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Yes or No – AN-94 Assault Rifle Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Yes or No, a weapon review series
where I give a clear and concise answer as to what weapons you should be using in Battlefield
4. I’m back with another highly requested weapon,
the AN-94 Assault Rifle. Somewhat of a technological curiosity, the
AN-94 fires two bullets in quick succession with little or no recoil. The real-life counterpart was designed with
this feature in order to defeat sophisticated body armor. But how does the AN-94 perform in Battlefield
4? Is this a weapon you should be using, Yes
or No? Yes, but with some major exceptions. The AN-94 is not a typical battlefield Assault
Rifle, as it fills more of the role of a hybrid DMR and Assault Rifle combination. If you try to treat it like an M416, you’re
going to find that it is exceptionally disappointing. But if you can be patient and control your
surroundings, you stand a fair shot with the AN-94. Let’s talk about what the AN-94 provides: The AN-94 is the best selective fire headshot
weapon in the game. A one-burst headshot at less than 20 meters
is guaranteed to drop a target on normal. In fact, I think DICE updated the headshot
multiplier for assault rifles just to accommodate this weapon. While I tend not to prefer headshots, you
might find that this is exactly why you would want to use this weapon. For me, it’s an extra perk. The AN-94 has the second-least combined recoil
among the assault rifles at .32 degrees up, .1 left, and .12 right. This puts it just behind the SAR-21 in terms
of recoil, though the first shot recoil multiplier of the AN-94 is quite a bit more hefty at
2.1 times. Even in fully automatic mode, the AN-94 is
one of the easiest rifles in the game to maintain on your target. Complimenting that ease of control is the
accuracy of the weapon. Its spread increase per shot is only .078
degrees, and its spread decrease per second is 17.3 degrees, meaning it it doesn’t balloon
quickly and can quickly reset between measured bursts. And while keeping shots on moving targets
can be somewhat tricky if you burst unevenly, the AN-94 has a middling bullet velocity of
620 meters-per-second. So bullets do not lag much behind moving targets. This means that the AN-94 is all about accuracy. As I said, the AN-94 is essentially the hybrid
of a DMR and the Assault Rifles. It outclasses DMRs in the under-35 meter range
and is generally on par with DMRs in the long-range game. You’d be hard pressed to make a case for
using DMRs when you have the AN-94 available — and it carved itself even more of a niche
in Battlefield 3 when DMRs were recon only. But it’s not all great with the AN-94, and
the AN-94 has serious drawbacks that I’ll talk about now. The damage output of the AN-94 is actually
pretty abysmal. On average, it performs roughly equivalent
to the SAR-21, with a minimum time to kill of 402 milliseconds. This is much ado to the normal assault rifle
damage model combined with its low rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute. Though the two-bullet bursts do exit the chamber
at 1200 rounds per minute, the best you can hope to achieve with perfect burst timing
is about 700 rounds per minute. This lets you achieve a slightly better time-to-kill
of around 356 milliseconds, but fire out of cadence for too long and you’re likely to
jam. This is a problem with all burst fire weapons
in Battlefield 3 and 4: the jamming mechanic. This happens when you fire faster than the
cadence that the weapon expects. I find it’s particularly easy to achieve
on the AN-94 as the limits of this weapon seem to be far more restrictive than the M16A4
and M4. Panic too much in close quarters and this
weapon is going to make sure you die frustrated and angry. In fact, this happens so frequently that I
almost gave the AN-94 a no vote because of it — it’s really bad on this weapon, but
there are ways to mitigate the problem. At 2.4 seconds for the round-in-chamber reload
and 3.5 seconds for the empty reload, this is definitely not a weapon with which to “mag-dump.” Its already poor performance in CQB combined
with the long reload times make it lag behind other assault rifles quite a bit. This is really where the hybrid nature of
this weapon makes itself known, as “in your face” assault players like myself are going
to run into a lot of hardship in CQB swarm situations. So it’s not great at CQB, but can hang in
there if you’re trained at landing headshots or are quick about hipfire. I found the AN-94 would frustrate me quite
a bit when I was pressured, but if I could keep my enemies at bay, enough for reload
time and burst jamming to not rear their ugly heads, the AN-94 was a stellar shooter. Let’s look at some numbers to see why it
stacks up so well. The first thing I did was to run the back-of-the-box
numbers against three other accurate assault rifles: the M416, the AR160, and the SAR-21. The AN-94 fairs pretty well against all of
them beyond 25 meters, but isn’t great in the short game. That pretty much aligns with my own experiences. But what about if you’re able to keep and
hold the weapon at 700 rounds-per-minute? The AN-94 gets a lot better. This is suggestive of its maximum performance
in the hands of a very well trained Battlefield player that uses the weapon all the time. Probably not what you’re going to get if
you start playing with this weapon tomorrow, and really only the performance I was able
to achieve with a macro on the test range. Now for one last test I wanted to look at
how the AN-94 does against two pretty good DMRs: the SKS and the SCAR-H SV. The AN-94 stays competitive with those weapons
in the under-35 game, and the SCAR-H SV becomes superior beyond 35 or so meters. Again, if you can manage perfect burst control,
the AN-94 looks a lot better and pushes that point of parity with the DMRs out to about
45 meters. And control is really what it comes down to
with the AN-94, so let’s talk about that next. There’s really only one way to run this
weapon, but I’m going to show you both patterns of behavior. First I’ll start with fully automatic. The AN-94 has a recoil pattern of .32 up,
.1 left, and .12 right. With a first shot recoil multiplier of 2.1,
this is going to take the weapon slightly up and to the right, with some modest bloom
from the spread increase per shot of .078 degrees per shot. If you set this weapon to burst fire only–like
you should be–you’re going to see a spray pattern that is almost completely vertical. The only thing that keeps it moving upwards
is the heavy kick from that first shot recoil multiplier. In either of these cases, to counter the recoil
pattern of the weapon, you’ll want to pull primarily down and ever so slightly to the
left. Honestly, just pulling straight down will
get you most of the way there on automatic fire regardless. For burst fire, you’re going to have to
carefully figure out how much your gun is fighting versus your cadence. Which is why jamming can be a problem, as
you can easily overcompensate. Optionally, you can also just wait for your
weapon to reset to center after each shot, but this is going to bleed off a lot of valuable
time. I don’t generally recommend doing this unless
your target is completely unaware and/or stupid. Ideally, you’re using this weapon on maps
where you might normally use a DMR. The first thing you should do whenever you’re
using the AN-94 is to set the weapon to burst fire mode. This is going to let you take advantage of
the best attributes of the weapon — its ability to land a one-volley headshot killshots. If you’re like me, or aren’t particularly
accustomed to this weapon, don’t expect to just start landing every shot as a headshot. Instead, you’re going to have to take a
somewhat more conservative approach with this weapon. With the AN-94, positioning is absolutely
critical as you have to control your engagements. The gun is weak when you don’t know your
enemy’s positions and when you have to draw in a surprise. It’s at its strongest when you’re in cover,
can firmly plant your feet to avoid side strafing, and keep enemies at a distance. Panic fire is your number one enemy, as your
weapon is prone to jamming and it’s especially slow-killing in close quarters engagements. When firing, keep in mind that each of your
killshots should come in 3-burst sets. At every range, you’ll need five to six
bullets to kill an enemy. Because the AN-94 fires two bullets at a time
per burst, you’ll therefore need three sets of bursts. In this way it’s exactly like most DMRs. As a hybrid weapon, part DMR part Assault
Rifle, it has some power to push, but not a lot. If you find yourself fighting more than a
single enemy you’re going to be in hot water pretty quick. Hip-firing the AN-94 will gain you a bit of
initiative in time-to-draw, but if your enemy is already shooting then you’ve already
lost. Alternatively, you could opt to simply do
your close quarters pushes with a strong CQB weapon like the G18. Again, this is one of those times where the
more awareness you can have of your surroundings, the better the AN-94 is going to perform. As long as you keep the initiative in any
engagement, the AN-94 is not going to let you down all that often. But as soon as you get pressured or pressed,
it’s probably over. I actually ended up trying three different
sets of attachments for the AN-94 before I landed on my preferred setup. There wasn’t much help to be found from
my usual recon work of the top players, as they all had somewhat different preferences. I found the biggest confluence of players
around the heavy barrel and stubby combination, which I think might be the best for pure accuracy
on this weapon. However, I ran with something slightly different. My philosophy on this weapon was enhance its
ranged performance. To that end, for my optic I ended up preferring
the PK-A 3.4 times magnification scope. This is a much higher scope than I usually
recommend on my assault rifles. I found it actually quite useful with the
rest of my setup, although I did also use the PKA-S 1x magnification when I ran the
heavy barrel/stubby combination. I chose the PK-A for two reasons: first, I
wanted a relatively higher magnification to play to this weapon’s strong mid and long
range power, and secondly, it’s a Russian scope. For my accessory, I went with the laser sight. Sometimes I ran red, sometimes I ran green. Because the medium magnification scopes actually
do have relatively significant draw-to-sights times, hip-firing is a major benefit. A laser here only makes sense. As for the barrel attachment, the heavy barrel
was my choice across every variation of this weapon that I ran. The low rate of fire, combined with its accuracy,
makes the heavy barrel a great pairing for the AN-94. I don’t find the weapon particularly difficult
to control either, so the heavy barrel’s usual detraction of increased upwards recoil
doesn’t factor in too much here. Even when I was running with the ergo grip
on the AN-94, I preferred the heavy barrel. The other barrels just don’t offer as much
given this weapon’s recoil pattern. Finally, the underbarrel attachment I chose
was the folding grip. Functionally equal to the angled grip, I did
this purely because I wanted to use the 3.4x scope on this weapon in an effective manner. I find that high first shot recoil multipliers
(that is, FSRM over 2x) make medium magnification scopes pretty well unusable for follow-up
shots. If I were using less of a magnification, I
probably would choose the stubby grip instead, as the combination with the heavy barrel offers
this weapon the best overall accuracy. But for this particular loadout, I preferred
the folding grip. The AN-94 has a lot to offer for players that
want to play a bit more of an accuracy-intensive, standoff game. Myself, I prefer to get into CQB a lot more,
even when I don’t know the exact disposition of enemy forces. In this case, the AN-94 will probably get
me killed. If you can master the AN-94 and be disciplined
with its usage cases, it’s probably one of the better weapons in the game. If you can’t discipline yourself, or you’re
not particularly great at landing headshots, there’s a lot of better options. One of those is the M416, a weapon I reviewed
last week, and my favorite weapon in Battlefield 4. It’s got great accuracy, firepower, and
reloading time that makes it particularly adaptable to just about every engagement range
in the game. If you want a more capable DMR, the SKS is
certainly a great option. It’s got enough damage output to hang in
close range, and is on-par with the AN-94 at longer ranges. But I probably wouldn’t choose it over the
AN-94. That’s it for this episode of Yes or No. If there’s something you think I missed,
or if you have a particularly different take on the AN-94, please let me know in the comments
below. If there’s a weapon you’d like to see
reviewed on this series, leave a comment indicating which weapon. As I mentioned last week, I will be continuing
this series in Battlefield 1 when it releases in mid October. Also, if you like what you saw, please be
sure to force choke the like button. As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you next time, YouTube.

100 thoughts on “Yes or No – AN-94 Assault Rifle Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

  1. AN is solid assault rifle ,but i like to run "better" guns for me . As always nice education video Darth ,keep up gr8 work 🙂

  2. It's a challenge to master that's for sure . But actually this gun let's me down in to many gun fights . So I really don't use it anymore .

  3. Ey Darth, try the AK 5C with suppressor, potato grip, target detector and kobra sight in full automatic mode. It is super duper good in close to medium range.

  4. I've quit playing BF4 a while ago but I can't stop watching your videos. Absolutely love your content man, never quit 😉

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  6. Darth, I have a question. I tend to run the HB and ergo on many weapons when I want to play really aggressive. A few of the weapons I use it most on are, the ARX, AUG, ACE23 AN-94 and the L85. Is this setup OK for what I am trying to do? Or is there something better. It seems as though it works but I wonder if that's just me…

  7. Just too hard to keep the perfect rof in burst mode, it works amazingly against bad payers, but against competent people you better use the 93r or g18 on cqc…
    The AK12 is similar but much easier to use

    gREAT video

  8. I got about 7000 kills with AN94 in BF3 & BF4. The BF3 version is much more powerful as DICE added a "time gap" between 2 bursts on the BF4 version. Now it's no longer as amazing as the BF3 version, but it's still a good weapon.

  9. Great videos. Ever play hardcore? I found that certain weapons such as the Galil 51 and the Bulldog are tremendously in that mode.

  10. when's the next raw meat ? good review man

    if you haven't chosen a loadout yet for the vid. You should give my personal Recon loudout and tactics I use on metro.

    try the SG553 with suppressor, potato grip, laser sight, use the Iron sights they're the best in game in my opinion .

    Deagle 44 with suppressor laser and iron sights

    motion sensor balls
    spawn beacon or c4

    smoke grenades

    offensive perk for sprint

    play on metro and or locker

    play aggressive and go for big flanks if you get into a spawn trap use everything you have to break out of it. like the spawn beacon and smoke.

  11. Where did you find the extra headshot damage multiplayer stat at?
    i cant find anything about it on symthic.

  12. You can't say YES after doing that review! We aren't MLG pros so we'll rarely hit the sweet spot and not jam the weapon. You might LIKE the weapon, but it can't be a YES.

  13. Compared BF3 version of AN-94, BF4 version is a real disappointment; in its current state is a limited purpose weapon, somewhat inferior to M16A4. What makes AN-94 special in BF3 is you can fire at the rate close to 1200 RPM, some players (Rustling-Jimmers for example) make this gun a real monster. In BF4 you can't, I got killed so many times because my AN-94 jams at the critical moment, things make a bit more sense after watching this video, but I still won't recommend this gun, take M16A4 if you like burst rifle.

    I used PK-A+Laser or Kobra+Magnifier combo, HB and angled grip, for some reason the gun is set at full-auto by default, no idea why you want to use AN-94 on this mode, it is worse than SAR-21 without burst mode. Also, a little bonus is hipfire on AN-94 is quite good, it saved me a few times. Despite being a content of free DLC, still a disappointment.

  14. Great video, Darth. I'm fond of your informative and straightforward style commentary style.

    I just may need to use the AN-94; I have only used the M16A4 so far, but find the former much more pleasing now because of this video.

  15. With average 27% accuracy on the AN-94 I much prefer to use ergo grip and heavy barrel with a kobra or coyote sight. It actually is good at close range, just don't expect to beat FAMAS users if you're going for bodyshots.

  16. The AN94 performed way better in BF3 but in BF4 its useless to be honest as an assault rifle personally I would recommend the M16A4.

  17. the an-94 is my favourite weapon in bf4, its great when you play tactical but it will fail you if you rush I prefer using a red dot sight and magnifier with folding grip and heavy barrel. I find full auto better on this gun tho

  18. At 1:00 how does your scope look that cool? Is that just something you can do on pc? Because I wish I could look through my sights like that on PS4

  19. Just use full auto when you want to spam fire. It still fires the first two rounds at 1200 RPM and if you start going to fast it will continue to fire at 600 RPM on full auto instead of ceasing to fire altogether as it does on burst.

  20. where is the point of using heavy barrel and angled grip? hb ads recoil , angled grip reduce recoil. please respond

  21. i use compensator and angled grip. compensator cuz i dont use auto fire so my shots are more on point with the 2 round burst. angled grip cuz i want to land every burst at head level

  22. I actually used the AN 94 at Gun master and I turned out that I'm Really good what that gun and them i decided to use it on the Big field i even fought against Elite players and I haven't even played this game long enough to be called a pro at least and but they told me Online that that I giving them Problems that whenever when there done securing a Point and to let ya know there were 5 of them and my team had 3 Pros and less Rooks and I'll kill all 5 of them and my by myself and yes sometimes I'll be lucky but I was Only Using the AN 94 if ya know how to use this gun Property you will get a Whole lot of kills ☺ .ps Sorry for typing my boring experience with the AN 94

  23. Angled grip + no barrel attachment. Found out quickly the additional vertical recoil could cause your second round from your busrt to completely miss at a distance. Given this is a percision weapon it already has very little spread and missin shots is the last thing you want to do

  24. Think outside the box: This is one of the few guns in the Assault Class that I actually feel was destined to attach an under-barrelled shotgun in the GP-30 Dart.

    No one ever uses these but Panic Firing on all maps is no longer a worry if I can slam a target down in a single shot – the Range is still very strong on the GP-30 Dart and if you can train yourself to switch to the rifle, you become very potent with the weapons accurate hip fire and ADS. In 39 mins, I've racked up 94 kills with the Dart which makes for a 2.43 Kill/Min. The rifle itself yields me a noticeable uptick of around 4% in weapon accuracy compared to my M416 which is also my favorite. My loadout w/ the AN-94 grants me the ability to counter any threat at anything other than sniper range and indirect fire.

    I run with:
    PK-AS 1x or HD-33 (Preference of mood really)
    No Barrel Attachment (It's accurate enough; don't take away from it – it's a headshotting machine)
    Laser Sight
    UGL Rail w/GP-30 Dart
    Med Kit
    Grenadier Perk.

    There are enough assaults out there usually or a squadmate who can run a defib. Combat Medics should avoid being the point-man which my setup allows me to takeover as – having too many medics is redundant.

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