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WWII SHORT FILM: Freund (2017) – Moral of a German Sniper

Dieter, Americans! How many? 3, 4.. I think.. 5 cartridges No wind.. 100 meter away.. Easy targets.. One.. Two.. Three.. Shit Four.. Five.. Is that a kids’ toy? (von meiner Tochter) My family.. My wife.. My kids (Sie sind schön) My name is Dieter (Ich bin Robert) (Meiner Familie) They are beautiful Wait..Wait.. Private, put one bullet in each head.. They all must be dead Unterscharführer, is this really necessary? I shot them already.. Besides, don’t we need the ammunition? That’s an order from the Colonel! He doesn’t want the Americans to know about our position. Let alone the offensive. Do you have a problem with that, private? No, Unterscharführer! That’s good to hear. Private Becker will be your new observer.. Five…

100 thoughts on “WWII SHORT FILM: Freund (2017) – Moral of a German Sniper

  1. The sniper seems to have shot Private Becker and this is clear at the point he checks that last bullet again. Private Becker seems to be heartlessly following the orders to kill the wounded without any moral code. His superior says Private Becker will be his spotter and then walks away, we don't see it but presumably he walks away with the other soldier who is an older man and probably not a private. If he the sniper pretended to shoot the American in the head there would be no mess and this might be noticed let alone the American reacting in some way. If he pretended to shoot the American he would need to reload to protect against Becker going ahead and shooting the American in the head anyway or even reading the situation and "arresting" the sniper. But he is short on ammunition, nearing the end of the war , and it really appears to be his last bullet near to hand. He makes a snap decision to shoot his own man in order to save the American who he can recognize as at least having a soul. We see Private Becker's cold face as he shoots his first body but we can't judge clearly if he is a heartless young man deserving to be shot. This is the call the sniper makes to save a man with a family who he bonds with over that of a younger man he doesn't know.

    The sniper may shoot the American for real, this would make sure his deception is not discovered. Though it might be considered strange to have wasted a sniper bullet on that.

    If he shot himself he would be helping no one and the talk about family and kids would mean nothing, also difficult with such a long rifle.

  2. I think at the end he shot the german who was about to shoot the guy on the ground, but I also think he may have shot next to his head to make it look like he shot him.

  3. The Teddy bear was very realistic. It was extremely common for American GIs on the western front to carry their son’s teddy bears in their front pockets. Especially in battle. The rosary with Jesus cross worn around his right wrist is also quite typical. This is a very realistic depiction. Now, the REAL LIFE VIDEO FOOTAGE of German soldiers shooting parachuting Americans as they fell to earth should just be brushed aside as this is mere propaganda. And the smiles you see on the faces of those Germans are smiles of sadness as they’re just following orders and heartbroken to kill the defenseless free fallers.

  4. The man walking up is the new spotter, he is not leaving that defensive position. He shot and killed the American. He had no other choice,.

  5. I think he missed intentionly so that he could say he killed 5 americans instead of 4 so he could get more repect

  6. 2:49 the clip would’ve extracted out when he fired the last shot, so he would’ve reloaded before going to eye to eye contact

  7. Imagine that all wars happened because of the politicians or King's in ancient years! This is because those people wanted more power for their self's!! If you just think about it its so terrible for humanity to happen! We have everything in this planet! We have sea, mountens, we have summer or winter and there were people that discovered technology to make our life's easier! We can leave if we want in a peace world! But this is not possible and It wasnt either in past years! For me it's a shame! We are under control of some people that got the power to control billions of people and decide about our life's! I believe in humanity and in peace! Everyone's goal must be to find our peace in our hearts and the way of life that makes us happy! At least we live once! Unfortunately this is some thoughts that only could be written in a book but not in real life! I hope that I could change or to fight to make the world better! Probably I will fail! But at least I will try!

  8. U should actually always save the last bullet or combat till death…….that is what a sniper does…….

  9. 'We can't have the Americans knowing about our position'

    So just take them prisoner… it would have been highly irregular not to do so not just because of Moral reasons (the german army had pretty high moral standards) but also for practical reasons, you can interrogate prisoners which may lead to valuable information, but you can't interrogate them if they're dead.

  10. the German engineered " Kar 98 k " was a single fire bolt action. The sniper in this film is firing it like it has a mag. In all actuality he would have to manually put a new bullet in every shot

  11. I don't know about anyone else, but you wouldn't find me shaking the hand of a man who just singlehandedly murdered all my friends.

  12. I must share that my father's parents came to America from East Essex England but my mother's parents came from Koln germany. Both side came over shortly after the war. My german grandfather served in the wermacht and had no love of the nazi party but was a man of duty, he was made for war. He served on the eastern front against the Russians but stated he had no hatred for them. Nor remorse. He told me one story when I was quite young that when the Russians advanced they did so in utter disarray and they would I quote, wilt like flowers as our mg42s opened fire. He called this time in his life his happy time. Whether situations arose like in this film I do not know but few soldiers then or now perhaps hate the enemy, they are following orders and fighting for their country and loved ones. War is madness set in motion by politicians and executed by men and woman. Thanks for reading and thanks for a great short film, a real gem. I have a K98k sniper like in the movie, very valuable and shoots very well to 1000 yards. I have my grandfather's eagle eyes and can easily hit a soda can open sighted to 500 yards…the same with scope to like I said 1000 yards. I do not hunt and have 0 interest in killing but I do love to shoot.

  13. There should be more movies from german side because they arent what american jewish hollywood represents. We live in warped reality.

  14. Very real.. Instead of using a bare bullet they used the common long bayonet  to finish it. Not to attract hostile forces whit stationary shots for a period. while a shot from an K98 last wil sound for miles in the area and gives the trained US troops a direct signal that sometings happens with ichty german trigger fingers.

  15. un francotirador aleman que mata a dos 4 soldados americanos y otro que los remata,que significado tiene todo eso?

  16. Sometimes i think ive lived as an german soldier everytime i watch these clips or other documentaries makes me feel like ive been there in past life. Does this sound weird.

  17. I've been watching a lot of World War short films today. This is the best one so far. Thank you for making this. And may all the lives lost in the wars rest in peace.

  18. Although most germans during the war supported hitler, some of them were just forced to join the war so they could not get killed, so why are all of them being hated? They were forced to do things they never wanted to.

  19. I loved this I am a WW2 nerd and I just loved it I have been looking at short films and this one is my Favorite

  20. Guys if the sniper shot the ground, Private Becker (his observer) will be able to tell whether or not he shot the American. So either way, judging from the gunshot he either shot the soldier or shot the ground and had his observer finish it. When he chambered his bullet he said "five" as in the fifth kill, notice how he counts after he kills the soldiers, not every bullet fired but the kills he achieved. In real life shooting the man is more realistic. What's more important to you, your country with thousands upon thousands of your people or one enemy soldier trained to kill you and those you love. War is cruel, war is hell.

  21. very good story, VERY good, but very poor execution, the actors were cheesy to say the least, in the subtitles, a "sturmann" is refered to as a private, and then, a "Schutze" is refered to as a private, (Schutze is a private, and a Sturmann is like a corporal), the filming equipment gave the impression that it came from the bargain bin at Walmart, and for Waffen-SS combatants, they sure look like Grossdeutschland Division Wehrmacht soldiers, except for the Leibermuster camouflage on the one soldiers pants, the "Unterscharfuhrer" had no kind of rank identification, neither did any of the soldiers, the image where "Dieter" is looking through his scope looks like it was cut out on paper and glued to the camera, and in the beginning of the film, they aren't even speaking real German!!! overall, I give this a 2/10

  22. Great film, but i seen a few errors, one that really bothers me is, he already chambered the fifth round earlier, then later he chambers that same round again, which is impossible.

  23. Secretary of War, Edwin M Stanton, under President Lincoln once said, ""If I tap that little bell, I can send you to a place where you will never hear the dogs bark." – Edwin M StantonI

  24. You have to read the poetic symbolism throughout. Both young men were more dialed into their families than to the 'cause' or killing. They instantly bonded on this basis. Now, the bullet count. He conspicuously counted off 1, 2, 3, 4 bullets and KILLS. When he said 'five' it can only mean that it is part of the prior group of KILLS. Someone is going to be number five.

    A little classical logic is needed to deduce who that is. This piece is about a bond that trancends the fact that he is a soldier trained to kill the enemy. Except who is the enemy now, it is the war and the boorish officer who wants to kill his newfound friend. There is a reason they do a couple close ups of the future new spotter. We can see that, like the sniper, there is a mutual repulsion towards the officer, and perhaps to why he in this war. He also looks somewhat craven and could easily be dominated as he is HIS new spotter. The sniper probably seizes on this as he seems to be a good judge of character.

    The sniper's fifth bullet is meant for the german private walking towards him. It's in the snipers eyes as the piece closes. He is going to shoot the german and will possibly point the rifle at the new spotter easily overcoming him; if indeed, he needs to be overcome.

    The fake shot would not work; or at least be too risky because the german would likely explicitly follow orders or at least walk over to him to make sure he was dead (as ordered) and when he didn't see the fresh bullet hole (or any bullet hole for that matter), the ruse would fail.

    I liked this, very interesting, very moving.

  25. banned//The victors write the history. If anyone cares to get the loser's side of the story see “Europa The Last Battle” at a.r.c.h.i.v.e.o.r.g/ While you still can (whole documentary not permitted/censored on YT)//

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