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Sniper 150 Many find you handsome and are desperate to buy you. However, many also find you annoying. This video is a review. This contains positive and negative observations and comments. At the end of the day, the decision of buying will still be in you. This is in Tagalog (Filipino) Because this dominate the polling I once posted. If you are not a Filipino, do not you ever worry. This English caption is for you. This the PH Motor Thread Channel ladies and gentlemen. Bringing you different kind of knowledge about motorcycle and even our streets. I will share them to you. So if you are new to the channel, subcribe now, watch all my previous videos, click the bell button to get updated with my videos. This review is from head to foot, in and out and most importantly, HONEST. Now, let’s get into the review. First of all, at first glance, you will fall in love with this motorcycle. Apart from its big-bike look, the curves and cover designs are perfect. If we will only talk about the design, this motorcycle will standout from other underbones. However, it is very sad that regardless of its amazing look it has gotten into scandals and crimes. Even a panty cannot escape. From these jerks who know nothing but lust. Sniper 150 motorcycle is a comfortable drive in cities. This is a manual motorcycle with a soft clutch cable. The gear starts from 1st and ends in 5th. A typical 150 displacement where the neutral is between the 1st and 2nd gear. Very handy in traffic and narrow drive ways. Pretty much like a scooter where you can drive between trucks. Just be careful not to hit a side mirror. Otherwise… The front suspension is good but noisy at times when there’s bump on the road. The rear suspension on the other hand is mono shock. So your OBR (Back Ride) is comfortable. I have also tried to be a back ride and I promise This won’t bring hemorrhage to your balls. If we talk about modifiability, for sure this will not bring you a headache. Wherever motorcycle parts you go, they always have some accessories to offer. In addition to the ease of modifying the sniper 150 There is a wide variety of after market brands to choose from. I will not mention them because this video is not sponsored. If we talk about racing, not on the streets or traffic but in the real race track, this motorcycle is superb! It’s has proven and beaten some other brands If you want to know and see more, google or youtube them. There are top racers here in the Philippines and this MC is one of their best friends. Now, let’s talk about how fit this motorcycle is to you when it comes to your height. If you stand 5 foot, 4 inches, this is just perfect for you. If you are below 5′ 4″, do not you every worry. Like what I have said about the ease of modifying you can just have the shock or seat lowered so you can still drive and/or ride this motorcycle. Sniper 150 is very fuel efficient. The tank capacity is 4.2 liters. The average odometer per liter is 35 Km. if city drive and 40 Km. during long rides. Fuel is regular unleaded as per the users manual. If you into racing premium is good but I still do not recommend. Because I used it and it was terrible. My NGK iridium spark plug turned useless. Now you know! The top speed of the MC for stock engine is 139KM/Hour But it can go up to 199KM/Hour once tuned and modified properly. But why do you need to know it, Are you a racer? Forget about this right away. The important thing is I have already mentioned it. Forget about top speed and ensure your safety all the time. That is the most important thing. When it comes to its lights, the headlight is bright. Although it is not LED. That’s why others change them immediately. The electricity flows to the lights and horn is from the stator. The charging system is already in full wave so you do not have to modify anything. Unlike those 125 displacements, You do not need to add more coil because the charging system is already stable. This motorcycle is water-cooled. Which means it is the water that cools the engine down when hot. We call it coolant (the green thing). When the engine becomes very hot nothing to worry about. The radiator fan automatically turns out to cool down the coolant, which cools down the engine. So do not worry about overheating. Worry about adding more when the level goes down instead. When it comes to its wheels, in the front the size is 70/90 while the rear is 120/70. But it can be modified with bigger tires. I don’t understand the wheels of this motorcycle, I have owned this for almost a year and I am starting to feel weird things about them. Every now and then I add air without seeing any hole on them. After a couple of days, it would deflate again. They make me wonder what kind of DUNLOP wheels they are. Tsk3x. Now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s turn our attention. I also need to mention my negative observations. Particularly on the noises that our fellow motorcyclist would sometimes complaint. Tik tik tik becomes normal because everyone is hearing. There is also that noise that comes from the shock but not affecting the performance. Just be observant when buying and check this part If there’s leak on this part, that is a defective unit. Tok-tok-tok sound on our engine is also normal. For complete list of these noises and their solutions check this video out on my playlist… But if you cannot do DIY just sent a PM to Mang Kepweng. If my opinion is to be asked, my negative observations are nothing compared to this motorcycle’s comfort. Check out all videos on my channel to know more and the decision to but this MC is yours. So, ladies and gentlemen, see you on the next video. Peace yow! πŸ™‚


  1. ayus hindi lang kaalaman sa motmot mapapa utot kapa habang nanunuod…hehe keep it up! God bless sa yoowwh…

  2. haha.. unang linya mu pa lng paps alam q na na kakaibang review to!!! thanx sa info paps.. may sniper150 aq kaya lng once q lng 2 na change oil, anu ba maganda gawin dito, DIY na lng o yamaha center para ma.check nila ng maayus?? thnx

  3. Haha really, 2 sniper 150 na ang iniwan ko sa daan kala ko mabilis pro laspag pala, panis sa tc rusi ko.

  4. Bakit yung ibang sniper n npanuod ko, npanuod ko top speed msa 130 lng. Ung iba nsa 125 lng nga. Hindi b parehas mga sniper?.ano po mganda?.bibili kasi ako e.

  5. Namura ako ng misis ko, kasi bigla nalang ako tumawa. At dhil yun sa walang problema itlog natin sa lubak. At wala aftershock., πŸ˜‚

  6. hehehehe hehehehe natawa ako sa mga pinag sasabi mo paps πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  7. Nag iisip talaga ako bumili ng sniper 150 pero napapaisip ako una ang laki ng gulog sa likod sobra liit sa harap, pangalawa ang sabi maingay daw ang motor nito ang tanong bakit d ba pwede ung gaya na lang sa aerox at xmax at higit sa lahat abs dahil nga sa maliit ang gulong nito kumpara mo sa nmax dapat mayroon din ito

  8. Ang galing mo magsalita pare, ang iyong mga salita ay pang lyrics ni Andrew E. Subscribe na para updated sa mga sumusunod na mensahe.

  9. maayong adlaw kanimo sir.
    pariho tag motor sir. pero aduna akoy pangutana.
    una : puwa nga gasolina akong gamit bati ba kini??
    ika duha ug kataposan: ug bati kini sir,nganu man?
    palihug tabangi ug tambagi ko,salamat.

  10. Papz ano kaya issue or problem ng motmot ko pag tumatakbo biglang humihina yung hatak kahit balik ako sa gear 2 and 1..di kaya yung nilagay ko na hazard at upgrade dual busina pero direct battery naman yun tas nilagyan ko fuse..tingin mo papz?😁

  11. Bro. Na mention mo ulit si mang kepweng? Narinig ko rin to sa mga dati mong video, na ang sabi mo eh? Lahat ng sulok ng makina ay alam nya mag tatanung sana ko tungkol sa makina ang motor ko ay honda cb 125cl sana replyan moto?

  12. hi do u have any video on how to change or replace yamaha sniper battery? my bike die on me suddenly and i think is the battery issue..


  13. Sa aking panonood ay marami akong natutunan, salamat ng marami at marami din akong makuhang impormasyon na sa aking pang araw araw na pamumuhay ay aking magagamit magpakailan man

  14. Lupit mo magNarrate paps. Nasapak na kita paps sana masapak mo din ako. Ganda talaga ng Sniper.

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