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Win the Fight: Interior Pistol Movements

hi I’m Chappy with Forged Tactical for
the Beretta training series – I’d like to talk to you today about interior
movement with the pistol – we teach it a lot inside the shoot house and one of
the big mistakes we see or one of the big training points that we learned that
we need to to teach on is how to hold the pistol at various stages of actually
doing work we have a position that I’ve shown you out on the square range before
called the high compressed ready that means you’re ready to shoot but the
pistol is back here where we’re at our strongest we have our most dexterity and
we have the greatest holding strength close to our chest the gun is also still
oriented at the target so we can still engage if we have to while we’re coming
up on a target or at close range – so the high compressed ready is our general
ready position whenever we’re doing work when I’m not actually pointing my pistol
at something the high compressed ready for the pistol is the equivalent of the
low ready for the rifle it’s kind of my resting ready position – I want to use
this not only when I’m just walking through a structure but also when I’m
turning corners – the reason for this is fighting inside the structures is
nothing but the management of angles and the threats from those angles – the longer
I can keep my opponent from knowing where I am the more advantage I have to
overcome him or overcome his resistance when I do encounter him, keeping the gun
tight allows me to not telegraph where I’m going – so for instance if I’m gonna
get ready to enter this door, I’ve breached this door or my partner has and
I’ve decided that I’m going to buttonhook inside this corner – if I’ve
got my pistol at the little ready my opponent will see the pistol before they
see me meaning that they’ve been given an opportunity to start their decision
cycle sooner than I have, which means they’re now ahead of me I have lost my
relative superiority and giving them a chance to catch up
Keeping the pistol at the high compressed ready keeps them from seeing
that until such a time as I can fight back – keeping the pistol at the high
compressed ready also allows me to retain the pistol much better if I
encounter someone at very close range sometimes when we train inside shoot
houses we get used to things being at convenient distances – it’s been my
experience in the real world though that every door you open
there could be somebody standing right here and if my gun is at the low ready
it’s very easy for them and it’s actually an instinctual thing for them
to push my gun down at which case I’m back to a fistfight with a pistol in my hand – keeping the gun here even if I account or somebody at contact distance
I still have the option if the situation calls for it to fill them in – if I choose
not to I still have the option to defend while I reholster my pistol and go
hands-on with them pistol whip them whatever it is I don’t recommend pistol
whipping people but sometimes it happens so from the high compressed ready I have
a lot more options and I’m denying information to my opponent until the
last possible second I’m going to practice this with an unloaded gun – I’m
in the high compressed ready I’ve decided I’m going to button hook this
corner – I’m going to stay in the high compressed ready until I’ve cleared this
immediate threat area as I advance to my near threat area or the far corner I’m
going to retain it as long as I can until I’m ready to actually shoot – when
I’m ready to actually shoot I can come around this corner and extend if there’s
a target there – if there’s not I have the option to keep the gun in the high
compress ready or to extend on target once I’ve entered the room I can come
back to the high compressor ready for my scan or I can stay on the low ready
because I’m not likely to encounter something at very close range – training
on these manipulation skills on the square range in anticipation of having
to do them inside of a structure is a valuable use of your training time – a lot
of pistol fights start and end as fist fights and having your gun out here in a
position of disadvantage for a fist fight might not be a great idea so it’s
something to consider implementing into your training regimen
I’m Chappy with Forge Tactical for the Beretta training series – to learn more or
see other training videos go to or – you can learn
more about me at Thanks for watching

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  1. Wrong.. And wrong. Alway be ready to shoot. Commenting on your last entry. Enter a room fully extended but at the same time as your body ready to shoot to the right.

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