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Winchester 1894 Lever Action 38-55 Rifle Gun Review

AlaskaGranny shoots Winchester 1894 Lever Action Winchester 1894 Lever Action 38-55 shooting lever actions is fun hi it’s AlaskaGranny I want to show you this beautiful gun I recently acquired it’s a Winchester 1894 this one is actually manufactured in 1896 the rules change in 1898 you had to
register that you had a firearm with the federal
government change the laws but because this one is before 1898 you don’t have to register
this one I love it because it’s got an octagon
barrel and that to me makes the gun actually
extra beautiful at the time they started making octagon barrels they believed that they were more accurate but in actuality it only made the gun heavier harder to hold I think it adds to the beauty of the gun and I enjoy it very much you with load your ammo in here which would be 38-55 caliber I have a box of Winchester 38-55 this box is actually from 1910 and I was glad to acquire this I was
able to get some more modern bullets that I will probably shoot out of this gun and I want to
save this ammo because these are a beautiful thing let me show
you why you have centerfire has a flat top money and because when
you put two together you don’t want one to accidentally hit the center fire of
the other and cause the other one to go off when you’re ready to shoot your gun insert your bullets here they would go into the lower barrel then when you want to shoot hold it securely work your action then you need to make sure you squeeze the lever action there is a little button here that acts as a
safety unless you are squeezing this it is not going to work then you are ready to pull the trigger and you are set to go always make sure when you’re
studying over your gun that it is unloaded you don’t want any kind of accident treat every gun as if it’s loaded when you are checking it out let me know what you think about my
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15 thoughts on “Winchester 1894 Lever Action 38-55 Rifle Gun Review

  1. hi bob here i like those octagon barrels too i use to reload a lot i think you can make cartridges for that rifle from 30-30 i got to find one of them or get a gun rebored thats costs alot i thought that looked like arizona i was cranking you a little ha ha

  2. Register your guns????? What the hell.. I live in America,,We do not have to register our guns..Alaska is part of the United State's still??? RIGHT???

  3. The laws never changed you never had to register a gun with the U.S. federal government

  4. Perhaps I'm wrong, but it seems to me that, unless you're using spitzer bullets (sharp pointed), there is no real danger of an unintended discharge. The bullet you showed us was flat headed enough to prevent its setting off the previous cartridge's primer, I believe.

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