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Wilson Combat 308 Rifles for LE/MIL and Hunting

After rigorous testing and evaluation, Wilson
Combat is pleased to announce our new large-format billet AR rifles chambered in 308 Winchester
and 338 Federal– the ideal rifle for the hunter, long-range shooter, or law enforcement
officer looking for an AR-style rifle with impressive downrange ballistics. These all-new rifles use Wilson’s in-house
billet receiver technology to build the next generation of lightweight, accurate, and reliable
semi-automatic rifles suitable for a variety of tactical and outdoor roles. Like every Wilson Combat firearm, each rifle
is unique and customized to suit the tastes and operational role of the individual shooter. At the heart of these rifles are superior
billet receivers, feature flared Magwell, robust trigger guards, your choice of color,
and our armor tough finish. These proprietary receivers allow Wilson to
build the lightest large-format AR on the market, with a 7.7 pound recon tactical model. Match-grade button rifle barrels come in medium
recon for heavy super sniper profiles in lengths ranging from 14.7 to 20 inches, with options
like precision machined barrel flutes or target grounds for the discriminating marksman. Threaded models feature our highly successful
Accu-Tac Flash Hider, our new QComp– or for those looking to shoot suppressed– a rapid-threaded
muzzle brake, which pairs perfectly with one of our whisper suppressors. Available in a variety of links, our free-float
TRIM hand guards are comfortable in the hand and offer a stable platform to mount slings,
bipods, or any other kit your operation may need. Order yours complete with genuine Wilson Combat
accessories like weapon-mounted lights, vertical foregrips, or backup iron sights. A clean-breaking, Wilson Combat tactical trigger
unit ensures that you put the guaranteed minute-of-angle accuracy exactly where you want it. The all-new large format AR rifles from Wilson
Combat are raising the bar and setting a new standard as some of the lightest, most accurate,
and reliable rifles on the market. On duty or in the field, Wilson has delivered
the superior choice for the firearms enthusiast looking for greater precision over longer
distances. Order yours now at

8 thoughts on “Wilson Combat 308 Rifles for LE/MIL and Hunting

  1. Ambi safety, good start. Where is the ambi magazine release? The entire world isn't right handed. Thankfully LMT saw fit to provide a user friendly rifle for us left handed folks.

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