Woody 75 Years later

Well the Marine Corps changed my life. We we’re really snowed as to, why would we need so many Marines
to take this little piece of rock, But after the first day when they lost
so many wounded and killed, they announced that night you know we’re going to shore. The island was so different in its appearance, from Guam and the other islands that we’ve been on. There was no jungle, there wasn’t anything. Even though we’ve been in combat before you could see right off it wasn’t going to
be anything like what we had experienced before. When we landed the beach looked, it was chaotic,
Jeeps blown up and tanks stuck and packs and rifles. The dead naturally along the beach area. They had all the advantage. They had complete field of fire, so every time
we would move try to move forward we’d lose Marines. We couldn’t penetrate the pillbox area, after losing so many Marine, our
commanding officer he called for a meeting of all NCOs. So that’s where I got involved. He told me to pick four Marines to help, and two of them I picked were in my squad. So I knew those two guys, but there were
other Marines there and by that time we were so chaotic we had lost
organizational structure completely. It was just Marines, so I picked two other
Marines and, I didn’t who they were but they were Marines. So I picked them two to help me
when I was approaching a pillbox. Their job was to actually
shoot at that aperture, So that the Japanese couldn’t shoot at me. Two of them sacrificed their lives that day. Protecting mine. And I said from that point on, that it belongs to them. They made the sacrifice, I’m just the caretaker of it.

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