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whoa Carter’s going inside the Nerf gun
it’s so big that he actually fits inside what is up Sharers welcome to the vlog
welcome to another awesome day on my channel today we got Lizzy Liz we’re oh
there you are Liz that’s cardboard let’s see we also have real is in last vlog
you saw me make the world’s biggest cardboard nerf gun check it out this
thing is huge oh cardboard Liz wants to shoot the
cardboard Nerf gun so cool if she could yeah that would be awesome
well Stephen Sharer saw my vlog he thought it was super awesome he made his
very own World’s Biggest Cardboard Nerf Gun and it’s sitting over here in the
basement I didn’t see this I wasn’t home he built this without me knowing and
trying to compete with mine this one is totally awesome as well and he even has
five barrels this thing is crazy yeah it really looks like he stepped things up a
notch this thing looks great Stevens gun is awesome but that’s okay
cuz today Liz shares we are gonna step things up a notch again okay yeah we are
we’re gonna make our cardboard in the earth gun completely awesome I’m gonna
decorate the whole thing we’re gonna paint it and make it look like a nerf
gun and we’re gonna make it shoot giant Nerf darts started decorate this giant
nerf gun we’re not actually gonna use paint we’re gonna use colored duct tape
we’re gonna cover the whole thing it’s gonna make it stronger and make it look
like a nerf gun and then the second step is to modify it to shoot giant Nerf
darts okay let’s start by putting some duct tape on we’re gonna make this one
red black and white and it’s gonna be so awesome it’s gonna look like a mega nerf
guns would be awesome alright we got the first piece down it’s looking good now I
would just see you like another 100 more pieces it’s gonna take a lot of duct
tape to cover it entire nerf gun it’s so big that’s okay
let’s go SuperSpeed is coming along check out the giant nerf
gun now it’s looking so good for just putting on the final touches yeah we
seat a little bit more red right there and it is done oh I almost forgot we
need to put an orange tip on there because every nerf gun has an orange tip
whoa there we go that’s much better it’s got the orange tip Liz I think it’s all
done whoa this looks so good try to pick it up oh it’s so bad I can barely fit at
all yeah we got to make a giant nerf start to launch out of this thing gotta
pick it up Liz who shares this world’s biggest nerf gun is gonna take two
people just to shoot this thing it’s so big well there you go okay now we see
the loaded with a giant nerf Thor I have just the thing shares check this out we
can use this for the giant nerf gel look it’s basically already a giant nerf
chart it just sees the orange tip on this and we are good to go yeah this is
awesome was give it a test fire ready in three two one go oh yeah this is totally
gonna work let’s load it into people’s shoes let’s go to the barrel of gun
let’s slide his bin like that okay let’s in let’s see if it’ll shoot ready okay
ready here we go three two one go it didn’t work it didn’t work
yeah sure is to make this nerf gun shoot we got to add the spring because every
nerf gun has a spring and this is the spring we’re gonna use it’s not a metal
spring it’s like an elastic stretchy spring but check it out it’s so stretchy serious power let’s load it in and get
this thing working let’s cut a trapdoor in the back so we can access where the
spring goes let’s slice it right here and let’s do another slice right here
now you can fold this open like this let’s cut a small hole right here so we
get to shove this pole in like this we’re gonna cut a hole the other side
and stick the pole out on the other side got a clown inside I gotta tape this
thing together whoa whoa Carter’s going inside the nerf gun it’s so big that he
actually fits inside to yes so cool is awesome
whoa he’s cutting a hole right there wow I almost got it
Oh holes all finished yeah whoa we did it what’s next car fire
oh yeah it’s a moment of the truth chairs comment hashtag #Nerf if you think
this is gonna work okay here we go firing the world’s
biggest that was totally awesome let’s try this again I can’t believe the
World’s Biggest Nerf Gun can actually works is this so cool test fire number 2/4 you
ready the World’s biggest Nerf gun it works it’s a success this thing is so
cool is you got try shooting this thing whoo oh yeah wonder tractors do you
think yeah coming right now hashtag laser you dig lives can shoot the
world’s biggest Nurf gun I don’t know it’s so it’s like hard to manage it’s so
big to hold it’s awesome okay you climbing inside well is where you going
you’re all the way hit side the giant nerf gun this is crazy yeah loading this thing up is kind of a
big deal because it’s so big chairs this is so awesome I can’t believe it
actually works this is so cool there you go
yeah I’m ready Wow it worked it worked it wasn’t that
kind wasn’t very far it only went from there to there but it worked you did it
so hard to manage so you’re shooting a Nerf dart I was so hard
Sherri’s I’m now thinking that we need to do some epic trick shots with this o
card try to get into the box oh we could do a balloon trick shot will
float this balloon all the way over here and I’ll try to aim at target practice
let’s see if we can do this okay I’ll hold the balloon you go shoot the nerf
gun okay look do it cheers I’m scared that Carter might hate me seven big
balloon let’s just so far has good aim car you ready I’m ready okay share just travel more time I’m
gonna get the balloon for sure this time okay hop the balloon set up on this
chair and then we could go over here to see if Carter can hit the balloon oh
yeah yeah I have a good feeling about this one share it smash that like button
right now because I’m about to hit that giant balloon with this giant air gun totally work
okay here we go let’s try to shoot this balloon let’s see if we can hit it here
we go three two what how this giant powers check it out
whoa it’s taller than you card yeah it’s taller than me this thing is – you just
made of boxes let’s see if we could smash it down with the world’s biggest
nerf gun oh that would be so cool loaded up let’s see what happens okay we’re
loaded let’s give this thing a test fire and see if we can match that Howard oh
whoa cheers you think Carter will be able to smash that tire down common
hashtag nerf and comment what you guys think
okay Sheree’s here we go let’s launch this thing I’ll aim it for the tower
here we go in three two try that again you hit the bottom corner
let’s try to aim for the middle next time I gotta aim of this box right here
for Maximum Destruction ok sure is let’s load this thing up I’m blowing it from
the back this time let’s see okay oh yeah sure is this giant nerf good is
totally awesome and now we need to announce the winner it’s from everyday
giveaway that’s when we giveaway epic prizes every single day on my channel
and on Stevens and the prize today is what these are the wobble bubbles that
were giving away we have one giant water bubble bubble in another super blow a
bubble these things are totally epic and the winner is Sofia Selene pea
congratulations you just want these awesome bubble bubble what you’re giving
away for the next video that’s right share is the epic everyday giveaway
doesn’t end it goes on tomorrow and no prize for tomorrow is there’s an awesome
action cam check this out scooter to your bike to your helmet it goes
underwater because it’s waterproof you can film awesome videos with this it’s
totally awesome you have 24 hours for a chance to win this all you got to do is
click the link in the description below it will be announcing the winner
tomorrow on Stevens Channel ok shares until next time. Stay awesome and Share The Love, Peace! Whoa this Nerf gun is so big it could
shoot yeah that’s so cool we should wanna bite so we can shoot lives
out of this oh that’s such a good idea


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