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Winter Offensive Case Weapon Skins

I reached out to the makers of the skins for
the Winter Offensive case, many of them had interesting things to say about their weapons
and what it was like to get a skin submitted wayyy back in 2013. More specifically, December
18th, 2013. Click on the weapon you’d like to know more about, or sit back, relax and
watch all of them! First is the PPBizon Cobalt Halftone by DrySocket.
He said that back then, many that Valve approved were only uploaded as experiments and that
the makers had never even intended for them to be picked. The Cobalt Halftone was one
such skin, a 5 minute experiment where he was dabbling with masking types. It certainly
paid off! Although this is his only accepted CS:GO skin, DrySocket has had success in the
DOTA2 community and says that the two are very different. Making stuff for DOTA2 is
harder, but it’s more difficult to get your CS:GO submission to stand out because so many
more people are able to submit something, increasing competition and overcrowding the
workshop. M249 Magma by Algis, was originally called
Obsidian Abyss and has a randomised pattern, featuring red cracks and metallic blue areas.
It spans the full range from Factory New to Battle-scarred, with the colours becoming
duller as they go down. You can see this over on CSGOStash’s Youtube page which they set
up recently and can do a better job of it than I can. This design was joint first from
his 9 accepted skins from the 1020 that he has made. That’s a lot of skins! Of the
ones accepted, 7 of these were military spec and 2 were restricted.
The Five-Seven Kami by Thurnip is one of two accepted skins in this design, the other being
for the Galil. He was inspired by manga comic and how they achieved different tones through
the use of halftones and swatches. For this skin, he created a page of manga from scratch.
He studies Japanese so put some text on it as well- though was careful not to add anything
offensive! When spoken, Kami can mean paper, but it also means God which is what it’s
become in Counter Strike. He has also had 3 Pulse skins accepted into the game, making
his total skin count 5. The Galil AR Sandstorm by Algis was his second
accepted skin. It’s part of a collection of 25 different weapons, with the Tec9 also
having been added to the game so far. As common as it might be, I quite like this skin. Reminds
me of a desert on a hot day where all of the shadows appear almost purple in colour. Not
a colour scheme you see too much, so I guess the sheer abundance of this skin makes up
for that somewhat. There’s not a lot of information about this skin over on the workshop
page, though there are a few amusing forum posts about it. DUDUDUDUDU indeed.
Nova Rising Skull was made by yuv912, who was very surprised when his skin was added!
He was only messing about with what he could do and this design apparently still has standard
UV outlines around all the parts that aren’t visible. His name is based on the colour space
of the same name, and then a load of random numbers which I like because it gives me freedom
to pronounce it however I like! As well as being very modest about his own design, yuv
shared with me a fascinating tale of how he was approached to collaborate on a scout skin.
Here’s a very, VERY early version of the Scout Hunter… which was later renamed to
the Scout Howl! Which was then scrapped as the other developer moved onto the version
that we now all know and love. This is the MP9 Rose Iron by GeneralVivi,
a lovely chap who considers this to be his own personal skin because he swears that nobody
else uses it! He originally made it in white and blue, and reserved black and red for an
AWP design instead. Because white is a rare and reserved colour, Valve used the MP9 but
with the AWP skin’s colours. The design is also available for a number of other weapons.
You can still see the originals on the workshop. If he wasn’t so busy then he’d like to
get back in to skin making, perhaps dabbling with higher poly details. As one of the first
skin makers to get something accepted into CS:GO, he was awarded a prototype key. It’s
a rare and wonderful item that skin makers carry with pride. Generalvivi accidentally
used his to open a case and had to ask Valve for another one. After that they were locked
so couldn’t be lost. Perhaps the worst part is that he only got a bison skin from the
case he opened! These are the Marina Dual Berettas by Agent.
He told me that he used bright colours to stand out so that his guns looked as flashy
as possible. He worked on a number of different designs and can proudly say that these were
accepted without him spamming links to it or anything. Well, I can certainly appreciate
that! The Famas Pulse is once again by Thurnip,
and is the first of 3 Pulse skins to be added. His idea for this design was to make it look
as though the weapon was shattering from a virtual world into the real one, being dissolved
but into reality. He liked the way the intense colours contrasted with the black background
of this design and took full advantage of how Valve let him make limitless variations
of a pattern by adjusting the scale, offset and so on. He has designed this skin for a
number of different weapons, colour-coding them by category. Rifles are purple, SMGs
are blue, pistols are green, and so far there haven’t been any heavy designs but it will
likely be something different again. The AWP Redline is one of two redline skins
accepted into the game by Emkay, though he has contributed to others’ submissions as
well. He says that back in the day, most designs were simply abstract artwork and that he wanted
to come up with something sporty yet elegant. Maybe a bit sportscar inspired. He made an
AK first, then a deagle, and an AWP skin third. Despite this, the AWP was accepted first.
The original design was gold, but since this is a colour reserved for special releases
he remade it in red. He also had a blue design which was one of the most popular on the workshop
back in the day. But just like the deagle, it hasn’t yet been included in a case.
The P250 Mehndi by Stilgar is one of my favourite designs! It was one that I viewed at 4 and
even 8K and it still looked great. And there’s a collection of 8 different weapons featuring
this design! He seems to specialise in intricate skins with basic 2-colour designs, typically
with black being one of them. I’m not surprised to see several snake skins featured in his
workshop as from a distance I feel the Mehndi’s colours bear a striking resemblance.
This is the M4A1-S Guardian by J4CK. He based the Guardian design around having a suppressor
with writing on it. Once he knew it was possible he made several variants and BAM, the Guardian
design was accepted! Just 2 months later he got his USP-S Guardian skin into the Phoenix
case, making his total accepted skin count 2. Not bad considering he’s made just 6
skins. He says that it has changed his life and has helped him to fund an education in
a top school for 3D design. Well done, CS:GO. The Kraken is a Sawed-Off design by Zaphk,
a talented designer from Brazil. This was originally called the Octopump, though I’d
like to point out that the sawed-off only has 7 shells before you have to reload. She
has 4 accepted entries in CS:GO, each featuring unique hand-drawn designs. 3 are based on
animals and the other, a fictional arcade game that was thought up just for the skin.
Her success doesn’t end there though: she has had even more success from the DOTA2 workshop.
And lastly the M4A4 Asiimov by Coridium. His first of 14(!) accepted skins throughout the
years. And 1 of 4 that use the Asiimov design, though there are others like the AK and M4A1-S
that could potentially be added later. The M4A4 was his second CS weapon finish, with
the first being the AWP of the same style. There appear to be others available as well,
sporting a red/black and blue/black design, and although they never received the same
amount of interest on the workshop as the white and orange design has… the red tec9
still made it into the game! And so concludes the earliest community-made
skin case. It was a simpler and confused time.

100 thoughts on “Winter Offensive Case Weapon Skins

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  17. Skins List:
    0:16 – PP-Bizon | Cobalt Halftone
    0:48 – M249 | Magma
    1:17 – Five-SeveN | Kami
    1:46 – Galil AR | Sandstorm
    2:14 – Nova | Rising Skull
    2:50 – MP9 | Rose Iron
    3:34 – Dual Berettas | Marina
    3:51 – FAMAS | Pulse
    4:22 – AWP | Redline
    4:54 – P250 | Mehndi
    5:16 – M4A1-S | Guardian
    5:44 – Sawed-Off | The Kraken
    6:08 – M4A4 | Asiimov

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