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Why You Should Never Keep a Round Chambered in Your Firearm – Firearms Attorney Marc J. Victor

Attorney Marc Victor here today just to
talk a little bit about a controversial point that’s come up with the five
things every responsible gun owner ought to know article now if you’ve read that
article you’re aware of the fact that I recommend that if you carry a firearm
you do not carry it with a round in the chamber now let me first can see I’m not
a tactical guy I’m a lawyer and I recognize that there may be a tactical
disadvantage to have to actually chamber around in an emergency situation I’ve
recognized there could be a situation where you’re at such a disadvantage that
not having around in the chamber could be a very bad situation for you I get
that I’m weighing this though against the other side of the equation which is
that you have an accidental discharge of your firearm this is something I see all
the time I see good people get into big trouble because they were carrying their
firearm with the Round chamber and they had an accidental discharge in almost
all of these cases the person who has the accidental discharge says it was
just an accident to the police officer and it was just an accident I’m
absolutely sure but what they don’t understand is that this is one of those
rare circumstances where Arizona law actually criminalizes negligent conduct
yes the criminally negligent discharge of a firearm said another way the
unreasonable accidental discharge of a firearm just had an accident that is a
very serious mandatory prison offense in Arizona so weighing whatever tactical
disadvantage that you may have by not carrying with the round in the chamber
against what I perceived to be a very serious risk of an accidental discharge
that’s going to hit you with a criminal felony offense that carries mandatory
prison weighing those two things I just think it’s probably better to carry
without a round in the chamber that’s my opinion you’re absolutely free
to disagree with me and if you do disagree with me feel free to contact me
any time that attorney for freedom dot com

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