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Winchester 1873 Lever Action Rifle Gun Review

Winchester model 1873 Lever Action rifle 44-40 made in 1890 hi it’s AlaskaGranny are you interested in the gun that won the west well it was
something like this winchester 1873 lever action the original cowboy gun this is the Winchester 1873 44 40 if the rim fire lever action it has a very smooth action the thing to know about Winchester 1873 lever action is
there is a little pin here when you are preparing to shoot you need to be holding it so that the
pin and the lever are in contact for the rifle to fire the winchester lever action also has a little lever here that is the safety that you just turn the lever and it holds the action the action so when you want to fire the rifle you
would turn that button put your bullet in here there you go your gun is loaded the winchester rifle has a dust cover which they put on later
than a lot of these guns were made they got so full of dirt early winchester rifles don’t have the dust cover This Winchester 1873 was actually made in 1890 and it was designed for black powder because the smokeless powder
didn’t come out until I think 1898 but when I get loads for this gun I load a light load with smokeless powder because black powder makes such a huge mess and can rust your barrel everything else makes a rifle very dirty I enjoy shooting this winchester 1873 very much because
it’s a 44-40 and I use a lower load it doesn’t have nearly
the kick that a 30.06 would have this gun actually has some initials carved in it which I like the historical part of that but as
far as the value of the gun that would degrade the gun value unless you had a picture of say some celebrity holding this gun and
those are his initials that isn’t the case for this gun this gun has been polished and reblued which devalues the gun but it’s beautiful
and if I want it for a shooter and not a collectible gun then that is all right and I can tell that it’s been redone you know where they have the
inscriptions on a gun if you run your fingers across it when they first have been engraved the engraving is dented into it and it leaves
a little lip over the top of the engraving when you run your finger over a redone gun those serrated bumps are no longer there so the gun would feel smooth because it had been polished or reblued so it’s filled in and taken
away the engraving marks I like the gun very much so I wasn’t
concerned that it had been changed because I
love historical guns I love octagonal barrels and lever actions they are a lot of fun to shoot Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

12 thoughts on “Winchester 1873 Lever Action Rifle Gun Review

  1. Ahhh, she's probably just confusing the .44-40 with the .44 rimfire in the old Henry rifles, give her a break, eh? As far as the "safety", well, lady, that ain't no safety! It keeps the lever from flopping around, but the rifle will still fire if someone pulls the trigger. That rifle effectively has no safety.

  2. When I was 8 and on vacation I saw the most stupid horror move ever, Night of the Lepus. Killer bunnies.   But in that movie I saw one of the stars shooting a Winchester model 1892 and I was sold on the lever action.  Today I have six with two more I must have, a 1860 Henry and Model 1886.   I have a Uberti 1873 and its one of my favorites next to my Winchester 1895, both reproductions.   Granny you need to travel to all these damn American colleges and teacher young woman what's real in life. Men  hating  radical feminist are destroying the relationship between men and women.  Young women vilify men and call all men misogynist and rapist.  If all women knew how to fish, hunt, hand load like you all men would be in paradise.  All men want is food, sex and companionship, plus some toys on the way.

  3. Sorry lady but you shouldn't be talking about that rifle it's a center fire and that little lever lock is not a safty

  4. Back in the day when the gun came out I believe it was a Winchester 44 (rim fire black powder), later developed to a 44 WCF (Winchester center fire, smokeless powder) and then on to the 44-40 which was of course was center fire as well, they  basically just change the name of the 44 WCF to the 44-40 for whatever reason.  I could be wrong but that is the way I understand it.

  5. Even the early model 1873s had the dust covers it was just earlier model Winchester’s suck as the 1866 didn’t I have looked at an original Winchester that was made in the first year of production of the 1873 and it had a dust cover

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