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Women are here and they’re taking over competitive shooting | 5.11 Tactical

Ladies are taking over… … the adrenaline … Adrenaline is the number one driver. It’s thrilling, something resembling perfection. It’s just empowering to know that I’m in control of the firearm. We’re coming in and we are taking over. When you can hear your heartbeat in your ears, it’s just the most amazing feeling ever. Probably my most favorite thing — adrenaline junkie, I guess. The feeling of shooting in general, that is definitely my happy place. That rush. You know what I mean? That rush it gives you. I went to the 2011 Pro-Am and I saw another junior girl shooting, and I’m like “I think I can do that!” What I love about shooting is the
confidence it gives me, the skills that I’m able to build. Who doesn’t want to run and gun?! I have been working in the firearm industry for about 20 plus years. A couple of years ago, my husband asked me if I wanted to try competition. All it took was just one run and I was hooked! I just decided I want to carry a gun, a concealed carry, but it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had. It was about three years ago. When I started, I thought of myself as a student, and now I think of myself as a competitor. The things I love about shooting… I never was really good at anything and the moment I shot 3-gun I was just like “Wow! I was really good at that!” My husband has been a police officer for ten years. He prompted me to take my concealed carry course, and my training was based in defense. Men give you that second look. What? She’s going to shoot? She can shoot? Three years ago I got my firearms instructor’s license. I only teach women, though. The tagline “Always Be Ready” will catch the eye of somebody who notices and I’ll get a wink. Clothing is very important. Finding a fine line between “this is great quality” and “I can move in
it” to also the style of it and 5.11 is all of it combined. At 5.11 Tactical, they really listen to us. 5.11 is the only brand that makes clothing that I can actually wear to the office and I can get away with it. I don’t really know any other company that asks, especially women, “What do you want out of gear or clothing?” Comfort and fit is the number
one priority in clothing, but I want to look just as good
on the range as I do in my everyday life. The apparel that I wear in 3-gun, it does have to be very durable and rugged and, of course,
women… we want to look good in it, too. I love all the jackets, all the shirts, everything is really cut well for women. Just go do it. Go show up at a match somewhere, watch. Once you’re there you’ll wonder why you waited so long. What makes shooting fun is the strategy for me. It’s like an adrenaline rush, and it’s exciting and it’s fun. and all the best feelings you can think of combined into one thing. Everybody knows somebody who has been a victim of crime, or they have been
a victim of crime themselves. And the responsibility to defend
yourself, we’re realizing, is truly up to us.

67 thoughts on “Women are here and they’re taking over competitive shooting | 5.11 Tactical

  1. Nice shooting, love to see women behind the barrel! Goofy looking guns though, the fact that the shell tube was a foot longer then the barrel on the shot gun made me chuckle. That at a 50 round pmag (or 40)? Looks a bit silly and puts extra weight on the gun, last place you want it to be.

  2. Мне интересно лишь, как эти нечеловеческие бабы бегают с оружием. И конечно, мушки у их спилены – ибо не возбуждают.

  3. We need more women in the shooting sports and just going to the range. Get every women you can out to shoot and join the NRA! Do NOT let that Hillary bitch win the election either or kiss your gun rights good by!!!!

  4. I love my 9mm and 12 gauge and katana.  I know how to use them all.  They are the great equalizer.  Come get some misogynists!

  5. K, awesome women shooters, but got bummed at the time it turned into a fashion show. Go shooting, its fun. Great stress relief Don't worry about fashion at the range.

  6. Great so you can point a gun at a target and the bullet goes in that direction good work gun, good work gravity. And anyone who feels down because your mom won't let you shoot an airsoft let alone an actuarial gun .just know if you have hands your just as good of a shot as any of these women

  7. Woman and a gun. It just don't get better than that. My experience is that most women can shoot pretty accurate. I'm sad to say but my wife is more dead eye than me.

  8. Hey , here is a clip of me having fun at our Ladies League at our gun club.

  9. 5.11 is not durable or rugged my 5.11 pants ripped the second day of owning them. At 80 or so dollars I was very upset.

  10. why is it always about dominance? why is it a “take over”?? yes women are getting into competitive shooting more and more, thats great! they can do whatever they want, the only restrictions on a person is themselves and their mindset, if you want to do something then do it, nobody cares about sex were all human and we want to all compete and protect ourselves 🤷🏼‍♂️ just do! dont make it a thing, saying its a “take over” tells me women are coming in as men are leaving it lol those men are going nowhere its just that the amount of women that want to shoot are now having the courage to do so, nobody said they couldent.

  11. and what does it mean when women are “taking over” if people just did what came natural and did what they wanted to begin with then it wouldent be a “thing” male shooters arent going anywhere lol its just that women are finally getting the courage to do what they want, where it went i dont know but if its natural then it would have always been done by either sex, shooting isnt about sex lol were all human and as humans we can do whatever we want, only women are segregating themselves at the same time that they want equality.

  12. This is really good that more and more women are getting into shooting. However, men will always be better at firing large caliber guns than women.

  13. With all the criminals making their way across our Southern Border, we need as many Armed Patriots as we can get.

  14. Nothing is being a bigger turn-off than hidden feminism and men-hating videos! Women ain’t taking over a shit! People develop no matter they are men or women, but giving women priorities, marketing ad being better for the idea that they are a different sex is just Repulsive and simple manipulative tactics to enhance men-hating and sexism! Never ever gonna buy 5.11 again! 🤢🤮 PC scum!

  15. Women are supposed to be home cooking, cleaning, babysitting. Men are the bread winners. We protect and take care of the family.

  16. So this video started out great as a women's empowerment video that shows women can be strong shooters and competitive marksmen and then it takes hhhhhhhhhaaaaaarrrrrrddddddd left into how they care about fashion?

    There is not a single male competitor who is so concerned about his looks that he will sacrifice performance to look cool.

  17. "Taking over" may be hyberbole, but I'm all for women becoming shooters. Good for self confidence, real empowerment, and it's damned attractive to men.

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