#Worst Handgun Ever – USFA ZIP 22lr pistol

Yo this is Mattv2099. And this is my video response to The Yankee marshal #worst New Gun Ever this is also the worst new gun of the last ten years. and what is it? this is the USFA zip 22lr pistol this is a dangerous piece of. that doesn’t work. so number one.. I’ve had maybe out of 250-300 rounds through this thing and only two or three magazines actually worked without some sort of failure beyond that, to charge it you have to put your hand near the muzzle when you hold it. the brass ejects there. i have a video where the brass gets stuck on my skin and burns me. I also have on video that I never uploaded. I had a hopeless jam. I could no extract the ammunition or magazine so I slammed the zip gun down on the table. and the gun fired and all the stuff ejected. it’s crazy dangerous. here’s another horrible feature. you can replace the top cover with and undermount this on a rifle. and when I purchased this. the gun shop was trying to sell me that piece and they were telling me to mount it under the barrel of a rifle you can mount it to the accessory rail. the problem with that is that turns this into a short barrel rifle which is highly illegal if you don’t have the proper paperwork the stupid gun shop didn’t even know that. they were trying to sell me that part and tell me it was legal to mount the zip under a barrel of a rifle. i was like no dude. that turns it into a SBR. they were like ‘no it doesn’t’ it’s all good. so you could have people out there inadvertently breaking the law who don’t even know any better. mounting this to their ar-15’s. In order to do that you need have the appropriate paperwork and pay a tax and all that BS. or it’s it’s a felony this gun is a POS, it doesn’t work, it’s dangerous. you can injure yourself easily. huge frustrating waste of time. worst new gun ever and worst new gun of the last 10 years. usfa zip 22lr pistol thanks for watching.

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