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Will WD-40 Fix The USFA Zip Gun? 22lr pistol.

ALRIGHT, dudes. yo this is mattv2099 and what I’m going to do here is… I’m starting a new series called will blank fix the zip gun. and today we are going to try WD-40. so this is will wd-40 fix the usfa zip 22lr pistol so we are going to break into that zip gun. open it up. apply a liberal amount of wd-40. fire the gun. and hopefully it will work. wd-40 is an obvious choice. it’s kind of a fix all. there’s nothing that wd-40 won’t fix. we are going to break this thing down. I’m not going to show that. OK. se we have gotten to the internals of the zip gun. what we are going to do is just lube this thing as much as we can. with wd-40. I have a suspicion that this might actually fix the this gun. that would be the raddest thing in the world. oops I dropped my spray nozzle. I’m trying to stay in good light here. we got that pretty good lets get it right there cycle it a bunch of times. good and worked in there. you know what I’m saying? in the trigger whatever these holes are. lube them. I think they are cool holes. vent holes. lube them. up here. in here you’ve never seen a gun this well lubricated with wd-40 so i’m going to put it back together. check it out. oh snap! I pointed it at you so many nerds get pissed off when I do that. they think I’m pointing it at myself. I hope it scared you. hope you unsubscribe. I am also going to lubricate the magazines because. just because give it a little more lube. let’s get one of the bad boy magazines in there charge it. make it unsafe. lets shoot this thing. OMG. epic reliability. epic reliability. lets get this stupid box clip out it fired the whole magazine without failure let’s go for magazine box clip number two I think that one wasn’t all the way full. the next one should be full actually I think that was the one that Igave up on the last operation. I couldn’t shoot that stupid thing anymore it’s hard getting these mags out you would think with all that lube it might be easy lets give it a little more lube we are going to rapid fire this bee otch it’s too slippery can’t get a purchase. there’s no knurling on the box clip there we go. this is how Ido it. crazy combo there we go. got it who would have thought the zip gun works all you need is half a bottle of wd-40 and it will work fine if you run this gun uber wet it will work. I am shocked. amazed. 2 years I’ve been trying to get it to work. all Ineeded was wd-40 thanks for watching.

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    I remember 1 time i was going on a date with this bad ass chick and i had forgot to put on any deodorant or cologne because i was in a rush. My tool bag was in the truck, so i grabbed a small can of WD-40 and sprayed it on , we hung out while it lingered and what can i say…. she was all on a nigga nuts…she grabbed my shaft with 1 hand and took her other hand and started gently twisting and turning my nuts and It amazed me… because i found it so difficult just a day before… prior to her company when i was trying to get a nut off.

    Anyway… When she started playing with my shaft, I felt so embarrassed, not only because of that which i mentioned before, but also because my threads were pretty worn out. ….But, she didnt care about stuff like that ….so she kept twisting and turning my nuts slowly with her soft delicate hand ….and holding firmly to the top of my shaft with the other. Eventually she reached for the end of the shaft with both hands and i thought "wow, look at this effort she's putting in to get these nuts off for me" Anyway…. long story short i ended up busting 2 nuts. ( wouldnt come off my damn shaft) Its Cool Though, Mission Accomplished

    The Moral of the Story is WD-40 can Help you Get Multiple Nuts Off for a very affordable price and it has many uses


  2. use thousand grit sand paper and work on slide and cocking mechanism. sounds like too much rubbing. maybe choke and slide grease. looks neat. I'd like one

  3. Thanks the lord, for not having my range master with us today. Because in those days if he find out using this product. Pack and leave now. He always tell to us, gun oil use only. Today this product still not replace gun oil. Great video and weird gun.

  4. Two things:
    1). I watched your original video on this gun, and didn't the clips come out easier then?
    2). Adjustable pliers are your friend.

  5. Wouldnt Gun oil work as well. I know that some companies make cleaning kits for guns with oil? why did you chose WD-40??

    Thank you,

  6. Some gunsmiths swear by WD40 to clean and lube guns. some don't like it at all to clean and lube guns. I use it to clean. Spray it on wait a minute wipe it off. Use a few drops of gun oil.

  7. This has to be one of the most poorly design hand gun out there and USFA should provide a bottle of WD40 for every gun sold.

  8. You know they sell WD40 by the gallon, right? Just figured it would take less time to simply submerse things than spray a coat on them…

  9. Funny as hell. Just keep a bucket of lube next to you and dunk the gun in after every 10 rounds. The best part is when you cant get the mag out because its too slippery So you hit it with a knife. That is some funny shit.

  10. I mean, it might help with the jamming, but not the stupid charging handle, dangerous hammer placement, terrible ergonomics, bulky design, etc.

  11. grease is much better u can apply precise parts like the selector and ejector grove stuffs area and it wont evaporate quick

  12. a "box clip"? its a magazine. not a clip. and u call getting 8 rounds out of a 10 round mag reliable? lemme guess, u really don't know shit about firearms do u?

  13. I want to imagine that usfa watches this video and puts like 2 cans of wd40 in every box with the zip 22

  14. lol thing looks like something used to put calking around your bathtub.. who made it whammo or matel ? i notice it uses ruger 10/22 mags…

  15. Are you telling me that gun won't even shoot the magazine that it's designed for Jesus Christ who invented that fucking ugly as gun

  16. The only known USFA gun to function flawlessly is the one owned by the company president and founder. It appeared at a trade show, shot reliably and was never seen again. None of its positive traits were inherited by any other USFA Zip guns. They don't even make adequate door stops or paper weights.

  17. Much better to drop it all on a bucket of WD40 … and leave it there … crappiest gun I've ever seen.

  18. WD stands for "water displacing" and its main use is as a solvent or rust dissolver. The lubricant-like properties of WD-40 come not from the substance itself, but from dissolving components. And the effect doesn't last. WD-40 can be a good substance to start with — it can help clean up rust or other grime. But you would normally follow up with a lubricant. (I think so anyway)

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