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Yes or No – SCAR-H Assault Rifle Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Yes or No, a weapon review series
where I give a clear and concise answer as to what weapons you should be using in Battlefield
4. By popular request, today I’m looking at the SCAR-H assault rifle. Always a strong
entry in the Battlefield series, the SCAR in all its forms was a definite favorite of
mine in Battlefield 3. I believe I mentioned this favoring this weapon
a long while ago, but should you be using the SCAR-H, Yes or No? Take it away Sally… “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Thank you, Sally. The SCAR-H was easily my favorite weapon at
the onset of Battlefield 4, and has remained solidly competitive throughout the life of
the game. It provides some major in-class advantages and has a real personality that
sets it apart from other weapons. So let’s look at the benefits that SCAR-H provides. Simply put, the SCAR-H is in a whole different
weight class than other assault rifles. This is due to its maximum damage of 33 and its
minimum damage of 21.6. The only other assault rifle to mimic this model is the Bulldog.
This makes the SCAR-H a murder machine on normal, requiring at most 4 bullets to kill,
and as few as two. On hardcore, it’s a one-shot headshot.
The SCAR-H has a blazing fast reload of 1.9 seconds when a bullet is in the chamber. At
2.4 seconds for the long reload when you’re completely out, this is still faster than
many weapons in the game. This gives the weapon the power to hang in close-range combat, and
is a key distinction between this weapon and the Bulldog.
One of the slightly less tangible factors of the SCAR-H is its predictability. The SCAR-H
fires slow at 620 rounds-per-minute, has an even left/right deviation of .225, and does
a lot of damage. Generally when you the jump on the enemy, they die, pretty much at any
range. I never feel like I’m fighting against the flaws of the weapon, merely my own skill
as a player. That’s the great stuff about the SCAR-H.
But with great power comes… some unsurprising drawbacks. So here’s the things that bring
the SCAR-H down a notch: The SCAR-H has a magazine size of 20, meaning
that with the round in the chamber, you’ll have just 21 bullets with which to get the
job done. This tends to only be an issue in long close quarters firefights. The damage
of the SCAR-H offsets this disadvantage almost all the other times, as does the blazing fast
reload. The vertical recoil of the SCAR-H is easily
the highest among the assault rifles at .5 degrees per round. However, this is another
disadvantage that is offset somewhat by the otherwise slow rate of fire. The upwards recoil
is strong, but quite manageable, and it can actually be an asset in some circumstances.
However, at long distance, it does become difficult to keep shots on target.
Something that hurts the SCAR-H at range is its low muzzle velocity. At only 500 meters-per-second,
the SCAR-H fires very nearly the slowest assault rifle rounds in the game. Ultimately this
means that you’ll need to lead your targets by a fair bit – again, a challenge that can
be overcome. When the game launched, the SCAR-H also had
one fewer magazine, but after last year’s patches, the SCAR-H has been boosted to have
5 total magazines. Given the killing power of the weapon, it’s now quite rare that
you’ll run out of ammunition with the SCAR-H. Interestingly enough, all the disadvantages
of the SCAR-H are either offset by its advantages, or can be overcome through careful play. Normally I’d think the low rate of fire
at 620 rounds-per-minute to be a deficiency, but when combined with the predictable recoil
and high damage model, that low rate of fire doesn’t take too much away from the gun.
With the exception of the Bulldog, all the assault rifles that kill faster than the SCAR-H
fire at 850 rounds-per-minute or greater. So in the SCAR-H we have both an accurate
weapon and a fast killer. It’s not a typical combination. The SCAR-H has one of the strongest vertical
recoils in the game, but the rest of the recoil pattern actually isn’t too bad. Given that
the weapon has a low rate of fire at 620 rounds-per-minute, it’s actually quite manageable. With nothing
attached, the SCAR-H has a .5 upwards recoil, .225 left, and .225 right. That means that
it’s going to pull straight up in a v-shape. On PC, this is exceptionally easy to counter
by pulling down. That will counter the strongest recoil of the weapon. There’s not much you
can do about that left/right deviation other than reset the bullet spread by burst-firing
your weapon. Now because the SCAR-H can kill in four bullets
or less, that’s generally all you’re going to need to let loose from it. At longer ranges,
you’re going to have to burst quite a bit more to put your bullets on target. You optionally
could also switch the SCAR-H to single-fire to turn it into a very poor DMR. The SCAR-H is one of the more versatile assault
rifles in the game. It’s great at mid-range, has the punch to kill at long range, and can
hang in the close range battles. Honestly, this gun feels like it was purpose-built for
me because of its fast-killing power and lightning fast reload. Assuming you’re on normal,
reloading frequently is actually a pretty good idea. That’s a breath of fresh air
from the bullpups I’ve been reviewing lately. Because it’s such a strong weapon, your
primary concern is to not put yourself into situations where you can be easily overwhelmed.
At least, not without some cover nearby. The SCAR-H is at its strongest when you’re able
to achieve stationary, aimed shots on your enemy. Having to do fancy footwork when you’re
under pressure is not a strength of the weapon. The hipfire is nothing particularly amazing,
but there are occasions where it can come in handy. Now, I’m particularly keen on taking body
shots, but you may be more of a headshot kind of person. Something that works out pretty
nicely in my favor with the SCAR-H is that strong upwards kick. I shoot for the chest
and then naturally my second shot will land somewhere near the head if not in it. A number
of times I have found myself coming up with headshots on this weapon that I wasn’t even
taking. If you’re on Hardcore, you may wish to consider aiming directly for the head though,
as the SCAR-H is a one-shot headshot weapon. In general, the SCAR-H doesn’t require a
huge amount of attention to detail. It can easily save you when you do foolish things,
and suits a lot of playstyles, both aggressive and passive. It’s strongest in engagements
under 30 meters, so be sure to take advantage of that and stick somewhat close to your enemies.
If you find yourself at long range, control your burst or switch to single-fire. The SCAR-H has a lot of potential attachments
on certain slots, but never have I seen such a unanimous pick by the community on a very
specific slot. Like always, I check and see what the popular PC community picks
are and cross-refernce that to Battlelog. This is one of the few times I’ve actually
agreed with the most popular loadout. For the optic, everybody seems to prefer the
Coyote. I like this pick. I also happen to have a personal affinity for the Kobra sight
on the SCAR-H, but the Coyote is just slightly better. Particularly by giving the player
a bit of extra vision on the scope in close range. Now, because the SCAR-H has such a
slow rate of fire, the longer-range scopes actually become a real plausibility on this
weapon. I also found that the Holo 1x scope is a reasonable choice for the SCAR-H. Did you guess the accessory? By this point
you should know I’m going to go with the laser sight. Pretty much me and everybody
else seem to prefer this on the SCAR-H. Turn it off when you’re not using it, turn it
on in close quarters or when traveling. Now you could try getting creative and throwing
a magnifier on the SCAR-H, but that vertical recoil will really spoil your shots, and I
don’t think the magnifier provides much advantage. Certainly not more than the laser
sight. For the barrel, I initially had nothing, but
was converted to the Heavy Barrel after a few rounds of play. The heavy barrel is going
to add quite a bit more vertical recoil, but you’re already compensating hard for that.
The tradeoff is better moving fire and starting recoil, and I’ll take that in this case.
On PC, I’ll just pull down harder on my mouse. I don’t know if I’d recommend a
heavy barrel if you’re on console and if you struggle to control recoil. In your case,
I’d probably use the Muzzle Brake, with which I also had some success. Now a fun alternative that’s actually not
too bad with the SCAR-H is the suppressor. I found that this attachment was super effective
at keeping enemies away from me while I killed scores of their buddies. I’d actually recommend
this attachment particularly if the enemy is keen about their minimap. The suppressor
drops the bullet velocity to 330 meters-per-second, so you do give up the long range for some
serious ninja assassin power. Finally, for the underbarrel attachment, I
go with the angled grip. And this was the near-unanimous choice among the community.
The weapon isn’t fast enough to warrant the stubby grip, and even though the first
shot recoil multiplier isn’t that strong, the SCAR-H definitely benefits from having
the earlier rounds be more accurate as it is highly lethal. Heavy Barrel or Suppressor,
I ended up preferring the angled grip in all situations. There’s a lot to the SCAR-H that makes it
one of the best assault rifles in the game. It’s definitely a personal toss-up between
the SCAR-H and the M416 for my own weapon of choice. There’s no question that the
SCAR-H is a yes, it’s very nearly the best assault rifle in the game. In fact, for quite
some time now, it’s been banned from certain competitive circles because of its damage
model. So if you like the SCAR-H, you might also
like the Bulldog. The Bulldog isn’t nearly as good at medium and long range, but it is
tied for the third-fastest killing automatic in the game. If the Bulldog isn’t something
you want in your yard, you could always try the M416, another solid assault rifle with
quite a bit more all-rounder power. With a blazing-fast reload speed and good mid-range
damage, the M416 offers controllability and versatility. That’s it for this episode of Yes or No.
If there’s something you think I missed, or if you have a different take on the SCAR-H,
please let me know in the comments below. If you’ve found it offensive that I’ve
been pronouncing it “SCAR-H” when it’s actually an acronym, feel free to submit your
own pronunciation below. If there’s a particular weapon you’d like to see reviewed on this
series, leave a comment indicating which weapon. As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you next time, YouTube.

100 thoughts on “Yes or No – SCAR-H Assault Rifle Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

  1. I know I might sound like a "Tripkiller" but I find the Scar-H a bit more of a bullet drain due to idk but I feel like it shoots way to quickly 😂and I usually run out after ~25 enemies.

  2. Yup, definitely the muzzle break on console with the suppressor on TDM, with the Tater/Angled grip and whatever scope.

  3. I found the scar to be great with muzzle break and stuby grip. The best attachment combination which helps to tame some of the recoil and grants you better spread (in the stuby grip).

  4. best gun in the game, hands down.

    don't bother with the angled grip though; ergo with a laser sight and you will be a run n gun hipfire machine in CQC and as you said multiple times – you are already compensating for vertical recoil, angled grip is wasted on this gun.

  5. Own this gun IRL, semi auto only, and it's just as good in real life as it is in game. In reality it's a battle rifle and it's crazy light too.

  6. For long range engagements, I learned to switch this rifle to semi-auto. As a single shot gun at range, it s very effective.

  7. It may has a 0.5 vertical recoil but you feel like it's 0.3 because of the rate of fire. So the recoil it's not a disadvantage.

  8. Hey Darth love ya vids mate, all class and smarts. Can you please do me an AK5C review. Its the only gun I can use, and I want to know why this is so (at your level of breakdown)

    It feels like an all round gun, and I like my guns reliable in most situations (I loved the M4 in BF3) which I why I use it as it allows me to kill at range without too much difficulty and still has some punch in CQB althought I do know its ROF is somewhat lacking and you will lose out even when you get the drop. However you can't always be at optimum range to engage when playing the objective so I need something that will do the job. In your review can you also suggest other engi weapons to try wean me off the AK5C

  9. This is the BF4's idea of G3A3, those can use it, find it amazing; those who can't, complain about it. I like this more than the overrated ACE 23, great gun like G3A3.

  10. lmao my pregnant girlfriend just looked at me whilst hearing the girl moaning.. was definitely a funny look and I'm now on dishes lol thanks for that!!!!! other than that I love the scar sooo powerful, fast reload aswell!

  11. I would recommend you to try out ace 52 cqb, In my opinion from testing it, I believe it outgun the scar-h allot more, in a lot more ways.

  12. Great video. I'm about to hit 20k kills on the SCAR-H so i'd agree it's a yes! However I don't use a grip or barrel attachment – I find I prefer the (not attachment affected) faster spread decrease giving me better accuracy with shorter tap fire intervals. It really does pay to stand still when firing this gun at mid-long range, the accuracy can be great once you get the hang of the recoil and timing of the gun.

  13. i would lean on a ergo grip rather than the angeld for more mid range ability but sure if you can't manage the recoil the angeld is better for ease of use

  14. Lol dafuq darth? 0:24 my parents were sitting in the same room and i had nothing but a poker face for them

  15. I don't know what it is. I've mastered every other assault rifle in the game but I just can't get the SCAR-H to work, I've given up. I am a console player, but I've always found a way with every other gun.

  16. My loadouts woth SCAR-H is coyote,laser sight,ergo, muzzle break for CQB. For bigger maps I use ACOG, angled grip,laser sight and compensator

  17. compensator, green laser and stuby(allows the player to have better control of the weapon) or heavy barrel, green laser and angled grip(if u can control try to burst fire)

  18. Comp/Stubby dors it better, the angled just straight up kills the jeavy barrel performance and just gives it stability, and heavy barrel/stubby is too mich recoil for either plataforms, so comp & stubby has a little less recoil control, and better performance

  19. The heavy barrel on this weapon is great I play on consoles I find up to 750 is a comfy with the heavy barrel while I may sometimes have a hard time controlling it's more due to my inability to keep on target then it is my controller I find it silly when people on console use there controller as a excuse to why they arnt as good as PC players practice will do more for you then crying about your controller

  20. I was running recon, just doin' my thing, watching control point B, out of nowhere, I see an Scar-H user coming up behind me, after I looked back. I had died within half a second. ;-; There went my 5 killstreak.

  21. 500 meters per sec is ridiculously slow. That's about 1600 to 1700 feet per sec. In real life it's 2600 to 2700. Suppressed its really bad. This is why i hate nerfing of small arms in the game lol

  22. As much as I want to like the scar I can't 🙁 and sadly I have to like the Ak.I feel like bullets don't register unlike when I shoot the ak,all the bullets register.Sorry scar I must leave you 🙁

  23. I like the looks of the Scar-H but i prefer the M416 or the AN-94 because they have more bullets and they're easy to control! That's my opinion

  24. i dont get why you think countering upward recoil is hard on console, i think its a thousand times easier all you gotta do it pull the joystick down the slightes bit and bam youre done. and its called a Scar Heavy, like its brother the Scar Light

  25. I'm a console player and I have no problems at all controlling the recoil with Heavy Barrel + Stubby grip. So, you PC players should definitely be using that combo.

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  28. After watching some Marbleduck vids, I went through each AR and Carb. and tried to distill the ROF, accuracy and damage to usable statistics that would tell a person exactly how to use weapons, what the best attachments were for each weapon, and which weapons were the best for each situation. Then, I found your channel and your "time to kill by chance to hit" graphs that you show on some videos – seems like youve done the work already! Awesome job Sir. I salute you.

  29. Darth man, acronyms are supposed to be pronounced as a word. That is the difference between an acronym and the unused word initialism.

  30. Fact: its pretty funny how easily you can take out snipers with any LMG with a bipod. Try it, i tried and since then, i became a campers worst nightmare

  31. The scar h is so much more satisfying in bf4 than bf3. I love how strong it sounds when shooting. I even enjoy using it in close range maps like lockers, well, unless I'm up against an AEK or something similar… lol

    I run it with an angled grip while bursting in fours, and I prefer a naked barrel over a heavy or a comp. Using a 3.2x scope on medium sized maps, and coyote or cobra for close quarter battles.

  32. Seriously , am i the only one who plays the scar with this loadout? red dot/no barrel/laser sight/vertical grip

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