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Wolcen Beta Gameplay – Ranged weapons

Hello everyone and welcome to this Wolcen video, I am Jessica, and I’m the Community Manager for Wolcen Studio. Last week, I showed you some melee weapons animations. Today, I would like to present the ranged weapons and their possible combinations. There are three types of ranged weapons in Wolcen: pistols, bows, and staves. I am currently wearing a pistol in my right hand. It allows me to have access to ranged weapon skills, deal quick attacks and perform moderate damage. It’s a very good choice for a single target, and if I want to hurt my foes even more… Let’s equip two pistols! Now, I’m attacking really fast, and I can sweep the battlefield with deadly bullets. This is presently the most dynamic weapon combination in game. I’ve shown you on the last video that you can equip any one-handed weapon with the pistol. But how about using magic with it? Yes, you can do that too! All I have to do is equip a catalyst in my left hand to can cast spells along with the ranged skills, and shoot enemies from the distance. I am now wielding a bow, it’s a fast and strong weapon, and some of my arrows can pierce through enemies to deal area damage. The animation also grants a free step backward to my character. We wanted to keep the bow animation simple and yet grant you satisfaction when handling this weapon. Finally, let’s talk about the staff. Staves allow me to cast spells. The mechanics have changed compared to the alpha, targeting is no longer automatic and the projectiles go on a straight line. Staves grants me a good umbra regeneration and deal moderate damage. Like for any other weapon combo, I will be able to improve its performance through the Passive Skill Tree and become a master in its handling. That is all for today, guys and gals! All these weapons we’ve covered in these two videos can have elemental affixes that will change their effect and damage types. There are 9 elemental affixes, and we will talk about this very soon! Thank you for watching, and see you soon for another video of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem!

100 thoughts on “Wolcen Beta Gameplay – Ranged weapons

  1. don't fall for it. These videos are 10x times better than the actual "beta"… Focking disaster, falls impressions and a lack of content

  2. Looks amazing! Playing a bow character in beta and it feels amazing! 😀 Keep up the good work Wolcen Studio!! Jessica rocks

  3. what happend to the grahpics? I swear I remember that being one of wolcen's biggest selling points and that first video look where you start in the cave and walk out into the lighting physics, these grahpics look like shit compared?

  4. can you stop taking out the good things of the alpha? what are these new staff autoattack boring animations? we had nice combos on the alpha and you change it? why? you had the best arpg animations, you have now a boring shit

  5. How do I get access to the beta? I play a lot of Diablo 3 and I’ve reported a lot of bugs. I would love to stream some gameplay! This game looks amazing!!

  6. Wow, so much more options for melee, and almost undoubtedly most melee weapons will not be truly viable without GG stats…… Bad news guys, bad news

  7. The staff animations from alpha are net superior. Even if they don't auto aim anymore, keep the rotating elements around the staffs. Also, what is the level cap in the tech betas?

  8. How have they managed to basically rebuild the game from scratch…and do it worst? The new graphics are shit compared to the Alpha.

    And where are those super cool Dual Pistols/Staff basic attack animations? The new ones look just dull and boring.

    I swear to god that sometimes I can't not understand certain game developers studios decisions…

    It's like with Forza Horizon 4.They did a game that is waaay worst and more boring and soulless than FH 3.They have even fucked up things that worked perfectly on previous FH games.Unbelievable 😒

  9. I was very hyped for this game until I saw this video now, I was expecting the game to have a medieval setting, now that I saw you are planning to put guns you ruin it for me, I love the Dark Gothic Medieval setting like the original Diablo games (1 & 2) I wasn't expecting to see guns & now that you decide to go down that road me I'm out of here but I'm sure there is people who like those kind of stuff so good for them I guess.

  10. Why is there not two different type of staff, one that shot the ball and one that hit in melee. I find that most of the time I will need more melee then range for a mage.

  11. As it stands wolcen is pretty much wasted potential. While sporting decent looking graphics and spell animations , maps are to open with little to no mobs on them leaving it feel like an extremely game. Not much mayhem happening lol. Where as games like poe and diablo let ya be swarmed by groups of enemies at every turn. That's what make them popular… hope this gets fixed

  12. Game s look rly well Done but that roll make me lought everytime its too fast compared to how far u roll looks like one mob in dungeon from Bloodborne 😀

  13. Nononononononononono PLEASE get the staff stuff from alpha BACK that thing was awesome!!! Please, we beg you, that thing was so different from any mage gameplay we currently have, all the games nowadays do the same thing which is make mages spammy, that staff action (on alpha ver.) was feeling so good, dynamic and mechanical, we're looking forward for this kind of gameplay, not a no-brainer rainbow machinegun. PLEASE WOLCEN STUDIOS TT-TT

  14. The weapons feel quite underpowered at this point. Small mob packs take a while to destroy. I'd like to see a more fluent and fast phased approach. More destruction on my screen ^_^

  15. So sad I still love the alpha version because you can choose from fire or lighting skills at the beginning while you can use any weapon anytime and use magic skills with it that's what makes it more unique than other games so bring that back please I want my combo magic skill with my dual daggers very simple.

  16. Why a character equipped with a staff can throw a magic from his both hands? He is not holding a staff in hands while doing it, right? Then why any of character can use magic with one-handed weapon and a catalyst in other hand only? This is does not make sense.

  17. Noooo!!! At least use the beautiful staff animations you guys already HAD! but make the bolts damage in a single lane?? Make the animation look like it shoots random bolts that roar trough the air on their target like it was! Real almost “uncontrollable” force of nature :D… ofc need to make it skinnier and more direct.. than before, hope I make some sense here , you know what I meean

  18. How do I join the beta? I own the game but when i load the game still seems same as alpha.

    *Nevermind figured it out- you have to opt in while on steam inside the properties.

  19. Something is seriously broken in the beta…
    I've used every weapon type available, and every ability – and nothing would generate mana, period. You could run out of rage easily enough, but I could never get the first trickle of mana; with staff, catalyst, or anything else.

  20. Catalyst limiting the use of umbra spells restricts the build variety. Yet developers promised "No class restrictions". Well, you just restricted them.

  21. Looks good 🙂 . But please don't make it so that dodging will become the best way to traverse or the best way to move in combat. That would be lame :/

  22. I guess they've removed the flashy and animated stuff to reduce graphical stress since they're going the MMO route it seems. Less stuff to process and less flashy things during heavy stress battles with tons of enemies and a party with varying pings and locations. It's starting to look not that different from the other ARPG MMOs now. I wish they perfected their single player experience first and kept Wolcen's "identity" that got me in the bandwagon in the first place before they went on to focus with adding a multiplayer feature. A game's development and overall design tends to lean towards what kind of play style focus the devs want players to adopt. IMO this does not look good for players like myself because they will most probably be sacrificing a lot more of that "identity" to become more playable online.

  23. so thats it? thats we all got the skil combination? where is the pistol skills? do we have pistol skills? i only saw 3 skills of every weapons maybe 2 idk this is not satisfying and killing monsters with auto attack is boring 2.5 year wasting time meh

  24. Imo escape roll should be customizable, a mage should have something like blink instead of rolling with a staff and other melee or large 2 handed weapon users should have a backwards jump.

  25. i really liked the bow in the first beta phase. The staff is a step back from the alpha though imo. It'd be cool if they'd at least somewhat go back to how they were.

  26. Man i hope you guys revamp character creation i know its top down and will not see it most of the time but it adds immersion.

  27. This studio is going to achieve greatness with this title. I love finding new things like this that bring so much hype to the hack/slash genre. Please be confident in your game and dont give up. It really looks amazing and I cant wait to play. Much love, Kaleb!

  28. question, sword and shield + dual pistol build? will the game allow me to do that? dont asking about how effective it would be, I just want to know if the game would allow me to have all those items equipped and switch between range and melee mode

  29. Hi Team,
    Please try to speed up the development of the game. The content so far looks extremely good and promising.
    With the Blizzard fiasko at BlizzCon you have an enormous opportunity in front of you.
    If you are able to finalise the game and bring the official kick-off date earlier you stand a good chance of seizing the whole market and gaining thousands of disheartened Diablo fans.
    Wishing you best of luck!

  30. If wolcen make korean language , maybe no.1 game in the world , like Blizard. korean love Diablo and very clever .

    game >>art thx~

  31. 2:08 This is no longer same game. When wielding a staff , projectiles sometimes fly around to get to the target. And game is bugged as of right now.

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