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Will It Stop a Bullet? | Shooting Gummy Bears, Feisty Pets, Putty, & more!

At Vat19 we pride
ourselves on selling curiously awesome gifts. But that got us curious about
something else, how awesome are our gifts at stopping bullets? Let’s find out. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GUNSHOTS] We’re setting up
giant Chupa Chups. And we’re going to
shoot it with a pistol. It might hurt the second one. I think it will
crack the second one. You think it’s going to
crack the second one? I don’t think it’s getting
through more than two. Chupa Chups going down. Oh! Yeah! Didn’t get to the third
one, it looks unscathed. The third one is intact, so
the answer I guess is two. Two. Two Chupa Chups. Two Chupa Chups stop a bullet. How does it taste? You know there’s
lead in that, right? [LAUGHTER] Putty, we
know stops a bullet. Yeah, but how much of it? We have to shoot Crazy Aaron. Sorry, Crazy Aaron. Sorry, buddy. [GUNSHOT] You shot him right
in the forehead. Clear. Every single one
it tore through. So if you’re going to to
try to make body armor out of Vat19 products,
don’t use putty. Any predictions? If they were empty, I would say,
you get through all of these. But they’re all full of water. I think it’s going to
get through two of them. And then start to go into
the third one and stop. [GUNSHOTS] Woo! I’m all wet! It hit it sideways, look. There’s a bullet. It’s like a little bed for it. It happened exactly like
I predicted it would. You was going to hit one. I said it would go
through two and then it would stop on the third. Good call, Adam. Yeah! They’re cute and they’re
mean and Danny is going to shoot them with a shotgun. I think it’s going to make
it through all of them. [GUNSHOT] [LAUGHTER] [GUNSHOTS] Oh, man. Look at the one
laying over there. His face is- [LAUGHTER] I’m going to take
the shotgun slug horn and see how many of them it
takes to get through this. Shotgun slug is going to get
through one, suck in two. [GUNSHOT] Oh! Oh, it got so hot it melted it. Oh, it’s so sticky. Yeah! Hey, our hypothesis. We were correct. Yeah, we nailed it! Went through one gummy bear,
got stuck in the second one. Oh! Karen’s going to throw up. What do we got here? Watermelon kegs. Super cool product. [GUNSHOT] Woah! Oh! I’m so wet! A piece went like this. I got hit with watermelon! It takes three watermelon
kegs to stop a shotgun slug. Go. [GUNSHOTS] That was cool. Wow! That was really cool. Beer boots. I mean, you get
it by now, right? [GUNSHOT] Only one broke. The real question is, was it
the boot or was it the beer? Shoot again. Shoot again. [GUNSHOTS] I think three is it. I mean, we’re only
have three more so if we shoot it with the slug. Let’s do it. Alright, one more. [GUNSHOT] I got blasted with glass. Everybody alright? All clear. It’s safe to say you can stop
a bullet with a beer boot. If you have at
least three of them. Well done, sir. All in the name of science. Well, there you have it. That 19 products are awesome
to give and awesome to shoot. Shop all the gifts we tested
so far and hundreds more at Oh. I feel kind of wrong about this. Oh. Tap here to see some
friendly fire power. And tap here to watch
us blow some stuff up. And tap here to buy all of
our curiously awesome gifts.

96 thoughts on “Will It Stop a Bullet? | Shooting Gummy Bears, Feisty Pets, Putty, & more!

  1. oh my God oh my God there's a robber in the house I just need to get on my my my armor made out of gummy bears giant gummy bears

  2. oh no, someone pointed a gun at me! eh, i’ll just pull out my large gummy bear that i keep in my pocket to block the bullet, safe and sound

  3. I takr ot 1 person dies by you guys knowing you have gun il still watch you guys but guns every one run plz

  4. I literally need to work for you. 7 more years. Hire me. Don’t die people.

    (I made this comment cause guns and literally awesome and I’ve wanted to shoot people I don’t like.)

  5. Why did you shoot the bears they were so cute 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🥺🥺🥺🥺
    One like =one bear 🐻 saved 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  6. The watermelon keg is only a product because of the nozzle thing. And the only edible part is the watermelon, and I don’t think vat19 makes watermelons, unless they’re a micro bioengineering lab with top tier equipment for engineering fruits

  7. Ok than I try it in the park bc you said don’t try this at home so I am going to do it in the park


  8. This isn’t accurate because ur not saying the actual bullet u are shooting, what would be more accurate is like “3 gummy bears stop a 9mm” something but u did say it sometimes

  9. If I tried this at home,

    The bullet would ricochet off the product, Bounce off my prized possessions and end up inside ma brain!

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