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Women on Target handgun training course aims to protect females

Judi: “Now I spoke with a lot of women who
attended today’s event and the majority of them say they were there in attendance because it
seems like more crime and home invasions are happening in our
area. “The bullet goes in that hole there.” Tom: “Knowledge is empowerment and that’s what we’re doing, we’re empowering them with the
knowledge of safe gun handling and how to shoot a gun.” drama Clark South Bend is a first-time
shooter but after more break-ins have been happening in our neighborhood she decided to sign up for this gun
safety course for women I should tried maybe getting gone for
safety I think we’ve been doing up thirteen
years i knows and or late 90’s when we started doing this even though I live in a row nice
neighborhood it still is getting worse Margaret Jackson South Venice in her
eighties and his widow she says she’s here at the women on
target course because she wants to learn how to
protect urself just in case someone tries to break into her home I
wanna learn to shoot my gun up for self-protection so I just really
wanted to get comfortable with them Gail dinkins travel from Mara bill for
the event I’m enjoying this having a good time and we start out with
the couple hours in a classroom we provide all the handguns and
ammunition and we shall not aim fire and then we got to the range and they
spend some time on the range officers aren’t paid to be here instead they are
volunteering their time we feel the class up everytime 30 ladies
ladies of all ages wanting to learn more about guns and gun
safety and i would tell any young lady that needs to protect your home or protect
yourself for just love the the target practice to try it out gonna
get the women on target course will be offered again this coming spring the registration fee
is $40 dollars handguns are provided however you do
have your own you’re encouraged to bring it reporting the news room Judy like hausky
ABC 57 news

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