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Will People Forgive Officer Aaron Dean?

taste our report good evening Tuesday
night feeling good huh looking good I’m in the building rainy and cold here
in Atlanta GA I don’t know about where you are but uh rainy and cold cuffing
season you know I thought about cuffing the bitch today I thought about it and
then I snapped out of it and Here I am Here I am with you okay on the screen
let’s get right to it Wow Wow yeah I’m going there this is the
objective perspective never mind the fact that I’m now gonna double down on
the neighbor who called the beast Jake the ghost is on that young lady at Tiana
Jefferson never mind the fact that I’m gonna go even harder huh call the police
SiC the dogs on her and he may have known that she was a license to carry
maybe he wanted them to go over there and and to get into a shootout you know
did you hear the audio of him calling the police
hos texting me stop texting me I’m busy pardon me um yes I’m going even harder
tonight but if you are a god-fearing person or a Christian Muslim whatever it
is that you subscribe to can you forgive former officer Aaron Dean
a new report came out today let me show you according to the Dallas Morning News
the Fort Worth officers jailed on a murder charge you know that but there’s
a new development according to the 8 year-old nephew according to the 8
year-old nephew she pointed the gun at the officer there it is what do you
think does that change anything in your mind pointed gun at a window before Fort
Worth officer killed her it means nothing to me and we’ve had that
discussion already the first the first time we gave this story
I said even if she did that the officers plural did not knock on the door and
when he shot her he did not say police approaching the window police nothing
nothing no whether that will stand in the state of Texas I don’t know I don’t
know whether it’s gonna bring down the murder charge to a manslaughter charge I
don’t know but my question to you tonight again can you forgive him if you
are a god-fearing person if you’re a Christian then you have to yes no maybe
phone lines open cash app super chat let’s take it slow um also on the screen
hmm you guys know I’m not a basketball basketball guy but and I don’t even feel
like pulling the story to be honest with you I just I don’t care what LeBron
James thinks or says all for the basketball court hem Beyonce who else do
I just not care what they say Alex Jones Adam Sandler you know certain people I
don’t care what they say or fucking think LeBron James is one of those guys
what’s going on with him in China is he now a civil rights leader is he an
activist I swap Muhammad Ali’s ex-wife she’s a chimed in on something he said
let me see if I can remember up on me remember off the top the general manager
of the Houston Rockets sent out a tweet on Twitter talked in support of
democracy in Hong Kong am I saying this right correct me if I’m
wrong LeBron James then comments ins and says he’s uninformed okay so is LeBron
James a expert now on foreign policy who would seem to say the other guy is
uninformed so now you have a backlash and then I tried to watch LeBron James
another press conference where he was talking it looked to me like he was
making the situation worse he was talking about his kids going to college
and then it just got crazy and I’m like nigga aren’t you supposed to be focused
on a goddamn championship so I’m asking you I’m asking you is LeBron J
a civil rights leader is is he someone of importance in terms of a politics why
is he commenting hey no signal drops I’m already all right um I want to give
people a chance without my interruption if you are a Christian or a god-fearing
person I want to let you speak I’ll fall back you don’t have to follow my lead I
don’t want you to follow my lead I want you to say what you think if you say yes
dar I can forgive him it was an accident even though the police did not knock on
the door even though the police did not announce themselves I can forgive him
I’ll accept that I don’t have to you know fight back or push back with regard
to what you’re saying and other things I’m going to try not to
laugh a total now of 14 women according to multiple sources 14 women have now
come forward on Cuba Gooding jr. sexual misconduct
now I’m gonna fall back tonight on that because I started feeling like a
player-hater last night I’m not a player hater
I’m the objective hater but you know just and the men I’ve never met him he’s
never done anything to me he’s just happy all the goddamn time it’s like you
look at him he’s always you know one of those people and they they make me
uneasy but new reports 14 women now have accused Cuba Gooding jr. of sexual
misconduct all right I’m in a good mood got my rain jacket on yeah it’s raining
outside what am I wearing you for those who’d give a shit wow there’s another
one Oh hating on the other he’ll figure
jacket weren’t you Jackie’s trash raining outside anyway
um okay so oh so what am i eating here oh I got some fancy uh granola bites mmm
trying to get healthy hey I’ll go so let’s start the show
bullshit Ronnie’s gonna be calling in later I went running to UM stayed in her
position but keep in mind she’s already said she’s
what I’m gonna paraphrase she’s not a forgiving person so again I’ll put the
phone line and see what you think but again this story now comes to us by way
of um the Dallas Morning News what are your thoughts even if the eight-year-old
nephew saw auntie with her gun is that a bullshit story did they question him
without an attorney the police where did they get this statement from he’s a
minor there should have been an attorney present with him when he was speaking to
whoever did that statement come after the attorney got involved all right now
the things we may or may not touch on tonight
o Jalen Ramsey formerly uh well now formerly of the Jacksonville Jaguars
he’s now gone to the LA Rams you guys remember him I know we did a story on
him a couple years ago on I’m not sure exactly what it was I forget but uh
supposedly he’s a really good really good ballplayer and actress Gina
Rodriguez under fire for saying the n-word in a song on Instagram you can
call it about that but I don’t give a shit
Big Pun who else has been using the n-word all these years a Fat Joe JLo did
the song with a ja Rule I tell them niggas money biz but they don’t hear me
though remember all that dust I kicked up I think I kicked up so much dust
JLo went on one of those shows Good Morning America or something like that
that today’s show and they started they started to ask about it she’s a I’m not
even going there and the station at the time hot 97 they
told me we’re going to continue playing the song star but you can say which one
but it’s a hit so what do you want me to say about this chick I don’t know phone
lines open let’s get into it though area code 704 good evening 704 is a question
tonight can you forgive officer Aaron Dean or is LeBron James civil rights
leaders several for you there o-o you sir good evening
well always so please don’t bring me down I’m hyped in charge if you’re
dragging come on just not today come on where we going you jumping in
yeah we gotta fight with the office I’m gonna say I don’t forgive okay I ever
forget that effect I’m gonna say I’ll forgive but I would never forget so far
as this officer I’m not forgiving I’m not gonna forgive okay how old you sound
what steady you’re calling from who are you not to forgive I don’t want to lose
my choice I understand that so I’m just we’re having a conversation I said what
Strader you’re calling for them and how old are you are you hiding 34 34 I’m in
North Carolina okay Charlotte okay why are you not a forgiving person or are
you non-religious or is that just not something that you you know you do wanna
too often religious person charged it scoffing season I could have been let
you know just relaxing tonight well don’t call you a dragon please don’t
don’t don’t bring me down topics on the goddamn screen is LeBron James a civil
rights leader if there’s someone who knows sports now’s the time we’ll have
it all fucked up why is LeBron James speaking up with
regards to China they getting down over there in case you don’t know Taylor
second you hang up or down Jesus Christ area code nine five four good evening
nine five four are you there yes sir good evening I’m here hey I’m here can I
can I get straight the can I go straight to LeBron Judas climb skill sums up
Francis are you me yes sir yes sir yes sir I’m good what’s really good though
yeah all right please LeBron James please um the issue is stars is these
Negroes really don’t know their place you feel me the thing is that this Hong
Kong and what’s going on in Hong Kong not you see what I’m saying they they
you shouldn’t even open his mouth point-blank talk about the the you’re
innocent brothers that’s getting shoot down in Texas nigger
mind your business you’ll fail me ever since ever since Robin James don’t I
made that comment pertaining to all that the lyrics he got from 21 savage and yet
to apologize I’ve been paying attention to him is ending is not going to be the
same as like arm dollar grades even its love I’m not mad at him what certain
things you use your influences in different areas leave leave leave that
alone because at the end of the day and we know a lot of people don’t know but
that’s that’s an issue have to do with the government leave that alone might do
state of knock out of a business so now hang on a second you started out by
saying these Negroes should stay in their place so so LeBron James if you
asked me he’s a man of influence I’m seriously asking the question is he a
civil rights leader I’m not trolling I don’t know what he does
I don’t follow him on Twitter you know I don’t follow him on Instagram he might
be doing something that I just don’t fucking know about he might be spreading
it around you know the money he’s a fucking basketball player stay out of
China’s business China that issue that’s going on in unkown is caused by three
major intelligence service that that issue is caused by I’m not going to call
any name that people want you to do their own research FL me so your
co-signing what Laura Ingraham said back in 2018 was he should just shut up and
dribble the ball you’re co-signing uh yes yes yes yes yes yeah no I’m not
talking about which one of those major so-called public figures which the black
communities look up to which war which one of them are talking about all of
these innocents killing then come on then but you want to talk about Hong
Kong present man your business man mind your business brought big pick your
peace man home they should be form here where they killing us man okay hang on a
second our crime skill since you mentioned us and killing us
things of that nature um off a former officer and Aaron Dean can you forgive
him for what he did to him you know this 28 year old woman a college graduate
very bright woman can you forgive him if he was that are doing a life sentence
then I would forgive him but no not right now
crime skills no you’re a man of God we’ve spoke before you ask your men of
God no not on this one no I can’t no no I can’t it’s not my it’s not for me to
do it on this because I don’t I just couldn’t do it I did this one could be
really cute that’s right that’s why when I first called I want to skip it star no
sir let’s not skip it we’ve spoke before now are you a you a true Christian do
you know your Bible I am NOT a Christian but I know the most Aiyaa oh yes but I
cannot forgive this guy straight up okay okay
I just can’t respect good to talk to you Matt thank you okay crime skills on the
check-in it’s a legitimate question I’ve already said no and let me go a little
bit deeper a little bit deeper the police that went to the house of n/a
Tiana Jefferson they approached that home like they were approaching a crack
house in the fucking slums for those who know that area it’s not the slums it’s
working-class I don’t know if it’s upper middle class but working-class and they
went there with this mentality of wanting to teach somebody a lesson going
if you ask me going into the yard with the flashlights looking for somebody who
stole something that was a wellness check and again I’m even madder now at
the goddamn neighbor he could have met the police at the goddamn driveway he
already said to them that you know cars were in the driveway when he called
lightsworn in the house so why was why would you sit back with stand back oh no
peek out your window you know and watch the Beast go up in there and
do what they do and again even even she had the goddamn gun even if she had a
fucking bazooka she’s posed – you didn’t announce yourself she’s doing in her
mind what she thought was right protecting the eight-year-old you fuck
around out there in the Midwest or even the South somewhere around those guys
didn’t white with those white militia live they’ll come out blasting blasting
the police what area code 904 Cleveland 904 I’m a little extra tonight can you
forgive officer aeryn Dean 904 nigga how you been we’ve been man land I’ve been
overseas man I just got back in man off the boat man making that squirrel up man
okay I’m gonna see I’m seeing someone seeing someone that’s super chatter soon
as I get finished with all this to you man yeah that’s what I been workin man
but uh but uh yeah I think you topic or whatever the case may be and uh hey out
now I can’t forgive that situation that that popped off man is these catches
this was a good Wally man these these last two shoes that some pop dogs be
think there was good people man you know and if this lady was a you know from
where I understand I think she was a teacher of something to that degree or
doctor or something but she was about you know some in one of those type of
professors so you know they just not awful woman man she was in the health
care field and college educated playing out video games at two o’clock good
morning we’re not went over all of that or you have to speed on the form officer
arrested out on bail can you forgive them that’s we all right now yeah yeah
yeah no no I can’t forgive it just let me look put a little something in
regards to that I read the Bible now I don’t read it from Genesis Auto rate of
Revelation right and regards to that forgiveness that forgiveness is for your
fellow man not for your enemy you understand what I’m saying a lot of
people need to go and weep with when they reading it reading chapters I can’t
I can’t think of the verse in Chapter right now but it’s in context it’s not
in regards to enemy which I don’t care what nobody say
my folks are I’ve met your boy whether you like it or not we know that that’s
not forgiveness for your enemy it’s for your fellow man when your fellow man
there’s something agrees against you mm-hmm and and you know when whenever
time passes or whatever you know you’ll forgive time you know time heals room
but it’s not for you in him so that I just wanted to put that out okay no hang
on a second what do you think about the warrant that was issued for Aaron Dean
based upon the what they feel that the eight-year-old nephew stated to the
police yeah and I’m trying to figure out find
out at what point the eight-year-old said that it’s a little blurry here and
you’ve already got the the Fort Worth hold on a second
Fort Worth police chief who said that there was no excuse for what Aaron Dean
did to at Gianna Jefferson no excuse okay
no there’s no there’s no excuse and then also to ours so I would suggest that the
people in that community surround that little boy because this like maybe the
last brother who testified against our guard they might they might Rock easy
easy easy I know you’re going let’s slow down not
talking to crazy yeah I don’t know nothing about Texas law do you think
hypothetical do you think if they do an errand Dean takes it to trial they’re
gonna try and put the eight-year-old understand let’s go there put them on
see when they go try to do is they go try to get is less time for that for
that you know Sam for Dean you know if they can know that’s what it’s gonna be
you know then also to with with him saying that is art he came to the the
thing with with the pistol they’re gonna try to you know just like they showed
the pistol even though that even though she does have a right to carry our own
home in Texas she was like – Gary and also if I can just say that
she’s license right and like and and they didn’t announce themselves to they
aid this is Police blah blah blah you know we making it you know check or
whatever they just came through flashing the flashlight I would blame I – the
winner – like if somebody if I heard somebody coming up to my gate or
whatever take maybe flat it shine a flashlight or whatever now hang on a
second you’re in the south you say yes what state I forget we let me right here
I’m like all right I’m right here in Duval County Jacksonville Florida my G
okay okay yeah down here down south yeah so yeah so
with that being honest think I don’t know Texas law I don’t know Texas law do
the police okay I have to announce police Fort Worth police they have to
okay so can they just come in blasting based upon suspicion no probable cause
no jiggling supposed announcement feeling at all time please are you sure
sir are you sure I’m positive the protocol that SOP standard operating
procedures that you supposed to go through and make it even though over the
non-emergency there’s a standard operating procedure that you supposed to
go through when go you know I’m saying going through non-emergency type
situations you just can’t just walk up into somebody’s house and just you know
without you know making himself known who you are yeah ma’am would if I was
just walking the baby house you know make myself in and out okay listen I
hate to cut you up before before you go before you go LeBron James you know
basketball yet display what’s going on yeah LeBron you talk about he he was all
about the grid he said the man in Houston was mr. Flom LeBron James is
misinformed he even though you know I’m a team and everything aside from the you
know sand from the game or whatever he you know he you know he’s looking out
for the bridge you know and China could date there’s billions of people that
watch basketball in China okay one fan I listen I appreciate the
comment take some of the calls Thank You Man thank you thank you
okay yeah hey Dan I just got your text thank you so much Dana Dana with the
smoke dad are you calling in a is Dana Christian I forget I don’t want to sit
guys I’m looking for some forgiving Christians everybody can’t call up and
say nah hell nah we’re talking Texas we’re talking the same well probably not
the same Fort Worth is close to Dallas I would imagine there are people down
there of a similar thought patterns you know and will keep sending me emails
about the New York Governor saying the n-word
I don’t I don’t care I don’t live in New York but what do you want me to do are
you kicking up some dust does it bother you that Cuomo said something something
on a radio show made reference to the n-word and uh a slander towards Italians
yeah and I recode two to five good evening can you forgive officer aeryn
dean with regards to the shooting oh you have to speed to to know yes how you
doing no stars my best friend man so uh I mean uh I mean it just depends on the
person home you know you know they didn’t you remember we know Jesus was
crucified you know and Jesus said forgive your enemies they pray for your
enemies it well I mean um I guess it just depends on it but favorite person
is living a certain truth like for example arm quickly um I have I have
this thing I didn’t get a chance to show you about a guy named Raul’s timer who’s
wrong who’s we’ve been molesting kids sir I don’t want to talk about that
Croesus what are you doing yes are you doing
oh no saying that I don’t know shit dad not knock it off talk my dad crazy no
I’m saying that we shouldn’t but I’m saying should we forgive a person like
that not always isn’t about to see funding that will make no reference to
children slow it down slow it down wait wait wait wait no I said is wrong I
said he’s wrong in character I’ll say he’s been I’m the one exposing them I’m
guessing wrong I’m not saying should we forgive a person like dumb I’m asking
I’m using as an example what the how do you feel about these if I like a person
like this should get the death penalty compared to a person who just murdered
somebody how do you feel about that saw with that okay okay
so so now where you calling from have we spoke before you sound familiar
oh no we have it okay you came on the line talking about a best friend yep we
talking about yeah I just know you imagine thank you I was like I like you
sure I think you’re very intelligent that’s what I was calling in because I
was saying I had what I was trying to tell you is I had the information to
expose the man because he’s been in and out of there and I’m saying it I just
feel like it’s wrong answer I don’t know who you’re talking about I don’t want to
get into that if you’re exposing somebody if that person has not been
convicted slow it down please slow it down so okay let’s go
back to at Gianna Jefferson how do you feel about the new report according to
the Dallas Morning News that she went to the window with the gun doesn’t make me
depend here to write them oh yeah I feel like she had the right to protect
yourself because there is a self defense law that we do know I don’t know about
in that area but I know that we have as individuals we have the right to defend
ourselves so I feel like I don’t feel like she’s also doing it because it’s so
much killing going on okay so what why are you talking so fast where you come
from you Zollman yeah I’m fine why are you talking so
fast oh you don’t know something no no answer your question but yeah man just
like for example oh well when you when you look at the Bible we have what we
call the Apocrypha so we have different versions of the Bible that gives us a
different story about the so-called Christian on perspective life you have
books that day with Jesus actually doing the opposite like him actually
condemning the woman who was caught in adultery so everything everything has a
different perspective Affairs it’s a different point of view this occurs the
OUA hang on a second you reference to Bible was Jesus perfect some people
think Jesus was perfect what say you I I say first of all let’s look at it Jesus
was it Israelite so first of all here by him being an Israelite he
I also like the way the Bible portrays had been not all the way correct because
if he is the Israelite then he would have been very hot-headed he would it be
even higher he would even be condemning people because remember when when the
woman was caught in adultery according to Christians he forgave her but you
have other versions of the Bible that say he condemned her so yeah I do feel
like that Jesus was hot-headed did Jesus ever kill anybody when he was a kid there’s records of it there’s records
also of him come on now we’re talking I was at the Gospel of Thomas or the
infancy gospel of thomas i forget supposedly he killed a couple of his
friends yes right he did and also he uh he also he beat people up and he own he
was very violent towards his teachers like in school he was very own he was
not behind he’s been betrayed also another thing it’s about that life now
hang on a second slow down I’m joined enjoying the conversation now those
again I’m confused if it was the Gospel of Thomas or the infancy gospel of
thomas people have denounced those books or those Gospels as fiction but you have
the Holy Quran that made reference also to those stories so you can’t just
dismiss that write those stories as false right right just like for example
and notes books we also see that the crucifixion look the Muslims don’t
believe in the crucifixion because these books condemn Nate just like those books
also teach that Jesus had a head of a child with Mary Magdalene there’s also
proof that that’s why she was crying at the crucifixion that she was bearing him
a child and they would be easy listen stay in touch with me man I like
the way you can just go and go and go and go maybe oh you can call back in one
day when I’m kind of like you’re just in a Down mood you can pick the show up
okay yeah what’s your name my name is Caine dope it is ka NE okay de l PR team
you sound like that battle rap are you sure you suck that battle rapper that’s
always in oh no I’m not you okay no I’m not what’s his name kid dangerous
you sure that’s not you you know you keep it real come on man I’m no style
founded is not a race it’s not how dangerous is that you dangerous is that
you hang on a sec I’m looking at Elijah is that kid dangerous guy Ozzy no send
me an email and we’ll chop it up again there thank you thank you yo he was talking fast what the fuck
give me a second guys again Thank You Dana okay can you forgive
officer Aaron Dean that’s tonight’s topic or LeBron James is he a civil
rights leader or if he’s not as civil rights leader is he well versed on
foreign policy why is he speaking up can I get some type of basketball aficionado
tonight I don’t care enough to pull up the goddamn tweets I don’t give a shit
what LeBron James is saying he’s got some HBO barber barber shop show never
even cared to watch that Johnny did oh good evening sends in a super chat nigga
all caps that license to carry ain’t gonna mean shit when the white man’s
melanin seeking robots come through your door blastin fuck outta here star okay
you took you’re talking about me well listen man when it’s time to go it’s
time to go you know I’ve done so much shit in my earlier days man I wouldn’t
be surprised if my door kids gets kicked in you know a 3:00 a.m. 5:00 in the
afternoon I wouldn’t be surprised but I’m going out in the blood a blaze of
glory yes I am just notice leading Cerises star I ain’t forgiving shit I’m
banging on the Beast Oh cap CSeries salute to the general sorrow Suton Ceti
yeah how’s he don’t seeing his videos in a while I’m sure
he’s so you know putting it down I fuck with sorry I assume city heavy okay uh
coconut shrimp says via super jet I anything giving shit just more evidence
that black lives don’t matter to these pigs and if I hear one more hypothetical
on this show it’s on site okay thank you thank you well listen you know
hypotheticals as you may or may not know I don’t do them but I have to at least
try and position things so that we can have a conversation and it’s not just
about me trying to steer the narrative you know again I’m bothered by the fact
that you know he shot her when the police approached the house
based upon the goddamn neighbor I’m trying not to be so uh you know just Agee about it or angry I’m not angry but
you know just fuckin neighbor he should move not that I wish anything bad upon
him but you can’t live there and clearly just you know go past that house and not
think about what happened Bubba Quan good evening sends in a super jet
welcome r.i.p boss hogg ok ok
fuck him off Rep boss hogg ok fuck him he will get his as the teacher
of key & peele would yell you didn’t fucked up hey Ron okay thank you ma’am
thank you good black racist okay he’s clapping at my spelling thank you thank
you black races Dana sent me a text message thank you so much thank you for
your donation all right let me go back to the phone lines and then I’m coming
to more cash apps area code 9 0 9 is that Lucania on the check-in 909 hey how
are you ma’am I’m trying to calm down a little extra tonight I’m just yeah I
don’t give a shit about the goddamn whoever you know came to the window with
the gun I don’t care changes nothing in my mind what say yes what say you well I
mean to me in general man most the time I don’t
forgive people you know I don’t forgive I don’t forget especially when I feel
that you knew what you were doing so this guy right here he’s supposed to be
a trained for this officer and he’s entering people home dancing no
forgiveness yeah yeah get this guy to the electric
that’s it I highly doubt that he’s gonna do life or anything I and and and I’m
not a problem I’m not a product I’m just saying that you know I I’m alone when it
goes all right I like game and all right when he had an opinion that’s usually
uneducated about about social issues I always wonder why is he putting himself
in such a position and he always come back to me that this guy is feasible for
promoting his brand and one of the later on ejp smoke what I
would say about him now hang on a second Luke a need to be fair to be fair and I
don’t do hypothetical but if we had Twitter back with Muhammad Ali what was
at his peak huh do you think he would have been doing
too much I think Kareem abdul-jabbar and to the topic the
topic was he will write for African Americans now we have lebron addressing
that’s going on in China Chinese people don’t give a shit about African
Americans they call me in a play professional basketball there’s a whole
bunch of money well the last time we talked about in the inequalities in
America when was the last time but you know thinking Elaine I’m not saying
don’t have an opinion okay now hang on a second look Andy can you
stay with me because sometimes I’m not trying to marginalize you but sometimes
you’re you’re very supportive of African Americans but then there’s other times
when you just you you come for their next you want to hang on take a call
with me yeah no problem yeah everything code three one four good
evening are you there three one four please how are you sir
people oh man great oh no no forgiveness man you can’t forgive Terrace you know
servicemen terrorists coming for you there’s no there’s no way you forgive
that okay you know just to help it helps the audience out they look at uh USD
codes 18 section 23 31 tells you if those people that ride up and down your
street with those light or domestic curves okay those are
the real terms okay so what was jobs on the hit and garbs on those are the terms
right sir descendants of the slave catchers yes
yeah you know you could say like that you know when first thought it would uh
anyone that thought it yeah okay I had Lucania on the line have you heard
Luke a nice peak before he’s he’s uh originally from Arthur Congo and
sometimes he supports African Americans sometimes he doesn’t familiar with him
no I’m not familiar will any thoughts on the Bron James I’m trying to find out if
he’s doing something I don’t know about he’s kicked up some dust his comments
with regards to a Hong Kong pro-democracy which is what the the
Houston Rockets general manager was talking about are you lebron james fan
or do you know basketball no basketball not a LeBron James fan I like what he
did you know that for what he did when he was young you know of it said now
this political thing better informed he he doesn’t have a nationality so he’s
not qualified to speak on anybody can you break that down where you going with
that sir applicant african-american African American is not a nationality go
back there’s not a nationality come oh yes yes so he has no no area to speak on
it a civil rights that’s uh that’s a privilege like a driver’s life they got
it you know oh that’s worth it you don’t do me right
first before you get civil rights okay all right Lou Kane do you want to chime
in what the caller says Luke any are we good yeah I mean what I would say that
means American right on the United States of America but I understand what
you’re saying he shouldn’t be addressing other issues
before addressing african-american issues you know and that’s basically
what I’m saying you know talk about what’s going on here in America
tell you I take care of the kids here forget about China okay well repeat that again say it again yeah I said take care of the kids in
America right we are fused ahi again shot by the cops
these are homeless and shit like that take your home talking about Hong Kong
right right and it’s the same with any one of us if they say that they’re going
to vote why when the Obama policy enforces kills one of our people that we
don’t go and get them for domestic terrorism that’s one case we really take
out right there besides the murders now you know come on
but you got these people that look like us with a suit in the town that won’t
you vote they not doing anything about it and they selling you out to the
corporations so do you yourself vote do you vote no no I didn’t think you did I
was just just asking okay okay well listen I appreciate the call I
appreciate Cola and think of your perspective thank you all right yeah
Lucania hang on we can he stay right there boss chick Ronnie just sent me a
text hold on a second look Kenny Ronnie says
she wants to chime in on what you’re saying oh yeah
boss chick Ronnie are you there area code 732 good evening hey hey hey hey
hi Lou Tony hey Ronnie you sent me a text saying Lucania has something
backwards can you clarify Ronnie yeah it’s not that LeBron is speaking out for
civil rights issues over in China he’s actually telling the general manager of
Houston Rockets to be quiet about civil rights issues the reason he’s trending
is because he’s getting a lot of backlash for what he said because it was
basically telling the guy to shut up this is what you know coincidentally
Laura Ingraham ahem so you’re not that he’s trying to tape four people over in
China he’s telling the other guy be quiet
you’re uninformed you don’t know what you’re talking about it and I think he
even said that we have the power of social media but sometimes we need to be
careful and mindful of others in business yeah business business you know
we’re talking about a four billion dollar relationship here between China
and NBA and the fallout of the situation has already started to take shape
you have the state-run TV that’s now suspended all games you know who knows
what else is going to be canceled in terms of these contracts no and they’re
burning his jerseys over there in certain parts of China all right Lou
Kane do you want to respond look to what Ronnie said or has she wrestled you down
to the ground with China I did that however however very telling somebody
that uniform I don’t think quiet because the Chinese
Chinese people come you can make a whole bunch of money and they don’t give a
shit about Americans right now hang on a second we also have to focus more on
Hong Kong as opposed to you China what we’re talking about comes out of China and you make money with China be quiet
you know just because you returned when a politicians here don’t have the same
on social issues for black people the content he’s the first one to talk shit
right he’s the first one to call people to be call out you know I honestly I
honestly don’t know I don’t follow him Ryan do you want to respond to what Lou
cainy says or do we give Luke a ting the last word he’s referring to the
hypocrisy of the situation he LeBron is very vocal now I don’t you know I don’t
follow him or anything but I am aware of you know his repeated instances of
weighing in on politics and social justice issues so I guess the point that
Lucania is making is that he you know weighs in on things over here so he
shouldn’t be saying that you know daryl morey isn’t qualified to speak on what’s
going on over there is that your point lucania thank you ma’am for checking in
we’ll talk soon okay all right okay second riding hold on a second um
brother Moe greetings so he sends in a cash app he says forgive ofc Deen means
officer question mark fuck naw hashtag long live mark Essex okay Wow he’s going
there thank you sir um did you just hear Jason
Tiffany hey tiffany tiffany says a supporter of the show please take my
call Tiffany what what why are you calling in from I don’t see a number can
you save me an email and just say uh which which number you’re calling in
from Ronnie I’m going to look for um Tiffany’s number also uh did you want to
say something about yesterday or are we past that yes there was Columbus Day and
people say you’re part of do people say you’re part of Joffe yes you know I it
took me I didn’t even realize it until two minutes later that that was
obviously what you were getting at when you asked me about Columbus Day because
obviously you know that I’m not Italian okay hang on a second Ronald sends in a
cab he says fuck nigga of the Year award goes to
Aaron Dean okay thank you and Ron appoint me Elvis the chef Rosenberg
leaving sir I was you calling India do you want to stand your ground on what
you said about the conspiracy I got about nine emails behind what
Elvis the chef Rosenberg said about this whole thing is a hoax hold on a second
I’m looking for he said he sent me email where’s it from Elvis I don’t see it I
don’t see your email somebody send me some long ass emails I can’t be there
right now sorry garden boy King 24 says a pickup boss Nick it’s me
area code nine one took your hand a second Ronnie can you hang out do you
have to go what’s your story tonight no okay hold on a second garden boy King 24
is that you on the line I got your cash yep yes sir what’s up star this your boy
got a second in Savannah Georgia how are you man what’s going on with you hey I’m
good man I’m real good I thought you I thought you notification I said well let
me chime in and support the machine mm-hmm thank you thank you so then you
forgive former officer Aaron deal it’s never mind my thoughts and what I feel
don’t let me sway you can you forgive him it may have been a clusterfuck and a
mistake he saw he saw somebody with a gun
Wow well let me let me put it to you like this a while ago I heard you still
tell the infamous story that to this day I loved when you was running in and out
in and out all fucking night but I going back in and out all fucking dying
didn’t they what the fuck is y’all doing the way in is help
would you been able forgive the cop that shot up the motherfucking partner she
was running with in and out you want to be able to do that and the mom fucking
oh no way hang on hang on hang on hang on now to to keep it all the way a
hundred back in the days 1981 until 91 anybody that I was sniffing coke with I
believin give a fuck about him like that it was every man for himself
I have no problem telling you now they’re real
yes to get out of certain situations I gave niggas up yeah so it so yeah the
police kicked pony’s kicking it in the door that was regularly shit I remember
the cops kicked in the door 527 152nd Street fourth floor take the goddamn
door with fuckin all sorts of guns and shit right next to my apartment you know
what I did I slam my door bang bail and I knew the guy next door who they were
going for it’s none of my business but guy you say that’s right and just like
that infamous stories that the bump of the car would even shot you and you was
my motherfucker brother I ain’t forgetting shit the hall ride in my
rocker so what I said are you a Christian sir are you a Muslim are you a
Jehovah’s Witness why are you not a forgiving person come on come on
well let’s keep it real I’m spiritual not religious and yeah mama drove my
eyes all the way to church and every fucking Sunday Bible study men’s night
and all that dumb shit well I won’t say Tom don’t say dumb she don’t don’t be
disrespectful yeah good about myself but that this day and age man I rather I
read a pop pop over you too and listen to you for two and a half hours and wake
up early to see a man in a suit tell me the same story that I known her over 50
times all my life thank you so you know I get I think more value out of this
show in this content and go see the man behind the proof it and you know yeah I
mean you file all that you give me five minutes
thank God give him my socks off if he can’t even call me up say hey man you
want five minutes you know what I mean okay
okay look I appreciate you man thank you for calling I’m gonna get to the circus
long time oh thank you me I’m get tip you okay all right thank you thank you
yes okay who knows second guys later Ronnie I’m gonna bring in Tiffany she’s
been a hole for a while Tiffany are you there area code two for
a Tiffany hi star I’m here hey how are you I’m good our first-time caller
longtime supporter all right thank you for being patient where do you want to
start LeBron James a Cuba Gooding jr. or all right officer Aaron Dean definitely
not LeBron I have nothing to add to that I’m not a sports fanatic I don’t know
what’s going on there I’m not up to speed Cuba Gooding that’s laughable but
I’ll have to get to that at another time see I’m trying not to be a player hater
but I am actively oh my god it’s a tragedy listen behind the scenes I am
actively trying to contact one of those 14 women that he allegedly assaulted
okay I heard the number is growing from 14 now I don’t know I do not can’t even
it’s something different every five minutes depending on what outlet you’re
looking at or getting your information from but what I’ve been listening to is
you talk about forgiveness and where people are at with forgiving this
murderer and of course we know that’s objective obviously depending on your
relationship to the tragedy so I get that it just in my personal life I have
had issues with forgiveness with my own family and nobody died and it could have
been for five minutes it could have been for five years so it really is
subjective well what I think is unforgivable is the scrutiny of the
police force okay the what they’re doing in order to recruit people to actually
be police officers correct me if I’m wrong there has to be some level of
fearlessness in an individual who would want to sign up for a type of service
that could risk you losing your own life there has to be some level of
selflessness some type of courage that’s not just innate in every other
individual otherwise everybody would be doing it and with the actions of these
police officers nowadays everybody can sign up encode a gun and shoot somebody
because there’s no scrutiny here so you shouldn’t in this instant
put your hands up and then you just shoot a gun no you would have a
de-escalation tactic if you were that type of person who innately is selfless
and understand you have some level of courage about yourself you’re not just
scared and shaking with a gun if I can jump in and to be fair go ahead to be
fair and to try and be objective I’ve never been a police officer I was
rejected four times but there are though there are those that become you know
hardened cops they become jaded they see the bad in everybody and they have this
feeling of guilt before they even question you you know so so um that’s
what some right that’s not what this guy he was a he was a rookie but I’m just
saying just overall sometimes you have this perception of a perception of us
against them and that’s why you have certain people within these unions like
Patrick what is it Ronnie do you remember the guys name Patrick is it
Patrick Lynch from New York ahead of the the PBA yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah he’s
just got this fucking added to our guys it’s always the public they hate us you
know but anyway I’m rambling but do you understand what I’m saying where am i
way off no no I do I do get what you’re saying
I know that doesn’t apply with this situation but it applies to what you’re
saying too just because there have been officers who are veterans or who have
been on the police force much longer than this rookie and we’ve got the same
end result so you’re absolutely right it’s just in this case I’m so floored
because the scrutiny that they’re you’re not
using any I just think certain people who sign up for this type of service
which is a service that can cause you to lose your life meaning every day you
clock in and you leave your house and you go to work there’s a potential
you’re not going to come back and there has to be a certain level of
selflessness within you for a person to want to sign up for that type of work me
I’m not that type of person I hang on a second Ronnie you want to jump in and
say something was when I heard you say we oh hey Ronnie how you doing hi Ronnie
alright you said that just now that the this us-versus-them mentality that’s
echoed by people like Pat Lynch that isn’t applicable here in this situation
but it totally is because these officers didn’t respond and do a proper wellness
check on and knock on this woman Thor she was playing call of duty in her
house she couldn’t be any more innocent they showed up these idiots like they
were playing call of duty prowling around they didn’t even park in front of
the house prowling around her property that’s that that is the epitome of us
versus them he literally hunted this woman down on her property
never even announcing himself yeah and if I can also add Ronnie if I’m not
mistaken the neighbor after she was shot and killed I think it was that that
later on that day or something something to that effect he said that the police
didn’t even come with their fucking lights flashing am I wrong I thought I
heard him say that no that’s correct they showed up like in stealth mode yes
literally they parked away from the house yeah jigaboo Jones that’s what I’m
calling the neighbor jigaboo Jones I’m sorry Tiffany you were saying you want
to respond to what well no I I agreed with both of you are saying it’s just I
still feel like I don’t know what type of aptitude test or what scrutiny or
what it is they do to recruit the force that they have but there’s clearly a
problem we can find a lot of areas with this scenario where there’s a problem
even it just comes to the citizens this
person you know feeling that it was okay to even initiate a phone call because
they thought something was wrong but where was the wherewithal in them to
even go check themselves without having to get law enforcement involved so
there’s a issue there all across the board is just I wish some emphasis would
be put on what is it that these police forces are actually doing to scrutinize
who they are recruiting and who says yay or nay to pass this test so we’re now
you can protect and serve this is not protecting inserting well I
have to give the police credit because I I did not I did not deserve a gun control I would have been Harvey Keitel
in that movie was that movie called something lieutenant you’re talking
about I can’t I will be doing 40 years right now anyway I’m sorry I’m rambling
okay well listen I appreciate your donation thank you for chiming in Ronny
any response to what Tiffany says or do we give her the last word Tiffany I just
want to say thank you for taking yeah I just want to say thank you for taking my
call i Ronnie and Starr both of you I think you’re doing a phenomenal job and
adding Ronnie for this platform job was a very good choice I enjoy listening and
I will keep supporting the show and I will call back again have a great
evening thank you thank you I know okay you too
bye-bye hang on a second Ronnie yeah I didn’t deserve a fucking badge and a gun
I had to finally realize that years later you know they looked at me and
said yes sir this fucking asshole is sweating his eyes are out he call it
dilated ever so your hiring policy worked back then yeah
what was what’s that called dilating when your pupils are what’s that
violated or a dilation zone yeah hang on a second Ronnie um lived it sends in a
super chat who is this neighbor why was she so determined to have a weapon at
the ready on her window question mark did she just finish spazzing on a
peeping tom question mark the neighbour was actually a male sir was it James
Smith Ronnie I’m forgetting I think the neighbor was James Smith yeah and he has
already spoken to the press if you did not see this and his reason for calling
the police again was the fact that the doors were open or the front door was
open at the house from I think 10 p.m. up until the time that she was killed
around 2:30 and all the lights were on but you know he never went to the house
he never called over there never went up in the driveway and beat the goddamn
horn so yeah I’m just I’m still pissed with the neighbour
James Smith yeah yeah ok hold a second let me go – uh hey there’s enough good
evening sir sends in a super chat star LeBron is more concerned with pitching
space jammed who then anybody’s rights at the moment that Asia market was only
ones looking to swallow that garbage is he in Space Jam – didn’t she kill
O’Neill through the original film I never saw that I just did you ever see
Space Jam you know what yeah and the Space Jam sneakers are a huge huge deal
I’m sure they own China and LeBron okay okay gorillas Oh gleaming sends in a
super jet I’ll consider Ronnie black before I consider LeBron a civil rights
leader at them niggers in Hong Kong worried
about us here first Wow okay thank you gorillas Oh a bush
kid on the cheque India superjet piece store the cop came to shoot to kill they know the neighborhood they’re going
to when they get a damn call this is written in all caps no forgiving KKK
cracker okay thank you sir thank you and there be bubble Kwan’s okay no bubble
Kuan says I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbor went to the wake and the
funeral smoking on the inside like a sucker no he said smirking important
smirking on the inside like a sucker wow that that’s kind of crazy he’d
better watch out for himself Loki do you think the neighbour would even go to the
funeral Ronnie even asked that question I think
he should move like you said you should move like right next door to a police
department so that you know if they have really their door open he can call them
and let them know yeah area code 9 1 0 greeting can you forgive former officer
Aaron Dean I was are you there let’s go man I’m from North Carolina but you know
I Drive truck so my home terminus in Texas and when I say Texas is why Texas
as well ok better have your trigger finger on the trigger when you in Texas
so kiss me I’m gonna be the eyeball all the situation’s okay I mean these these
cops with less training man when they come into the hood they know their life
can be at risk stay on point so if they feel like they life-threatening human
not acting nope hmm and pretty much man you gotta
forgive so for all the people who say they can’t forgive them what you gonna
do what you gonna do you gonna just hold a grudge 20 30 years
I’ll try so social media what you gonna do about it
right the only thing I can say for black people if you tie to these white cops
killing your family member join the police force that way when your friend
crazy oh god they’re threaten your life and
you bust a cap to him what they don’t say then it’s crazy
at least you brought a solution to the table I appreciate that now can I ask
how old you and what part of North Carolina are you from I’m 34 okay
it’s just now I know man you gotta talk to you a couple of times so Frank right
Carolina doe yeah so when you see now one knows you know with me
but so hang loose and I you you’re one of those respectfully what one of those
no word North Carolina uh folk because you’re my father’s from North Carolina
he was he’s hardcore he yeah you know just I’ll just say a hardcore I don’t
wanna repeat things he said you know but uh you one of those newer folks you do
believe in forgiving you got to man I mean may you I’ve never been a law
forcing the officer but you gotta understand Mandy’s people know their
life can be thinking that any time it’s not the good old days were the law by
citizens just gonna lock you up people ready to kill over their freedom so a
hostile job like that man it ain’t no forgive mmm for the foot off saying go
forgiving they trained they trained killing machine so when the situation
arise you best believe self-preservation is the number one option for them so you
gotta forgive okay okay so I think you can call thanks I will be to our
computer our powerful everybody I appreciate your perspective thank you so
much thank you yeah yeah I’m here other people say what they feel you don’t
follow my lead my leader or my father used to say back
in the 70s growing up in New Jersey in case you
don’t know where I’m from Scotch Plains New Jersey that’s where I was born and
raised if somebody knocked on the door it was it was a roll me and my older
brother could not touch the door get away from that door now my father never
hit me never spanked me just I was a spoiled kid my mother used to give me
uppercuts wheel kicks speed speed nuts and I jammies and shit
like that but you know my father he’s hey don’t touch that door boy and he
would never he would never go to the door again from North Carolina Durham to
be exact and he always used to uh you know have a gun sitting in the recliner so my knock on the door he would say
what you all what talk to him sit from sitting in the chair never will you go
you know open the window open the window it would never open the door and then he
would say something slick like you got the right one
gon get the fuck out of here but would never open the window open the door
anyway um hang on a second Ronnie I’m just I’m
rambling here area code 770 good evening can you forgive officer Aaron Dean 7 7 8 absolutely
ok absolutely sounds like Jason’s that you Jason sounds like the guy you
haven’t taken a call not that your shows yeah I’m busy Jason I’m busy let’s get
to it so you come together but there’s
something wrong because you know I’m on the line the funner no that’s cool did I
do something wrong or we could just reckon hey Jason listen listen to me
white boy again I go where the money is I got no friends you and I are cool but
if you ain’t spend no goddamn money I get you when I get you you got me I get
that I wanted more white voices on the show spin all black don’t you know
a white boys I’m I’m color neutral who the fuck are you thanks for no money
fuck to you you’re still going with the colony so let’s get the fuck out of here
everybody give me a hung up on I’m gonna twist a white boy called me like like
you do me a favor I got the white perspective slavery co2 you know I tried
not to say this shit that my father said when I was growing up but don’t ever get
it fucked up about me and who can get it everybody can get it on this guy dear
microphone good evening to 1/3 are you there
we’re talking about a former officer Aaron Dean can you forgive them 2 1 3
hello hello two months yes no maybe ok just keep them moving let’s go to
area code uh 307 good evening 307 all your a question are you a Jehovah’s
Witness can you forgive this former officer lucky you hear me yes sir good evening
ma’am whoever you are no this is uh me I’m a believer
Christian you might worth it for the forgiveness though man I um it all
depends on the family really I mean if it would happen to my family or vows
input and into that situation I probably and time of course you know and it can
take years I’m not sure if it’d be look in second gear
towards the end of my life who knows but you know you see people struggling on
forgiveness like what’s that that case where uh well hang on a second sir
respectfully you said you are a believer now you don’t have to be religious to be
a believer but now it is the spirit or the higher power your core is that your
cordon if it is then it’ll be I believe it cry you know okay okay so so it is
your duty to live your life in a christ-like manner you see that’s the
thing a Christian other people don’t break you down that
technical but when you’re a Christian it’s your duty to live your life in a
christ-like manner so you’re supposed to forgive yes yes but it’s actually
difficult to it can be any type of thing is not just forgiving it can be any type
of any type of thing that you struggle with you know I’m saying but you tried
your best to live like your Lord but you’re gonna mess up or stumble
throughout your life you know that’s the that’s the beautiful of the gospel but
uh well then hang on serve especially respectfully when Jesus died on the
stake he didn’t die on a cross you know that yes he died on a stake his hands up
yeah that looked really mean to be family of the tree yeah this big tree
state your hands up not extend it out you if you know if you really know what
did he say forgive them father come on well it was record it was recorded from
the person I think that I think you’re going there I’m not sure okay so what
was said come on Luka Matthew with you what we say then they account for um
forgive them what they do you’re supposed to forgive I gotta say you know
like I said some people struggle on certain aspects they don’t necessarily
have to be forgiven you know some people struggling on you know watching
pornography or having sex before marriage or where yes you know but do
they do they try to do that no just you know man I’ve fallen that’s what a favor
had to come man the human race I’ve fallen from the beginning of time yeah
but like heretics heathens whoremongers yes say that one more time I can I can hear you heretics havens Oh
whoremongers yes I mean I’m the under I understand like I said I understand that
is what we need forgiveness get him off the line but why am i fighting with him
Ronny what were my is it me am i doing too much I’m talking about forgiving my
buddy Mike you’re pulling teeth there I’m giving people who it’s their duty to
forgive the floor to say yes I’ll forgive them or something to that effect
don’t follow my fucking lead hey my second let me go to a stupid shit I’ll
be right back stay there was my Pellegrino purple love good evening
sending in a super Chan star I like the way your father was he sounds like he
was a real man that stood his ground and what he believed that’s sexy you don’t
see much of that anymore my father was racist and a hater I loved
him and I liked him always made me laugh I called him bill bill you know spoiled
leave shit out of me good man but he left my mother he left my mother tuned
me up and I couldn’t go to him and say hey she socked me in the I couldn’t do
that it was her way or the highway you know but thank you Chris boom thank you
Chris boom says Jason wants white privilege on the phone lines get his
broke ass the fuck out of here listen I appreciate Jason but you know just come
on don’t call her here act like you like I owe you something especially if you
wait you hear me talk about what what the fuck my father taught me ain’t
giving no white person nothing up in here free thank you up Chris Ivan G
sends in a super Jew he says yo boss nigga this Ivan Jeon
– one for okay hang on a sec let me get in line Ivan gee where are you sir
yeah you’re spending scrilla this motherfucking show gets paused – one for
you there’s for Ivan gee good evening good evening long time no hear
hey what’s up man how you thank you for your support good man I’m blessed I’m
joking joking hey just calling up I’m here in the DFW
hope I call the Chairman on his IP on a Jefferson issue yes sir yes sir
oh man first off first off I don’t forget that do you know the time for
forgiveness down here is up man you know and no one else forgiven amber tiger
that was that was the bottom jaw family you know they from st. Lucia but so
niggas down here ain’t forgiven that they’re just not forgiven and this is
gonna boil over now let me say it is let me say it is there there is no the cloud
back is in Dallas there is no real clout back in Fort Worth okay it is not and I
heard you say where she lived was a upper middle class neighborhood and I
said working class working class working class Oh working class okay my mistake
yeah where she lives in the city limits before work there is nothing like that
so so I’m gonna tell you what else that officer went there and did that okay
that area where she lives Fort Worth is a heavy gangbang area okay
I said this earlier when talking to Maine a milkman Fort Worth is a heavy
gangbang area okay so when those laws are calm when those laws come to the
house and number one that got called because the door was open at two o’clock
in the damn morning the door was open and unlocked well that’s an issue right
there and then uh I don’t know hang on sir if I can jumping in and I appreciate
I appreciate your perspective this is the reason why even more I have
a problem with that coonass neighbor if you know it’s a gang area if you know
you know the beasts are comin with no fucks given why would you call them if
you know that there’s an eight-year-old in there if you know that all the cars
are there if you know that that that 28 year old girl college-educated if you
know she’s there why would you call the police take your
punk ass over there that’s my problem what’s it well here’s the possibility
star motherfuckers might have been up in the house and if he walked in there he
might have called one off you scared go to church I can’t do it I can’t cosign
no old scannings I can’t do that I’m sorry no sir how many take it back
that’s the same area that was all cops where two niggas tried to break in on a
broad to go ahead and the neighbor went in and bust one of the niggas in the
stomach with a 30-hour fuck coming through the window that’s the same
neighborhood in forward it’s all cops I hear you separate I can’t cosign an
old skin nigga can’t do that well hey yes I understand yeah I understand you
on that but but well here’s the thing no he don’t there’s no forgiveness he
didn’t follow procedure he didn’t follow protocol you have to announce yourself
when you show up you have to do that and I said are you sure in the state of
Texas because I don’t know if the police is supposed to say police what would
policing they are suppose they are supposed to announce themselves the
police got killed in some apartment for not announcing himself okay they still
like to do it up but the police did not announce itself to do shot through the
front door kill policemen you know the white police had a black wife it was all
over the news okay oh yeah he would say was to put the
doors the doors are already the door is already unlocked and open why not just
come through the front door mouthing you okay hey man I appreciate the call thank
you for your support man thank you so much okay talk about LeBron James no
come on I’m sorry come on a man all abroad James
said is there are consequences for utilizing free speech I’m paraphrasing
that’s all you see it and you know even though you have free speech if you use
it there can be consequences that’s all he said
but the motherfuckin so while in China that they didn’t give a fuck about what
he did has made it sound like he was tried with the enemy but but that’s the
truth you can speak up he ain’t no fucking civil rights leader would you
get you you can speak up but that means there can be consequences
I mean look look what happened going back before LeBron James remember my
mood Abdul Rauf who was the first leader or sitter doing the national anthem
remember here okay right right right come on got blackballed by the NBA he
got blackballed by the NBA nobody stood up for him at that time
he just got blackballed well well listen I hear what you’re saying but at the
same time you know unless LeBron James and I’m just going off the top here I
know nothing about LeBron James aside from when he does on the court again I
don’t follow him on fucking social media you know unless he’s some type of guy
damn a foreign policy you know expert or someone who has a deep understanding of
what’s going on in Hong Kong it’s probably best that he does not the fuck
off because you’re talking my people out there that that I guide am fighting the
goddamn police with no fucks given and for him to say that the other guy from
the Houston Rockets is uninformed it’s a clusterfuck and he and now he’s talking
about it more but given last word yeah he’s he’s Fugazi anyway cuz he’s trying
to eat him put together another super team after the one who put together in
Miami and he failed there thanks for the same bullshit though yeah he eats will
gaze II anyway okay yeah but rightfully to get him the fuck out of here man
thank you call salut okay all right – one for me check-in Ronni anything else we need to since you
joined and I don’t want to just put the pressure on you with regards to uh
officer formula officer Aaron D I think lost you want to mention tonight we’re
gonna try and track down some of the women that are accusing Cuba Gooding jr.
yes behind the scenes yes we are going to see if we can talk to them about what
he did to them yeah yeah any thoughts any comment so you have to speed on Gina
Rodriguez she was up on Instagram she spit some bars to a song she said nigga
is that a big deal of D nut to speed I didn’t hear about that yet but you know
as relates to your question about James Dean I know that I know that a couple of
the callers who you know said that they could forgive him and then spoke about
forgiveness they sort of made it out to be that it’s you know forgiveness is for
you it’s so that you can move on you know as if you’re going to be stuck in a
catatonic state unable to function in life and that’s ridiculous it’s it’s
possible to not forgive the person who murdered your relative and still live
your life yeah yeah so I just don’t give a fuck about you I don’t have to forgive
you I just don’t give a fuck about you fuck about your life here right anything
you know you don’t matter to me right yeah
you’ve taken something from me and it’s probably best that I just forget about
you otherwise I might do something to you and then fuck up my life some people
can have that perspective it doesn’t always have to be you know forgiving so
I can move on and not carry the hatred inside you I mean but again I want to be
respectful to those who who do live under that umbrella of forgiveness you
know yeah well it’s not just um you know religious people there’s a lot of like
hippie like people who you know think that you have to forgive in order to
preserve your inner peace as if it’s something that’s going to torment you
unless you forgive a person you don’t have to forgive anybody for
okay hold on a second money I’m going to a couple of cash ads and Jason stop
emailing me I just I don’t like people that are annoying imma send you to the
spam folder I’m naughty I’m not opening your emails knock it the fuck off I
don’t want ten fucking emails from you doing my goddamn show is it Coral coral
sends in a cash at star do better what does this do better Space Jam is
starring Michael Jordan okay thank you so much for the clarification I forget
those cool jiggy basketball movies what film was Shaquille O’Neal in was it
Shazam or something huh yeah damn that was tracks movie was it Shazam I made me
stay in that room can you can you double check but I
didn’t can you double check because make anybody watch that movie well listen is
there some movie that Shaquille O’Neal was in it wasn’t space Dan but thank you
so much for the clarification coral okay hey uh Duvall seven seven seven says who
remembers when Steve the Dean got at Ronny did you ever see the Dean running
yes I did okay yes I did and he wanted to perform an analysis on me after
talking to me for two minutes oh that’s right okay okay okay that’s
the homie Steve the Dean oh you know I should check with him isn’t he down in
Texas hold on a second let me see if I can text him thank you up for reminding
me Duval 777 and thank you for your cash at Xavier okay javi yells on the jacking
ah shit hold on a second maybe he’s got a
different perspective I’m trying to calm down folks I’m just you know
hard-working young lady gunned down I don’t give a goddamn if she was coming
to the door with a desert eagle or a fucking calico with a double-action
knock on the fucking door where are you have y’all I don’t see you
6 1 7 hours should wait a minute wait is this you right here have yellow you
there sir good evening have yellow how’s it going hey Ronnie thank you for your
support what do you want to jump in please
so first I wanted to go into the lows of Bron James saying LeBron James is full
and that means fake everybody thought I said four last time I said folks okay
LeBron James as a full black activist or active human rights activist let’s say
that because he spends a lot of time bashing the president over families
being separated at the border and all that crazy stuff and now he’s an arm of
a communist regime trying to tell people in the NBA that they need to watch what
they say about freedom fighters in Hong Kong trying to preserve their rights and
their freedoms as an independent government and nation from the Chinese
people they have a few decades left of freedom before they have to come under
the Chinese communist regime so he’s absolutely hypocrite in that and that uh
in that right these are dunce cap dummy that was blessed with being able to
dribble a basketball while running down a paint with a large frame so I take him
as a joke when every day whenever these basketball players start talking about
politics and social things it’s a joke dumbass haven’t let me stop well I think
I’m crazy okay with the dead dummies and they don’t need to be talking about
social issues that is magnitude you seem a the guy the Houston Rockets guy
scratching his head like a five-year-old trying trying to conjure up something to
say I didn’t see that because again I’m not fully fully up to speed I mean I
don’t dislike LeBron James but I just I don’t give a shit what he says off the
court and maybe that’s you know kind of I fucked up but you know just there’s a
lot of people just I don’t want to follow them I don’t care what they’re
thinking I don’t give a fuck about their perspectives he’s one of those people
the reason the reason why I say I dislike
uh LeBron James is because he’s being dishonest and what you say and this is
proof of it he’s literally being a hypocrite he’s a human rights activist
in America and just trying to collapse our president and then he’s an arm of a
communist regime when it comes to the China and Hong Kong protesters and the
last guy and the last guy who was talking about you saying people got to
think about what they say no he’s speaking against free speech and freedom
inside Hong Kong you don’t have to think about that you shouldn’t have to think
about what you’re saying when you are supporting okay people that are fighting
for their freedom okay so no he doesn’t get a pass for that in my opinion so
I’ll leave that right there okay I wanted to go into the cop and the
forgiveness thing yeah contrary to what the contrary to what
most people I think Ronnie believes I do think there’s room for forgiveness and
that let me explain that if this forget if there were more at the guilt and the
remorse for what somebody has done is sincere then yeah yes there’s room for
you to forgive now that doesn’t mean that you don’t want justice to be served
okay with that being said I would say you’re a very forgiving person
you let people come back on this line and you respect the Lord and the Lord
directs you that people for the Israelites well no notes
slow down you know you see you you do know okay but no no one directs me you
know I I don’t know the Lord directs you to be forgiven if you forgive din the
Father shall forgive you no you know what I’m saying I put people in timeout
so they so they can gather their thoughts you know and come back I mean I
don’t hate anybody yeah you gather your thoughts you’ll respect the platform and
come back on but don’t come in here you know talking reckless and crazy and I
know I sound repetitive sometimes when I say I don’t own you too but you know
what DJ Elias and myself went through in the
early days of YouTube it’s like I’m not trying to hear shit about yo keep it
real yeah yeah but we used to go 10 to 20 toes fuckin down and always the page
was fucking suspended shit was taken down demonetized you know I’ll give the
last word I’m sorry yeah I wanted to say and that forgiveness is directed by the
Lord not Christ Christ is not God when crisis ended to heaven cause you had at
the right end of God when he said when he ascended to heaven Easter he said at
the right hand of his father so I’m not saying we should be all hugging
motherfuckers and shit I’m saying scuse my language I’m saying
that malicious hatred is not the end so you should still say somebody is fully
and sincerely regretful for what they did you can forgive but that doesn’t
mean you don’t want justice you can serve and we absolutely want justice to
be served yeah that’s it thank you have y’all thank you man for your support
again thank you guys yes sir all right we got a few more minutes wine are you
good for another eight minutes or so mm-hmm okay hang on a second the UH
LS show biz sends in a super jet has there ever been anything in the history
of America to prevent a white supremacist from becoming a cop or judge
okay that he’s talking reckless about white people okay thank you sir thank
you for your super chat lived it sends another super chat saying forgiving and
commuting or different if he escapes a penalty then effect immediately
release those who just made a mistake biblically sound okay five one six hold
a sec let me see if I can find you is that lifted good evening I don’t know
let’s get you there okay I had to hang up wherever that was
you see if I can find every clue five-one-six– give me a second Ronnie
this might be him right here hey Liv did is that you area code five
one six so hey good evening good evening hi yeah so I came out looking on this
table all I’m saying is there’s a difference between okay you know
forgiving someone or something in a state or court commuting his sentence
gonchi for a governor president pardoning somebody you know the state in
this case I guess you could say that’s how the state shows its forgiveness that
they were wrong or they were too harsh they commute a sentence or they pardon
you the state can’t do that in this case number one he’s not a police officer
number two even if he was he’s totally in the wrong so I don’t even think
forgiveness is on the table here as far as there being biblically sound I mean
give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God well the ones we got you do
something wrong you got paid you know you got a paperboy well I’m more so
asking the audience not trolling not trying to throw people a curveball I’m
just I’m asking a question here because you know we’re going down this path
similar similar to both in John and I don’t want to try and you know predict
anything by way of how the family is gonna respond because they’re different
totally different situations but there just seems to be coming out of Texas
this whole forgiveness thing you know that point I mean I’m seeing I mean
we’ll all nations see it right I guess personally for me I guess mine what
piques my years is if it’s somehow get you know confused into like a
faith-based thing like you know there’s a lot of perpetrators especially in the
court on quote so-called Bible Belt right you know can’t be so Christian if
you’re willing to desecrate the cross with fire what kind of Christian is that
right so you know that’s the only thing that piqued my is why uh you and Lonnie
and the callers you know everybody talk yeah we would just turn a hash it out
hey LeBron James yep is speed I mean I yeah yeah like I’m Ronnie meant much
respect when she came in issue and you started to like when you guys were
talking inch and because it’s kind of weird when I looked at the title you
know and then I see what actually happened he’s actually speaking or at
least the way the media is putting it out there they’re thinking it like
almost like he’s a hypocrite like you spoke against civil rights like not that
he was a standing up but civil rights like a civil rights leader he was
telling the people of Hong Kong who have been going you know they’ve been going
at it for months directly with the cops ever the whole
civil government there and telling Beijing go fuck sisa but you know
telling them whatever they’re fighting for democracy or freedom and it seems
like you know LeBron came out against that well II thought the way to meet
well hang the second because from what I gathered and I could be wrong the GM of
the Houston Rockets he was the one supporting the the democracy protest and
Ronnie correct me if I say this one right right then you had LeBron James
saying that he was uninformed so and then LeBron James was saying that you
know sometimes you have to be mindful of what you say and I’m paraphrasing so the
consensus it’s not just me that consensus was saying hey you sound like
a fucking hypocrite and a capitalist and don’t know what’s going on here so see
he was getting attacked and the reason why I’m asking is he as a civil rights
leaders because I don’t know what the fuck he does I don’t know if where he
donates or what he does by we have a philanthropy so I’m really confused
what if he’s looking after a friend which was you know I know that’s a
curveball but I know it sometimes you a lot right the biggest thing you know
he’s it right he’s not Jordan but he’s still in the slide okay so what if and
as big as he is they ain’t a manager or anybody in in league who don’t know him
like beyond a player you know to say so what if he knows on low that a manager
that initially sound like he was standing up standing in solidarity with
the people of Hong Kong what if he knows that
manager like machine never said nothing or he didn’t really know or whatever
what if he knows like his friend like they were playing golf or something he’s
like ah shit that shit I really don’t give a fuck well listen what you’re
saying sounds great and if I’m wrong I have no problem saying I’m wrong I just
I don’t know what the fuck LeBron James was saying but I do know
that the the masses were coming in his goddamn neck so if he does have a friend
as you were just saying he needs to speak up because they’re really getting
at him thank you the last word this is I agree okay thank you called me a few
support also thank you okay hang on a second Ronnie and Ronnie are you there
mmm-hmm and and the movie I was asking about was not Shazam it was cuz I’m Kaz
I am 1996 Shaquille O’Neal cuz I’m when he was a genie right yes
cousin with the K yes yeah okay got into that movie and then you had
Shaq steal in 1980 1997 blue chips 1994 he’s got a lot of acting roles but I
just wanted to be sure because someone corrected me with regards to these
spacejam was Michael Jordan but yeah cuz I’m not Shazam all right a few more
calls on my wrap this up let’s go to area code seven to zero or evening seven
to zero you’re there we’re talking about former officer Aaron Dean can you
forgive him unless you start fucking I’m not worried about him okay I really want
to get on that topic that you were talking about off your main subject here
talking about as far as LeBron James and the civil rights leader and that whole
movement there okay I mean honestly I mean you know can we say he’s putting on
a front right now because you know he does have black fans okay you know but
he has the white fans that pay more money for what he’s selling I mean can
you imagine how much money Shaq and made off of his low budget shoes
that were soda and pay less I mean this man literally so millions and millions
of shoes capitalize off of that okay made it on national network the NBA and
then now he’s doing different endeavors as far as its loans like he’s parallel
to a Magic Johnson type of lifestyle you know Magic Johnson
made so much money off the best and there’s so many other companies and
that’s how he ended up spreading out so I think Shaq is following his his
template I don’t think LeBron James has a template to follow I think he has more
of yes-men around them and they’re like hey you know you got some money cost it
in here you know you got some money here go there he doesn’t have a real he
doesn’t look like he has a rally after basketball what is he gonna do he can’t
you try the act you can’t do that well hey no sir I’m not trying to clown the
man I know very little bit about LeBron James again outside of basketball but
what he has said with regards to China via Twitter it’s gotten people upset so
again I’m just asking her question is he doing something that or is he is he
better informed then most people give him credit for I’m not Santa Clara I
mean I’m not trying to quantum eat it but I mean as far as I’m being informed
I mean it just sounds coincidental all of a sudden now that everybody just
wants to get informed and everybody wants to be kumbaya and obvious you guys
and I’ve been working for the black public right now so that’s why it’s like
you know this guy this pastor in Texas is like you know
now y’all killing our women now now Ethan got a little different and that’s
why my why did they take why they have to even go that far for us to lose our
main life resource i think ii the the man you referencing i don’t i don’t know
is he a pastor because he spoke out i think the same day the guy you’re
talking about and that video has picked up traction some people think that
that’s a new video that man spoke up if i’m not mistaken the same day that a
tiana jefferson was killed he talked him out it was like five or six other guys
behind him oh yeah he looked like the mafias in the church right now the man
it looked like the mandy breeley you know heroes be you know and he’s
very i think he’s trying to really be you look
he’s just been saved okay he got out of prison I appreciate what he said it’s
part of the reason why when I approached this story and I said listen man I said
you know this is something that has really affected people in that area but
can I give you last word yeah honestly I mean honestly III you know I hope they
do make a right decision this is their make up go right now we already pissed
off about the Hoboken John issue if Fort Worth does not come through with the
conviction and the man and what we feel is the right punishment it’s gonna be
some smoke in the city listen I appreciate what you just said but no I’m
not pissed off about the both of you John
situation she got a decade I’m cool with that that’s what the jury gave her I’m
pissed off with the goddamn judge mammy but I thank you for your call thank you
okay yes are you – yeah I just had to get that in there because I’m not gonna
let you know Manny Tami Kemp you know start this whole narrative now about or
tried to make it seem like people are upset over the goddamn the amount of
time that Amber Geiger got you know and again no disrespect to Roland Martin she
went on his platform and she tried to spin it no people are bothered by her
fucking behavior I Ronnie I think we’re done here I’m gonna just wrap up with
some super Chad’s in cash chefs thank you for chiming in Ronnie anything you
want to mention or or promote um we go no nothing especially not right now
that’s tonight that’s right thank you for having me and
have a great night thank you I’ll talk to you later okay bye now boss chick
Ronnie over check him I think I’ve calmed down a little bit yeah I saw the story again in case you just had joined
the show here earlier it just it kind of kicked me off even more Dallas Morning
News I’m sure it’s picked up traction or other platforms since you know there it
is right there a tiara Jefferson pointed gun at
window before Fort Worth officer killed her the neighbor the neighbor I’m trying
not to use the word Coon but that that’s that’s what comes to my mind a few more
caps before I go guys coach GATS sends in a cash at LeBron
listens to Tevin Campbell with with a dog collar on that was a good one
Nubian okay I don’t know how you see your last name
police work is safer than construction stop it star okay if you say so okay
Andre listen Audrey I’m shutting it down man I thank you for your your support
but I got to get out of here man it’s getting late
okay get up early okay Wednesday folks there might not be a show Thursday
evening I have a dinner business meeting something like that I think that’s gonna
be Thursday I’ll keep you posted though on my Twitter page
Troy terrine all right David sends in a cash and he says does Ronnie do the
rub-and-tug waiting on hold question mark Oh sir she’s gone now you can
holler Ronnie on Instagram her IG page was
posted in the yesterday show and let me get her banner already so you can find
her on Instagram give me a second doing what here okay but thank you for your cash app
again KDH thank you for your cash Shep I’m
shutting it down I gotta get out of here okay and we make sure to miss any super
chance as well NC ed says I wouldn’t forgive the officer nor the DJ from
florence south carolina who allegedly spread the AIDS yeah I saw that’s right
it wasn’t like two days ago I don’t know just we may touch on that tomorrow we’ll
see a Def Jam artist or something identification it down thank you for
your super Chet I’ll save your number if you want to call back another night
transcendent music thank you for your super chat story you might already know
but the FBI has put out multiple reports since the 90s saying that thousands of
white supremists have infiltrated the police so that goes back to the 60s and
the 70s maybe they’re they’re just now talking about it maybe even the 40s and
the 50s I mean to be honest with you you know okay hang on a second guys Fantana
official and scroll down thank you for your super chat man let’s
get back to talking about haunted lace and ring pops Lake Lanier for those who
know 60 miles north of Atlanta they’re doing away with the other horse stables
when I was there this past Sunday they’re not gonna have the horses up
there anymore I was there and the woman who runs the horse stable facility she
said that because they don’t have the insurance anymore
or Lake Lanier would not cover their insurance or something to that effect
no more horses so but they are putting up the Christmas lights so I’m trying to
go back there if not this weekend the weekend after but thank you for your
super chat and that’s it I get Chris boom Ivan G direct then I get I’m
snitchy Magoo oh wow okay I missed this one pardon me yo snitchy magusis yo dad
it’s been a while mom’s bugging out again she’s such a ok he’s using crazy
language I’m still waiting for the damn big wheel you promised uh-oh gotta go
Tami’s here did they still even make big wheels me that that was cute thank you
so much do they make big wheels I I doubt it that’s that cycle old fucking
you know toy from the 70s h-hour diva says i recruit officer upon
me i recruit officers and many of them are scared boys who lock up and sweat
even in their job interviews so to Crystal’s question no they are not
fearless okay and I think this is detective Smith he says she is
reaffirming my point that police are being forced to choose from a shitty
pool of recruits okay I think he was responding to uh was it Tiffany who was
on the line earlier Thank You detective Smith and that’s it hey I’ll see you
guys tomorrow at some point possibly in the afternoon so we can do a little
research thank you for your emails your support
keep me posted if anything moves also by way of Cuba Gooding jr. we’re up to 14
women now that have accused him of sexual misconduct if anybody wants to be
interviewed please holler at me or if you are a male a mailing and in cuba
gooding you know did something improper please holler at me all right see you
guys tomorrow take care be safe you

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    When the loving, forgiving, and peaceful Christ was provoked to righteousness indignation, HE went into a church with a whip, flipped over tables, and drove those who were misrepresenting the truth OUT…..
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    & Yes our Lord said, "father forgive them- for they know not what they do", during the crucifixion, but the book of Revelations is about HIS impending promise of retaliationπŸ€”

    Here are some further sayings of the wise: It is wrong to show favoritism when passing judgment. A judge who says to the wicked, "You are innocent," will be cursed by many people and denounced by the nations. But blessing are showered on those who convict the guilty
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  21. Lebron has the same right to speak that you have! The old man did the right thing. He could have gone over to the house and got himself shot, lol!

  22. REST IN PARADISE ATATIANA JEFFERSON. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ•ŠπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  23. STAR IF YOU ASK ME, BOTH OFFICER AARON DEAN AND AMBER GUYGER SHOULD BE MEETING UP TOGETHER DOWN AT SATAN’S FAMILY BBQ(RESPECTFULLY)β€ΌοΈπŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ¦°πŸ‘±β€β™‚οΈπŸš¨πŸš¨πŸ‘ΉπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΊπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΊπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘πŸ’πŸ₯“πŸ₯©πŸ—πŸ–πŸ¦΄πŸ’€β˜ οΈπŸ₯©πŸ₯“πŸ’πŸ—πŸ¦΄πŸ–β˜ οΈπŸ’€πŸ‘πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯☠️☠️☠️☠️

  24. 2️⃣8️⃣5️⃣3️⃣: KID HARMLESS ON THE CHECK -IN‼️PAY ATTENTION β€ΌοΈπŸ‘±πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨


  26. That means less than nothing she could have pointed a bazooka at him,she seen a man walking around her backyard at 4 a.m. talking about put your hands up? He didn't have the brainpower to say police? And even if he did that he still not justified in my eyes… I hope you had some real serious consequences and repercussions behind this tragedy, what if you shot the kid playing video games? fruk what she pointed in that state a felon is allowed to do that as per Texas law, your home is your Castle. Point blank

  27. I'm a Christian I don't have to do a goddamn thing star you tripping you must be speaking of all these Christian's that could see the whole family executed and sayforgive the person that did i,t oh no no no hell the fork no

  28. They need to listen to the radio communications between the cops. If Forth Worth Police try to hide those, then you know some shit went down before he shot her. That when cops talk that good racist shit.

  29. Crime skills you a bloodclat idiot. Lebron came out and said the Houston should stfu and not talk about Hong Kong. That's all he said. You a bloodclat fool. Pure fuckery. You sound fool

  30. Can't forgive the unforgivable, she was within her right to protect herself from what looked like an intruder. A rookie should have followed protocol, a veteran should have lead. They seemed to be on some bs when they got there, sneaking around her property, scarring the hell out of her and her nephew. Neighbor's motive is suspect to me. Leave the "N' word out of everything.

    Freedom of speech for all even basket ball players.

  31. Forgiveness is a condition not an action and if you really know the Bible you then know that so-called Negroes, Native Indians and Latinos, the true children of Israel, are to forgive our nation and our nation ONLY. Not for these goddamn maniac demons outchea killing us. Officer Howdy Doody got hell to pay, No justice No peace.

  32. 06:30 Granola is excellent, for Protein, and Fiber, and cleans out your intestines, and bad gut bacteria! It's what we eat it for in my house once a week for breakfast!

  33. 08:45 I was like 5 years when Jlo, say that, she was on GOOD MORNING AMERICA! they were Protesting, my mom had me outside at the protest! Lmao!!

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