100 thoughts on “YG – Go Loko ft. Tyga, Jon Z

  1. Sólo para aclarar no todas las mexicanas-latinas son morena,habemos muchas blancas , güeritas y mucho más guapas que las que salen en el vídeo…. y no cholas como esas 😂 tenemos flow pero no somos cholas… (aclaro hay de todo ,pero habemos unas mucho más hermososas )

  2. White took black culture now black tryna take brown culture haha I ain't saying it's bad but wearing dickies n loc's don't make you brown dog lol neither does wearing a mariachi outfit …just call it what it is you just want in on the Latinas just be real haha

  3. Loved it the first time I heard it on the radio! They know it's too hot for those leather britches. Lol. Love the Mariachi and the beat. Just love it!

  4. Aww man !! There’s way more beautiful Mexican woman that represent this culture !! Some of these chicks are not pretty at all!!

  5. Why is the Puerto Rican Flag being Flown Backwards? Of all the things in the Video, That's what I pick up on. Whats' wrong with me?

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