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World’s Simplest, Semi-Automatic, Rubber Band Handgun

For this video, I’m going to show you how
to take a handful of rubber bands, and make the worlds simplest, semi-automatic, rubber
band handgun. I found this cool rubber band shooter at a
sporting goods store, but it comes with a heavy price tag. $16 for the gun, and another
$2 for the bag of bands to go with it. We can do better than that, so save your money
and let’s make a super simple version, for free. Chances are, you already have two of
them on hand. To start, you’ll need a bag of assorted
rubber bands like these. The colored ones are a bit more fun, and you can usually find
them at the dollar stores. Now to stalk up on the best rounds of ammunition,
try picking out the thicker bands that are as wide as three fingers held together. When you’re to ready load your weapon, simply
hold one end of the bands with your pinky finger, then stretch it all the way back,
and around behind your thumb, so you can position the other end on the tip of your pointer finger. Your elastic handgun is loaded, and ready
to fire. Use your pointer finger to aim at the target,
then simply open your pinky finger to fire the shot off. Now check this out we still have 2 more fingers,
and that means we can take this idea, to the next level. Start by loading a rubber band the same way
you did before, then put 2 more rounds in the chamber with a second and third band,
on your fourth and middle fingers. You’ve just upgraded your weapon to semi-automatic.
With this setup you can fire at multiple targets without having to stop and reload after each
shot. And with some practice, your aim can get impressively accurate. Now with a slight variation in your shooting
technique, you can easily switch from semi-automatic, to shotgun blast. Simply release all your
fingers at the same time to send all the rounds flying at once. This method spreads the ammo
out, so you can hit small targets from a distance, or pump more power into targets at close range. Well now you know how to use spare rubber
bands, to make a semi-automatic, elastic blasting handgun. So go ahead, and have all the same
rubber shooting fun, while enjoying the savings, of your 5 finger discount. Well that’s it for now. If you like this
video, perhaps you’ll like some
of my others. Check them out at

54 thoughts on “World’s Simplest, Semi-Automatic, Rubber Band Handgun

  1. He is scary accurate. If an intruder breaks in all he has to do is shoot both his eyes. He'll be out a second or two 😂😂

  2. Sure. You’ll lose all your friends in a week probably, BUT… Hey here’s a way to deal with bullies. Am I right?

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