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Why You SHOULD Bring a Knife to a Gunfight | Special Forces Combat Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

you ever hear the phrase don’t bring a
knife to a gunfight well I’ve got a little twist on it I’m
all about bringing a knife to a gunfight and here’s why
let’s say you’ve got your primary weapon system you’re coming in through the
house and all of a sudden you come into a room hallway wherever and the
combatant as you turn the corner he’s right there and he actually pins your
rifle down to your side now you can’t get this rifle up where do you go from
there now you grapple everything else that’s fine rely on the other soldiers
to save the day okay that’s fine you want somebody else to bail you out but
how about you save yourself now what are my choices from here I can’t get my
rifle into the fight so my secondary weapon system right
bring my pistol out the problem bringing my pistol out where I’m at this close is
while I’m holding the grip okay pistols empty while I’m holding the grip if the
enemy was to grab the front of this pistol he owns just as much as that
puppy as I do it’s very easy for him to twist that out of my hand and now he has
a firearm and mine still pinned so instead of going straight to that
secondary weapon system leave that holster it where it belongs and pull
your knife out now just like with the pistol I’ve got good purchase on the
handle except now is he going to grab the other end of that good luck with
that grab the other end of this knife I go ahead go for it now from here because
the way I have it mounted you notice blades facing out I have carotid
arteries there I have the kidneys that I don’t necessarily have to get a kill
shot here but what I’m doing is I’m making enough space so that I can get
off the guy and then I can either bring out my pistol or get my long gun back up
in the fight so for these people that say don’t bring a knife to a gunfight
I’m here to tell you brother don’t sell yourself short make sure you have all
the tools that you can get that job done you got any questions or comments I want
to hear them leave them below

100 thoughts on “Why You SHOULD Bring a Knife to a Gunfight | Special Forces Combat Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

  1. The Michigan State Police has identified the minimum safe distance between a man with a knife and a man with a gun minimum safe distance between them and a man with a gun is 3 yards. Minimum safe distance between them and a man with a knife, is 20 yards.

  2. Absolutely agree ! A knife has more use in CQC, additionally, it's a good survival tool too, always good to have a good fixed Blade on you. Cheers ! Peace !

  3. Knifes are prohibited for police officers. You should have a video and substitute the SIDE handled baton instead of the knife or even a collapsible baton.

  4. Just one quick question though… How would you defend yourself if you know what that your adversary is equipped with a long gun, a pistol and a knife… Please demonstrate a video on the that, it would be really helpful

  5. Very good stance with the fixed blade. I knew a Cuban trained to fight similarly by Spetznaz when he was in the Cuban Army. He has very good hand skills and can strike outwards with a punch and parry and block. Great job silent professional. Btw I have a friend who is a 18d in 19th group…

  6. Excellent point (no pun). Never thought about a blade as a way to get my gun back into a fight– Thanks for making this vid.

  7. That's a good reason, but there's probably more. With a lot of practice a knife can make a deadly missile, yet speed is important here, especially for giving you time to close the distance between you and the enemy before they fire. Aim for the front deltiod (shoulder muscle) of the enemy's gun hand, which is the muscle needed to raise the gun to fire. I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, since I just made that up, lol. But it sounds right, and I do practice throwing knives.

  8. Get your knife off the front of your vest….bad positioning!….put it on the inside of your vest outta sight outta mind….put it on your belt or even better, wear it scout style and make it easy for your "NON DOMINANT HAND" to pull/get to…..keep ammo on your vest …..enjoyed the video…keep it up brother…love the info you give

  9. I believe the term is used to describe a situation when you have no gun and the other guy does and you show up to duke it out with a lesser weapon

  10. I feel bare ass naked if I don't have a knife on me. Military action aside, most civilian combat actually occurs within knife range. You are at the bar, dude makes a slop shot, there is money bet. You protest (just add alcohol) he reaches for his gun, except…nobody is REALLY trained in anything, but if you have a knife, and SHTF is close enough and fast enough, that means a knife in his throat while he is still reaching, fumbling for the safety, etc. I've done it, never had to kill anybody, just Parlay over the meaning of life. I find little value in it, but I am available for debate, if it's worth your life.

  11. Always have a blade as a backup…It was primary til I started making it my backup…Country boy grew up with guns and knives as tools…

  12. Where Im confused is… you have two fixed blades so two is one and one is none, but I always hear ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain. With all the kit your required to carry, two question please. Is a fixed blade knife usually on the required gear list and would a slightly larger belt knife in same position serve both rolls? Thank you for all the great videos.

  13. In my experience bring two to three knives. One for cutting rope or plastics on your mess kit, one for fighty time and the third for replacing the fighty time blade in case it breaks or bends or your buddys fighty time blade breaks or bends.

  14. Great in glad it's from an Air Force guy.I was in the air Force and get flak from Marines and Army.

  15. Totally agree that you should always have at least one edged weapon with you and that it should accessible from a variety of restricted positions. The only critique I have to offer is the rather childish commentary alluding that there is something wrong with being bailed out by a team member. The strength of the team IS the team. Yes, if shit goes south and my comrade has a clean shot that can save my ass, not only do I want him to take the shot, I fully expect him to and will happily buy him a drink later. There is no embarrassment where there is no fault. No operator controls all variables in an operation. If you think you can, you are thinking wrong.

  16. Exactly. Conceal carry handgun samething. If the guys on you to fast and your knife is a faster draw use it first then the gun

  17. The cops frown on people running around with rifles and chest rigs with blades attached . So this is all fantasy unless we go around looking like soldiers at work and play.

  18. I have killed several men with my knife hand. All you will ever NEED is a knife hand. Dont get lazy, you can kill a man with a toothpick. Its not the size of the dog in the fight its the size of the fight in the man. Go carnal, dont be afraid of sinning in order to survive. At the end of the day fortune favors the bold. Stay frosty.

  19. That is a cute scenario bro but in all honesty, if the enemy is close enough to pin your primary down, he most likely has a knife in your neck or heart as he pinned it…

  20. Knives are the ultimate close combat weapon. it will always be better to have a knife in a grapple than not to have one. That being said try not to let someone get close in the first place it's called a backup weapon for a reason.

  21. This gentleman is exactly right…when I have spoken of having hand to hand combat with big hopped up bad guys in Iraq, I have had numerous civilians cast doubt on my stories and tell me why didn't I just shoot them with my M4? The way this gentleman describes it is exactly what happens; a big Bad Guy determined to do you harm gets into you in a small room or hallway before you can get your firearm up and yeah pulling your sidearm in that situation will get it taken and used to shoot you. If the bad guy did not have a bladed weapon in his hand I preferred to not try and pull mine but instead get into him further and put him down hard with a judo hip throw and then put the boots to him while I shot him. It worked for me anyway…Semper Fi (a U.S. Recon Marine vet, who was in Iraq from Dec. 2006 thru January of 2008)

  22. Next video is why you should bring guns to knifefight

  23. I'm of the same mind, I knife can always be useful. Long guns and your firing side arm can always get jammed in so if you have something that you can stab and slice with will get you free much more quickly than trying to out-grapple someone. Smart!!

  24. Ace Levy:

    Sir, I don't understand. What goods' a knife in a nuke fight? All you have to do is press a button, sir.

    Career Sergeant Zim:

    Put your hand on that wall trooper. PUT YOUR HAND ON THAT WALL!

    Career Sergeant Zim:

    The enemy can not press a button… if you have disabled his hand. Medic!

  25. A simpler explanation is it's hard to shoot someone who's grappling you.
    If they are grappling you stab them, otherwise at any other distance shoot them.

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