Alright guys, so today is the day. Today we are filming for one million week, and it is so early in the morning, it’s like 6:30 a.m., it’s early. And we are going paint balling! But it’s not just any paint balling event, no it is the big game, which is a massive 500 person paint ball event. Here in uhh, well, its a little bit outside Toronto but we are going to be there filming. I’m excited! This is something that we actually used to got to a lot when we were younger. So before we get going, I do wanna show you guys what I’m bringing as far as my gear goes, uhh I know most of you guys like this so this is just a CamelPak. Which is for water, but as far as my actual paintball gun goes, uhh this is it, it isn’t anything too special, it isn’t anything amazing. But she’s tride and true! She’s my Tippmann Sierra 1, which a lot of you guys might have to play paintball, its a really standard cheap gun. But I love it! Then over here I actually just got this, this is a like an actual red dot sight. So this works pretty well. I wonder if that, oh it does show up on camera! Thats pretty cool, so that’s the red dot sight we got there, we can take out the little minecraft man. We’re gonna load this up into the car, and we’re gonna get headed out! Alright guys so we’re in the car now, and we are heading up. It’s still very early, this is like what time I normally go to bed at. It’s very steamy in this car, umm but we are uhh we are starting our drive, it’s a road trip! Uhh we are gonna be heading up we got all the gear shoved in the back, we got our CamelBaks everything like that set up. That you guys got to see. (Logan) Unfortunately we’re running a little bit late. We are running a bit late, we’re a little late we might miss the briefing. And you know thats sort-of the important part, in war. So hopefully we will be able to pick up some time, and next time you see us we’ll probably be somewhere along the road. Alright guys, so we’ve been driving for a while now probably about an hour, and we are finally outside of the city we are actually like fifteen minutes away from the paintball field. We’re a little late its currently 10:30 a.m. so, I’m currently working on a thumbnail, thank god for 2016 we have wifi in the car. So I’m getting the videos up for today because obviously I won’t be home to stream, we pulled over because “Logan the Editor” saw a tree. We can get someone like “Logan the Editor” to come on board to help us out editing but the problem with those type of people, is they see a magical tree and have to got take a picture of it. So “Logan the Editor” is literally taking a photo of a tree, he’s probably taking like 15 Instagram photos. I don’t get it but, you know thats Logan. So update for you guys Logan is still taking a picture of the goddamn tree. We did it guys! We’re here and we are at Wasaga Beach Paintball Adventure, the massive paintball battle. So we have got out gear on, I got my shirt, Logan’s got, (Logan) I’m ready to go! Oh thats sick. (Logan) Real life zombies boys. Obviously, the guys at Wasaga paintball were gracious enough to hook us up with this adventure, we also got some free paint. Big special thank you, we’re not gonna go set up. We’ll do a little intro, and jump on the field, and do some filming, not sure how it gonna work out. I mean we’ve never filmed, in a paintball arena before so, we’re learning. (Epic Music) Hey whats going on guys? Jake here from Team Epiphany! And we today are at Wasaga Paintball checking out the big game, They were gracious enough to invite us out here today, and we are going to be battling it out in a massive field with over 500 people! We decided to come out here as part as our 1 million subscriber week, and that is exactly what we are doing today. The way that the game works, is there is a red team and a blue team and they are battling each other over there in the field and it is absolutely massive. It takes place across pretty much all of the fields that are opened up today, theres tanks and stuff like literally little paintball tanks its really cool. So we are gonna run out there, we are on the blue team of course, there it is, yeah! Show them your blue team badge, there you go. So of course we’re representing Team Epiphany blue, and hopefully we can win this bad boy! (Epic Music + Battling) paint balling Alright guys, so the day is finally over, and we are finished up at Wasaga Paintball we had a blast playing paintball. Obviously you guys go to check out some of our awesome footage it was a crazy battle! I got hit a few times, Logan the camera man got hit. It was just an all out fun experience, personally my favorite thing was the smoke grenade, that was the greatist part. But of course this is part of our 1 million week if you guys have been watching this you might’ve been watching some of the other content. And stay tuned cuz there is a new video, every single day celebrating our 1 million subscribers, we’re doing fun stuff that we wanna do. Of course guys don’t forget to hit that like button, and of course hit that subscribe button, we’re celebrating 1 million subs. We’re already past 1.3 million subscribers, and you guys can help us get to 2 million subscribers, so thank you so very much, if you want to follow the behind the scenes, You can also follow us on social media. Subtitles by asb_media Subscribe to Papa Jake!

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