Wilk Tactical / Handgun Dynamic Shooting with Phil O’Connor

you I’m Phil O’Connor I’m from Montreal Canada I’m a game designer I’ve been working in the game industry since 1997 and I’ve worked on some sort of famous games like Tomb Raider fight 3 and operation flashpoint 2 among others and here I’m in Poland working with CI games I’m here with marcin and we’ll tack tackle to learn doctor suit tactical shooting I’ve never shot weapons with body armor before I wanted to know what it felt like I wanted to learn these skills that I often depict in games I’ve been making games a you know about people in combat for a long time but I’ve actually never really done any of these moves and so this is a personal and professional interest for me blah blah you all right Marcin is a wonderful trainer he’s a very serious he’s been in these situations himself so he’s not just some guy talking about it he’s actually done these things and it’s pretty complicated actually it’s not just target shooting so it’s good to have somebody who’s very clear about what he’s teaching and the safety aspects of it and there was a lot of fun and held a lot and it will be definitely brought to bear on the work that I do in game

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