100 thoughts on “X-TREME Rifled Slugs – Prettiest Shells in the World!

  1. Two dissimilar barrels at totally different targets…..What can be learned…Nothing…….Watch someone else!

  2. Well the wife will not be asking him to open the jar for her ! Well a manly way to open a stuck jar lid !

  3. damn, i was thinking for ages where i see this slug before…
    now i remember! i use them 😀 that slug is made by "meca" in turkey/izmir… :))

  4. They no longer makes these because Freedom Munitions, the parent company of X-Treme Bullets, is filing for bankruptcy.

  5. a Dick's employee told me that about the rifled slugs only through smooth bore,
    He didnt know why just becuz the slugs where rifled

  6. I don't know what's happened to Freedom Munitions. I went to their site yesterday and they are about sold out on everything. They do still have the plain lead slugs but haven't had the copper washed ones for a long time now. I bought over a case of their slugs and ( I ) have very good luck with them out of a tactical shotgun myself. I get good accuracy out of them but I bought a bunch of .223 ammo from them that was pretty bad and I had to go threw all of them and crimp them before they were even safe to shoot at all. Over a dozen out of every fifty round box came with the bullets pushed far back into the cases and were way to easy to pull out. The bullets did have a cannelure on them so I got them all set at the right depth and used my Lee crimp die to set them solidly in place and now feel they are safe to shoot. Wrote to the company, NO response.

  7. Jeff, they no longer sell ready loaded shells, let alone any 12 gauge items period. All they carry is popular caliber bullets (pills) and brass casings. I have tried as well.

  8. What would happen if you had a slug with little nubs that fit inside the rifling? So the entire barrel would be filled kinda?

  9. Jeff I have been shooting lead foster slugs(Remington slugger 3" mag) threw my mossberg 500a 12ga for years hunting deer and have a very impressive record with them. To be honest my father shot the same setup before I could hunt and passed the gun down to me. Barrel isnt hurt one bit 30+ years later

  10. The flash is the pressure wave being compressed as it hits the metal. Simular to how a desiel engine works. When air containing oxygen is compressed quickly it produces heat followed by combustion.

  11. I have a rifled barrel and smooth barrel for my Mossberg. The paperwork that came with the gun said the gun said the rifled barrel was for shooting Sabot Slugs only. I've seen plenty of youtube videos of people using rifled slugs (aka foster slugs) in rifled barrels and they do work, typically with just very slightly less accuracy. Whether is causes fouling I don't know, but I'm not interested in any kind of fouling in my gun so I only use sabot slugs in the rifled barrel. Ballistic charts do show that sabot slugs have a flatter trajectory over a much longer distance compared to rifled slugs. Not aware of any other advantage to the sabot slug.

  12. 4:20 if you take that Craftsman drill they'll still give you a brand new one in exchange.

    Hopefully you did that. At least to donate a nice drill to Goodwill after you shot the old one.

  13. Damn the water rushing out around the slug was cool as shit, I noticed with the stronger vessels it blows the lid off most of the time if it can't contain the pressure

  14. 6:20 had to look and see if i was watching an Aquachigger video (hold your breath). 😉

    might be a few Aquachigger fans that are also TAOFLEDERMAUS
    fans. ;p

  15. I pick this slug up last year, took it to the fire range. Cited in my Remington 280 rifling shotgun ..
    It was very accurate once After cited in the shotgun with the slug. I was within 3 inches of the bull's-eye at 75 yards.
    At 50 yards I was within quarter of an inch from the bull's-eye. At 25 yards after site in ! dead center. At 100 yards it dropped roughly 3 inches. It's an excellent slug for the price. The lead slug fired a lot better than the copper. But they were both right on target,
    After I cited it in at 25 yards. And they were both consistent.

  16. I'm amazed at how the piece of wood flipped on it's side after shooting the ballistics gel @ 3:36 mark. Gotta love shotgun physics.

  17. Yes, you can shoot whatever you want with whatever you have. Just shoot it!!!
    Ok, i got a 24 inches smooth bore pump action. I can shoot everything i want with it with accuracy.
    I love that!!! 🖖🏻😎🇫🇷😇🖖🏻

  18. I don't understand all your problems with these slugs shooting low, ( Other than you shoot so close ). I shoot a lot of these slugs threw a smooth bore and get excellent accuracy out of them. Maybe a little better accuracy out of the plain lead ones and that makes me wonder if the copper wash is acting as a lubricant and preventing the slugs from having the necessary friction in the barrel to impart spin on them? You did have better accuracy at fifty yards with the rifled barrel than at fifteen with the smooth bore with them. I wish you would revisit these slugs. The plain lead ones are still available.

  19. I have a bunch of these rounds. Out of my Benelli M4 (with rifled choke), I have gotten VERY good accuracy kpoint of aim) at close range. Not as good at 50, but still groups around 4-6 inches.

  20. Traded my old Mossburg 500A for a Hi-Point 45.carbine. now thinking of a Mossburg 590 but seriously do you (Jeff) or (Danny) have any suggestions for a shotgun.

  21. what would happen if you shoot a fully charged Super Cap bank, the energy stored has to go some where???

  22. If that is a container that used to hold refrigerant, there are either a high pressure relief tag on top, and or additionally a top valve that will blow……..

  23. I think that you should send that drill to AvE…. I think he could fix it…. or do a post op BOLTR

  24. Have you created a video, or tried any of the ammunition with the ELP projectiles?
    Several Synergy Business Development divisions, including the Extremely Lethal projectile (ELP) division, were recently acquired by SAMS Small Arms Munitions Systems (Small-Arms-Munitions-Systems.com) and the products are shown on this site. If you have, plan to create or know of video’s that I can link to please let me know?

  25. Does anyone else see that VERY DISTURBING ad where a CROSSDRESSER takes off his make up!!! YOUTUBE I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THAT GAY STUFF PLEASE!!!!!

  26. Coucou les connards de service alors si aujourd’hui on aller tirer sur une bonbonne de gaz et voir si ça fait des ricochets sérieux les mecs aux usa vous n’avez pas stand de tir ou de cible ?

  27. Il nome della palla al secondo 0.5 é possibile saperlo
    the name of the ball in the second 0.5 is it possible to know?

  28. I have a lot ridgid tools to donate. Several cordless drills. Two new battery chargers. A hammer drill. Jigsaw. Sawzall. Sander. All broke garbage. Never by ridgid tools. Now cost 25 to send it off for the free repair. Which is useless

  29. Хренасе, шмалить в поле где в невдалеке объекты 🤷🏼‍♂️ куда смотрит участковый 🤦‍♂️

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