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Woman pulls handgun on would-be robber

A robber tries to take money from a Fort Dodge textbook store in broad daylight. But, he didn’t get a single dime… and ran away from the scene. KCCI’s Vanessa Peng shows us why… new at 10. stand-up 34:32 “HERE AT DISCOUNT TEXTBOOKS IN FORT DODGE THEY HAVE ALL SORTS OF BOOKS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS FROM USED TO NEW TEXTBOOKS NOW THEY ALSO HAVE A GUN IN THE BACK COUNTER AND A FEMALE EMPLOYEE HERE TURNED TO IT FOR HER PERSONAL SAFETY.” 45 Jessica McDonald, 22-year-old Rockwell City 4:16 “I FEEL COMFORTABLE NOW USING IT BUT I ALWAYS SAID I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD.” 20 He pointed a can of mace at her — she pulled out a .40 caliber handgun. Jessica McDonald, 22-year-old Rockwell City 8:04 I JUST KEPT IT ON HIM THE ENTIRE TIME 06 Jessica McDonald had just opened the store …it was a few minutes before 9, Wednesday morning. A 50 to 60 year old white man came in and started coughing. Then, he covered his face with a bandana… and demanded money. Jessica McDonald, 22-year-old Rockwell City 6:30 “AT THAT POINT I OPENED UP MY REGISTER AND TOOK THE TILL OUT AND SHOWED HIM I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY IN MY REGISTER.” He moved from behind the computer. Jessica McDonald, 22-year-old Rockwell City 1:17 “WE WERE FACE TO FACE AND THEN HE LIKE PUT THE MACE RIGHT IN MY FACE AND SAID GIVE ME ALL THE MONEY OUT OF YOUR REGISTER.” 22 NATS phone ringing The phone started ringing…so McDonald scooted to her left… trying to get to it. Jessica McDonald, 22-year-old Rockwell City 1:28 “OUR SAFE IS RIGHT HERE AND THEN I GOT THE GUN OUT OF THE SAFE AND POINTED IT AT HIM AND SAID YOU BETTER GET OUT OF HERE BACKED AWAY WITH THE GUN POINTED TO HIM.” 37 McDonald told the person on the phone to call 9-1-1 The man took off… she chased him into the parking lot yelling calling 9-1- 1. Jessica McDonald, 22-year-old Rockwell City 5:19 “I DON’T THINK YOU WOULDN’T EXPECT IT I DON’T LOOK LIKE IM GOING TO PULL OUT A GUN AND POINT IT AT YOU.” The gun isn’t McDonald’s. The store manager says it was put there for every employee’s safety. Paul Tigges, Manager 20:19 “ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN HAD WE NOT HAD THAT FIREARM IN THAT STORE AND SHE DID NOT HAVE ACCESS TO IT WE’LL NEVER KNOW WHAT MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED.” 29 Jessica McDonald, 22-year-old Rockwell City 5:36 “IT WAS SHOCKING TO ME WHEN I STARTED HERE THAT THERE IS A GUN AND I ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WAS OVER THE TOP AND WE DIDN’T NEED IT BUT IM VERY GLAD THAT WE HAVE IT.” 44 stand-up 35:04 “POLICE SAY THEY DO NOT HAVE A SUSPECT AND THE CASE REMAINS UNDER INVESTIGATIONVP, KCCI 8 NEWS, IWNL.” 12 Police say the description of the suspect is limited. He was described as a 50 to 60 year old white male. About 5′ 5″ with gray facial hair riding a smaller framed black bike. If you have any

15 thoughts on “Woman pulls handgun on would-be robber

  1. Thank you Jessica for your bravery! and Paul for having the common sense to have a firearm available if need be, thank you 🙂 i hope others will learn from this.

  2. an example of guns used in self defense in the hands of good people, but did the news station really need to tell the public where the gun was stored?

  3. Lmao , she's dumb, she let him escape, should've picked up the gun, acted fast and wounded his leg, or both, so the police can have a take on him.

  4. how does it work when you have a single gun that's available for all employees. just seems like that could be problematic unless you are giving them all firearm training and running background checks on them.

    i wonder how differently this would have played out if the robber actually had a gun. the girl wouldve had to instantly commit to shooting and i wonder if she could. in other words, she might actually get herself killed if she hesitated at all. that's a lot of ask of any employee.

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