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Wolcen Gameplay – Melee Weapon Combos

Hello everyone and welcome to this Wolcen video, I am Jessica, and I’m the Community Manager for Wolcen Studio. Today, I would like to present some features that you will be playing during the Technical and Gameplay Beta. Let’s start with the core structure of Wolcen’s gameplay: weapon combos. In Wolcen, each weapon has its own unique stance and animation, designed to evolve and be viable even in end-game. We wanted to make this system enjoyable and ensure that crushing your foes will always be satisfying. Let’s focus a bit on melee weapons. The combat configuration in Wolcen has four distinct features: the dash to charge enemies, the dodge roll to avoid critical damage, the weapon combo that we’ll cover in this video, and the skills which can be customized as your character gains experience. All these features allow us to implement more diversified patterns for enemies, and they can all evolve through the affixes or Active and Passive Skill Tree to adapt to your needs as you level up. One change that you will be experiencing, is that your character now moves forward as he hits other enemies to make combat more dynamic. Can choose to use it or stay at the same spot by pressing shift while attacking. One of the major refactor we have done for the beta is defining skill usability depending on the weapon you are currently wielding. If you want to use a non-martial skill such as lightning, you will need to wear a staff or or an offhand item called a catalyst. I am now fighting with a one-handed sword and the catalyst in my left hand allows me to use magic. Fighting that way makes me perform quick attacks with moderate damage, and I am also able to cast spells. I can use a shield instead of the catalyst. In that case, I am fighting a bit less quickly, but I have a better defense, and my dash will also have chances to stun enemies. I can equip another one-handed weapon and dual wield. Here, I equipped two axes. The axe gives me chances to make the enemy bleed. When dual-wielding, you can see that the dash changes for a violent dual strike using both of my weapons at the same time. Dual wielding works quite fine with daggers as well. Although I won’t deal as much damage than I would with a sword, the attack speed the attack speed compensates a lot and allows you to cut your way through your foes like a true assassin. Finally I can equip a pistol in my left hand. My character stance changes again, and I can attack enemies at close range with my sword, and shoot them at close range using the default attack. I can evade with a dodgeroll, and by pressing shift, I am now shooting enemies from a safer place. Now let’s talk about bigger weapons. This two-handed sword has a huge range and large cleaving damage. We’ve also worked a lot on the audio FX to make it feel heavier and powerful, we really took a lot of time to make you feel good wearing these weapons. Two handed hammer have a very strong dash and slow attack speed, but its crushing blows will penetrate heavy armors and deal massive damage. Finally, the two-handed axe will allow you to deal massive bleeding damage in a large radius. With the appropriate passive skills, you will be able to improve your attack speed and deal deadly wounds to your enemies. And that is all for today, guys and gals! In the next videos, we will cover more of Wolcen’s features, including ranged weapons; Elemental variants; Skills; and Enemy patterns. Thank you for watching, and see you soon for another video of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem!

100 thoughts on “Wolcen Gameplay – Melee Weapon Combos

  1. Single target attacks will always feel like shit, no way around it. Lock on skills are simply shit.
    And combos make the combat feel clunky, every game with a combo system has that issue.

  2. All these people getting hyped bout to be hella dissapointed when they find out that this is the culmination of several years of waiting and we're playing what is essentially a demo. Don't bother with this game unless you literally couldn't care less if this or d4 comes out first.

  3. It looks like combination of all great H&S games like Diablo 3, PoE, Torchlight and also has some licks of MMO H&S gameplay. They are on the good path. I hope we won't need to wait for this game for too long.

  4. is it possible to play using a controller ??
    with a controller means I no longer need a mouse cursor, to aiming move.

  5. Im confused by the comments I dont follow this game, is this type of combat already in the game? Im planning to buy the game just for that dual dagger combat

  6. The only thing I'm sad about is I watched gameplay for this before and the person was using a sword and shield but still casting a fireball skill. I was really looking forward to that playstyle

  7. Diablo : Immortal and the absolute crap that they put out sent me here and I am pleasantly surprised! I will definitely check this out

  8. I just love this. Combat system, graphics, animations, skill system, ui. This game looks awesome and it's only on beta.

  9. My personal wishlist for this game is the in depth passive tree customization and item-crafting of Path of Exile, but with some actual substance to the combat. Path of Exile's combat is practically non existent.

  10. I hope and pray they release this game in 2019! I don't have decent games to play nowadays. I prefer ARPG and Wolcen can make it a reality than Lost Ark.

  11. Include pole arms!
    Your HUB and inventory look like Diablo 3 – stay away from plagiarizing menus! You are talented and creative, keep it up and make your own unique game!
    Looks awesome so far!

  12. The little step forward between hits is a giant step for this game's combat system, i'd suggest a "knockback" system though, like, as you attack, the enemies will receive a little knockback to make those steps "meaningful", because, why advancing if your enemies are standing still. Just a suggestion, but great game so far!

  13. It looks pretty decent. Unfortunately I don’t have a PC, mine fried, so hopefully this comes out on consoles or I’ll never get to enjoy it. Looks awesome though, hope it’s good.

  14. FINALLY! Someone to make proper atmosphere of this type of game. Few elements still looks too cartoony though. The GUI need BIG improvements too. Looks too generic/digital style – and it needs to fuse with the overall look better.

    Looks MUCH better than Diablo III already!
    Graphically is the closest good thing after Diablo II I have seen!!!
    If they just nail some dark deep story as well on top of it…

  15. Wolcen, please post videos at 60fps. This helps me better understand how the game performs. Game looks great and keep up the good work!

  16. i bet this mechanic will more or less same like path of exile after i saw the sword and gun combine, but i can give it a try=D

  17. It's really annoying that there is no animation-cancel on anything. Potions, spells and even the dodge ability won't work instant. That really needs to be adressed, especially when it comes to melee characters, this kills me more then lack of skill (which also kills me a lot 🙂

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