safety on this model is one that
slides forwards and backwards. It does have a marking on it for safe a, green S.
when it slid forward you get the red dot meaning that it is in fire. You’ll notice
when it’s back in the safe position that the safety can slide from the left to
the right. Ehat that does is select which chamber will fire first, either the upper
or the lower. Now for the life of me I never can’t keep straight if left is up
or right is up, so you’ll have to figure that out on your own. To load it we’ll
have to break it open. That will be done with this lever right here. Even though
it looks like it can go either direction it can only push to the right. So push
and hold to the right and then she breaks up. Once you have it open to
load it you basically just drop the shells in
and close it up. One nice thing about these is when you open it up it will
kick out spent shells but it will not kick out the unfired ones. It’s also
worth mentioning on here the markings that they have put it on here, which are
basically meant to emulate the engravings that you have on the high-end
shotguns. And while this isn’t done at the same quality as your really
expensive ones, it is a nice touch on there to give this a little bit more of
the look of a nice hunting weapon. As far as what all comes with this in the box,
there’s not a whole lot. You basically get the shotgun, the chokes, and a choke
key. Now if you’re not familiar with it the point of a choke is to basically
restrict the size of the shot coming out there You can make a pattern larger or
smaller at different ranges by putting in different chokes in there. To take the
chokes in and out of the shotgun you’ll basically take your choke key you’re
gonna put it inside the grooves here on the choke, and you’ll basically just
thread it in and out now you’ll see that my friend that owns
this has been shooting the number four choke in the top barrel , and number five
in the bottom. As you look at these you’ll see that number one is the
largest choke and number five is the smallest. Nw one of the advantages of an
over/under is that because it has two barrels on it, you’re able to put a
different choke in each barrel. So that way you can put a tighter choke to hit
the first target, and then a more open one to hit the. Second to put the chokes
back in it’s basically just reversing the process. Put it in. Thread it by hand as
much as you can, and then use the tool to put it in all the way now I’ll show you disassembly which is
actually pretty simple on one of these we’re gonna take this part out right
here just by grabbing this pulling that up and then sliding the foregrip off. The
next thing you’ll do is go ahead and do like you normally do when you’re going
to break it open, but instead of it just going open it comes apart. Now reassembly
isn’t all that difficult as long as you know the trick to get it back together.
If you don’t it can be a bit of a pain basically we’re gonna have this knob
right here which goes into a groove right here, Basically we’ll just put that
knob right there by the groove You’ll notice it actually sits a little bit
above the groove, but as you fold it back together it locks into place. Then all we
have to do is put this back on. Right in here this lever just controls that
little spring-loaded thing right there that will line up with this. As you put
that in, pull up the lever. Set it down and it locks into place.
So let’s go ahead and roll some of that shooting footage so what are my general
thoughts on this? Well, it is pretty light it doesn’t weigh as much as the other
over-unders, and so it doesn’t do quite as good a job of mitigating the recoil.
So it does have a good bit of kick to it although it is really well balanced when
you pick it up. It feels like it just wants to point where, right
where you aim it at, and that’s good. When they’re new, the break open is really
really stiff, and it also takes it a good 30 to 50 rounds before it starts kicking
all the empties out consistently. But I think it does generally a pretty good
job, and if you’re not really trying to do competitive shooting all the time and
just want to go out and enjoy it some I think it can be really great for you. Now
since they’re right about the same price one thing I see a
lot of people question is whether they should get the over-under or the semi
auto. Well, let me go ahead and put both of them up here, and we’ll talk about
both of these a little bit. And help you decide which one’s gonna be best for you.
So I’ve got here is the Yildiz A71 semi-auto, to go along with the
over/under. The semi-auto is mine, the over-under is a friends. This one the,
semi-auto, is also a 12-gauge and not a 20, so that’s a little bit of the
difference in the scale between the two of them. The big difference is you’ll
notice in these, is that the over-under has a capacity of two rounds and the
semi-auto has a capacity of five rounds plus possibly one in two chamber. So you
can put more rounds into this one and that may not matter a whole lot for you
depending on what you’re doing the next big difference you’ll see
between them is gonna be how simple or difficult they are to operate. Now the
over-under is stupid simple to use You basically break it open to load it you,
close it turn it off of safe, then fire, you shoot
the two rounds, and then you’re done you want to empty it, well, just break it
open and they’ll kick them out. And it also shows that you’re empty really,
really clear, You can leave it sitting down like this, and anyone can tell,
people that don’t know anything about guns can tell that thing is empty.
There’s nothing in there. The semi-auto however, gets a little bit more difficult
to use, because you’ve got all these rounds sitting here in the magazine tube.
You’ve gotta try to take them all out but then you have to lock this into place,
pull that back to eject the next one out of there. You just got all this stuff going
on with it and it’s a bit more complicated to use. I mean it just takes
a few more extra steps to show that it’s empty. As far as how they shoot, the
balance on the over-under seems a little bit better than what you have on the
semi-auto. Although the semi-auto action with all the moving parts in it, takes a
lot of the recoil out of it by putting it into there. You have all of the recoil
transferred on the over-under, so you get a little bit more kick out of it there. A
couple of things worth adding to it, are going to be a nice butt pad on there to
take a lot of the recoil off. This does add to the length of pull, so that might
make it not fit quite right for you I also have a hard time
picking up the bead on mine, and have put this nice fiber-optic sight on there. But
that can be done on one of these just the same as the semi-auto. So that’s my
review of the Yildiz over/under I think if you’re not a super serious
shooter that this could be a really great gun for you without having to drop
a ton of money into it So, hopefully this video was helpful for you, here, to learn
a little bit more about the over/under and to get a little bit more information
to help you decide between two two different types of shotguns. if you like this video, be sure to like or comment you can also subscribe to my channel, to make sure that you don’t miss any of the videos that I post I’m Jeremy with PoindexterG, and we’ll see you next time

4 thoughts on “Yildiz SPZ ME Over / Under Shotgun Review

  1. Great insight and review. My one tip would be to use a mic to improve the audio quality of your voice. Cheers mate! 😎👍

  2. piece of shit shotgun with no customer service i have one and my dads piece of shit a screw pops out in the butt pad what kind of gun is that paid so much money for it they are worthless guns!

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