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World’s Sexiest-Looking Shotgun Slug – SKORPION!

ok you hit it hello again this is Jeff of Taofledermaus today we have another badass-looking shotgun slug called the
Scorpion with a que we know very little about this look because this is the only
place I could find it on the entire interweb this was sent to us by Emiliano from
Italy thank you very much for that it features that integrated wanting that
flies along with the slug the main body of the slugs LED and it has a steel tip
that allows you stick magnets to it now these slugs are on the heavy side
weighing in at about one in eight outs for about 34 grams now I loaded one of
these into a low brass shell and the remaining i loaded into three and a half
inch magnum shells and here i am putting a role bead on it and once again I want
to thank you milianna 04 send me that that brass tool there which is a great
help i really appreciate that now some of you may be saying hey it
looks like the slug made by Rio well there are some slight differences
the biggest one is actually these have 10 beans where r scorpion only has nine and of
course these have a red wedding and our scorpions have a blue water all right
this is greg i’m back on the tough later mouse channel out here in central
California and I miserably hot day we are shooting a low brass version of
the Scorpion the mysterious scorpion shooting it from a Weatherby PA 459
smoothbore tactical shotgun our first target is a quarter-inch thick
stainless steel plate let’s see if these things are
armor-piercing yeah I believe you pull it usually my holes are low low and left
just a tiny little dent there nice little splatter marks yeah area in
person ok let’s take it to the budget
high-speed cameras and see all these things are actually flying through the
air we notice right away this slug is having
problems serious stability problems normally any slug fired at this place
even a wax look would leave a pretty good sized dent in this but we didn’t
see that in this shot from the blast hole the shotgun all the way to the
target we could really see that this slug is very unstable in flight so as the low brass she’ll just just
doesn’t have enough pass behind it let’s put it in a magnum shell and see
if we can get better results when I was way too left so let’s see what
magnetization did to this lug well it create a huge smoke cloud that
blocked our cameras because magnum shells just put out a ton of heat and
smoke that cameras can’t see through low brass shells that’s what we typically use and we can
get the best imagery that way luckily we have a bunch of budget
high-speed cameras that we can get different camera angles with so you can
see that slug still had a lot of issues gosh at least he hit the gummy bears
this time but this thing is not flying good like a good Chuck and slug should
now typically the shotgun slugs that have the unified wanting that flies
along with them perform very very well the rotting axes drag stabilizer line on
the fly straight but these things for whatever reason just were not stable at
any speed here you can see the slug deflecting off
to the left spinning and smacking into that and banking all right hit it I think that one hit bottom to the right like not everything our now normally if the slug is performing
well for us and is accurate we just put one hard drive up there but
we had to put four of them up there just to ensure that we hit something he was a man at the center where the for
hard drives intersected and you can see all kind of see that it actually it was
quite a bit off and once again the slug is performing in a unstable manner and
almost looks like right when it hits the table it does a backflip cursus to you
budget high-speed cameras and magnetization unfortunately that’s the
last of the slugs we only had four of these to test out we were going to shoot
at some bullet proof glass if everything went well but unfortunately it didn’t is
the Scorpion just a terrible shotgun slug or can we blame Darren you decide ok here’s a series of practice shots
that Greg took shooting to foster slugs I think they were federal and then
shooting a quality lbc sabo slug one of my favorite slugs by the way and look at
that low brass high-speed performance from that slug there’s nothing wrong with Greg’s
shooting and here is the aftermath we actually
recovered one of the slugs the one that hit the the computer hard drive smacked into the barber glass plate and
you can see how far off it was but also you can see that the slug actually
impacted sideways so you may be asking yourself what factory slug is the most
powerful that we have shot yet that is the Thunderbolt this is the same
weight as the Scorpion and shot from the same magnum shell that we used this one
performs great be sure to check out my strange factory
slug playlist for more tests watch it

100 thoughts on “World’s Sexiest-Looking Shotgun Slug – SKORPION!

  1. If you could find rifling on a gun that matched the bullet or vise versa it would work a lot better but I doubt that a gun and slug are perfectly matched. But still could be possible

  2. I've seen alot of your custom shot gun ammo videos and I love them.I cannot make any of my own,but I would like to see a slug made out of Kevlar. I feel that it would work great

  3. hey taofledermaus, love the videos but they're not something to be binge watched (back to back) – you should change things up a bit and collab with other channels such as hickok45 and demolitionranch, would be great to see 🙂

  4. Oh so now the Rio slug has nothing to do with this slugs even thou they're 99% the same and yet you claimed that the Russian "Mayer" slugs were a stolen design from the german  Stendebach slugs .Wow nice to see how big of a hypocrite you are , or it's just the old school red scare brainwash making you subjective ?!

  5. Italians have awesome shotgun everything. best looking stuff I have seen for reloading, did not say functionality looking stuff just nice.

  6. Interesting. It's like a cross between a Brenneke and plumbata slug. I bet this thing would do great out of a rifled barrel.

  7. can you not use the smooth bore shotgun? it's like playing pool with a rubber stick, there's too much to account for and everytime I see one in a video, there's always some kind of issue or problem, save it for the range and learn how to use it outside videos

  8. taofladormaus the slug didnt perform well because the "rifled viens" actually caused more surface area for air to drag and push the air away from the blue wad. causeing it to boat tail because the blue wad wasn't catchin air and stabilizing it. now if the rifleimg was in the rear of the slug it would spin and cause drag in the right area. the hoat tIling caused it to steer in the air causeing bad accuracy. guys like this so he reads this. im an airoengineer so i have some knowledge with this kind of thing. if you have any questions just email me at [email protected]

  9. Start A GoFundMe For Better HS Cameras. I'd Donate 20$ and I'm Sure A Bunch Of Other People Would Donate As Well. You Could Easily hit 5-10,000$ In A Year.

  10. You should try Rio Royal MG slugs in a rifled barrel sometime…they're like a skorpion with a steel penetrator in the center of the fluted slug body, come out the tube at 1510 fps.

  11. Given that you loaded them yourselves, how do you know it wasn't a problem with your loading/packing of the slug?

  12. greatest mass is to the rear of the projectile = epic fail

    the taper should have been the other way round (round,, hehe) with the greatest mass up front and the "fins" starting shallow and larger towards the rear

    teardrop shaped round with weight at the front and fins at the rear

  13. can i ask does it make a difference between full smooth bore, rifled choke and a fully rifled shotgun because over here in New Zealand where i live we don't get the chance to use exotic shell types because of our tight ass gun laws haha

  14. Only time this slug would be good if you dont want to waste time skinning your dead animal, cause that spin will prob take with it its animal raincoat:)

  15. Crap slug but I like your medium distance, the young turd in one other popping at 50 yd was crap, need constant reference distance otherwise no comparison can be done , cheers

  16. The fact that you are not securing the steel plate means that your penetration tests are not completely accurate. The lose plates act different

  17. idk much about guns or rounds but would like to know whats the most dangerous round ever fired!? i wanna see it i know all these are deadly but would like to see something a bit more crazy lol

  18. Have you all ever had a shot gun blow up from one of the slugs not going all the way through or from a barrel blockage

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