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Wild Boar Hunting: Rifle and Scope Selection & Set-Up

So, it’s a beautiful January day, thank
you very much Steve for letting us use use the range. No problem, and we’re here
getting ready for our upcoming wild boar hunt in Hungary, which is only a few days
away. Looking forward to it. Yeah, very exciting.
But, we’re not prepared, we’re used to kind of wilderness environments, shooting
at 300 yards at giant moose and grizzly bear and all that sort of thing. But, of
course wild boar hunting in Hungary is gonna be much more ballistic, fast-moving animals coming through the bushes hopefully we’re gonna get onto him but
that means we’re gonna need a slightly different style of equipment. Now, in
front of us we’ve got three options that Wilds’ R8 professional success in 300 Win Mag. That’s topped with a Hawke Frontier 1×6 by 24. Something slightly different Howa 1500 in 308 with a GRS Berserk Stock
and a Hawke Reflex red dot sight of course it’s 308 which is not a magnum
caliber but I’m gonna be shooting 185 grain Lapua mega through that should do
the job say they pack a bit of a punch and then my Sauer 404 in 338
mag topped with a Hawke Endurance 1×4 by 24. All low mag, all fairly maneuverable and lightweight so hopefully we should be
able to swing through and pick off the shots and the animals are looking at. I would have thought so, they’re very pointable rifles aren’t they? Beautiful, we’ve used them for a long
time now so yeah we’re very confident with each of these rifles with different
scope setups very carefully ammunition so we need to do now really get them
zeroed up fire a few shots through them and we can go and have a look in a
little bit more detail about each of the rifle scope combinations and why we’ve
picked out what we have so those we better get to it let’s get some rounds
downrange. This is my Blazer R8 Professional in
300 Win Mag. She’s a beautiful rifle I’ve used her all over the world I’ve used in
Alaska, deer stalking in Highlands and now I’m gonna take it wild boar hunting.
So, I’ve taken off my normal piece of glass and we’ve fitted this Hawke Frontier 31×6 by 24. She’s absolutely packed with features well I’ll just run
you through them now. We have a 6 mag ratio adjusted with this high torque
zoom ring. We’ve got a 21 layer multi coated optics for ultimate clarity
which will drag in every little bit of light when it starts going dusk it’s
also made from a 30 mil piece aluminium tube for superior strength when you’re
using it with the Magnum calibers. We’ve also got along that eye relief so when
you’re using it with your Magnum calibers we’ve got a nice long gap there
between bridge of my nose and the last thing we want is that broken again.
We’ve also got the 1/10 mrad adjustable turrets. In here we’ve got an illuminated
reticle 1 to 6 settings which gives you all the levels of brightness that you’re
ever going to need and she’s in a real compact package, she’s 265 millimeters and only weighs 560 grams. So here we have my Sauer 404 in 338 Win
Mag. Now, I’m very familiar this rifle I used it in Alaska and now it’s gonna
come wild boar hunting with us in Hungary. I’m pretty sure the round is big
enough if it can bring down moose it can bring down wild boar, but also I’ve got
to put the bullet in the right place and for that job we have this Hawke Endurance 1×4 by 24 this is one of the new wide-angle models which has a 20%
greater field of view. So, there’s an 18 layer optical coating system for maximum
light transmission this high-torque grippy no magnification ring fast focus
I bail for adjusting eye relief and it also has a good long high clearance
views on Magnum rifles. Target style judgment turrets with 1/2 MOA
adjustments covered by these dust caps. There’s a laser etched reticle and this
is an L4A for a dot style reticle and it’s illuminated in red with six settings
operated by the rheostat external here on the saddle and it’s all in a pretty
compact chassis it’s 282 millimeters long and 493 grams so nice compact
lightweight and manoeuvrable. So, here we have the new addition to the
gang there’s certainly no addition for me for wild boar shooting this is a Howa
1500 and 308 Winchester it’s got a heavy varmint barrel that I’ve had cut
down to 18 inches fitted with a moderator for today because we’re on the
range and it helps with the recoil and also trying to keep the noise down a little bit. With the heavy barrel the moderator
shouldn’t make too much difference in terms of point of aim but was to get out
onto the range tomorrow and shooting a ballistic driven target so we can adjust
it as necessary. That’s fitted with a GRS Berzerk stock this is one of my favourite
stocks to shoot it’s got a lovely ergonomic grip rubber inserts to the four
end into the pistol grip here multi adjustable butt pad and cheek piece here
so you can get the rifle to fit you perfectly. It’s also very handy when
you’re shooting the red dot sight that we have here which is a Hawke Reflex red
dot sights and at just 54 grams it’s probably the lightest sighting system
I’ve ever used. So, I have used red dot sights before but in a slightly
different configuration I have to say I’m very impressed with this package.
It’s very, very lightweight 25 layer optical coating so there’s a nice clear
slight picture through the red dot it’s a three-minute Vangel red dot so it’s
actually quite a fine dot when it’s on the target which aids for target
acquisition and making sure you’ve got the correct aim point. Very easy to
adjust once you’ve undone the locking screws at the back here the windage and
elevation can be adjusted with a screwdriver and it’s very precise in
comparison to a crosshair with magnification it obscures quite a lot of
the target but it consistently puts the rifle back on the same point of aim one
of the great things about red dot sights when you’re shooting ballistically is
you can acquire the target with your eyes bring the rifle up to bear there’s
no change in magnification put the red dot just on front of the animal’s nose
and you can pull it down so in terms of the consistency and how old its shooting
I’m extremely impressed so far. So, there we have it another very
successful afternoon on the range three rifles all zeroed perfect where they
need to be so we know that the rifles and the ammunition and the scopes are
all in tune. Now, comes the dodgy bit yeah it’s the
guys so heading off next to and Andrew Venables at WMS firearms training in Wales
he has a running board target set up to teach the basics of ballistic shooting
shooting and moving targets you’re positioning where to aim judging
distance speed and all those sorts of things and hopefully well get it off to
Pat like we did before yeah so a pretty exciting yeah it’s very
exciting to go there and it’s a very very good instructor we’ve been there
numerous times before and we’ve always come back learning. He’s good.
Well, I learn every day luckily Wildey, but when you’re around somebody like
Andrew who’s forgotten more about shooting and marksmanship skills and I
think we’ll ever know yeah then it’s handy to have a guy like that on your
team so once again good shooting mate been a pleasure
yeah good fun and I can have fun stuff.

6 thoughts on “Wild Boar Hunting: Rifle and Scope Selection & Set-Up

  1. Beautiful rifles!, hunting boars should be sporty in Europe, but here in the states its more like extermination, you guys should come over and take a bunch of hogs.

  2. Great video. I wish you showed the targets after you shot. What kind of accuracy were you getting?

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