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Why the M&P .380 Shield EZ is My New Favorite Pistol….

Are you tired of difficult to operate pistol slide or pistol magazines hurting your finger? introducing the Smith & Wesson 380 ez call now and you’ll get this Smith & Wesson shield ez for only one payment of 299$ I used to be afraid of a school shooter and now I’m not afraid of But wait there’s more If you call Right now We’re gonna double your offer. That’s right two Wesson Smith Ez for only $299 but wait, there’s even more if you’re calling the next 12 minutes You’ll get a free copy of my book How does this all the body in a bathtub New York Times best seller but you have to call right now For years Women, people with weak wrists or a disability They really struggled with semi-automatic pistols because the slides were very difficult to operate Introducing the Smith & Wesson 380 ez and like the name suggests the gun is extremely easy to operate One of the most difficult tasks for a new firearms owner is racking the slide of a semi-auto This is my beautiful daughter Paisley. She is going to demonstrate attempting to rack the slide on a Glock 19 Try hard harder Ok, so it’s pretty hard and that’s common with many new shooters. They really struggle with operating that slide Now, she’s gonna try to rack the slide on the Smith & Wesson easy Is that it? pretty simple, isn’t it? If Paisley can rack this slide to the rear then anybody can do it even my five-year-old son Jackson is able to rack this slide to the rear now Smith & Wesson made this possible with their easy rack system You can see that the slide has very little tension And it comes back with relative ease even one finger and I can move that slide back Now the only major concern that I have with this gun And I haven’t shot it yet is I’m curious at how much recoil this gun is gonna have on the shooter Because it is so light typically when manufacturers have a lighter pull on the slide That means you have more felt recoil when you’re shooting So let’s head out to the range and see how it feels so here at the range. We’ve got the 380 shield ez Let’s see how she shoots The gun was awesome now, let’s see what Paisley thinks of shooting the 380 shield The Smith & Wesson 380 ez is chambered in 380 acp Now I personally don’t really think that 380 is the greatest self-defense caliber in the world but if 380 is all you can really handle in your self-defense firearm then I think it’s a great option Smith & Wesson’s Primary goal was to create a caliber that was gonna be enough to stop an attacker But wouldn’t be too much to cause undue recoil on the shooter and for that reason alone I think 380 was a perfect choice the second thing that new shooters really struggle with Is trying to load the ammunition into the magazines now this is a 15 round mag from a Glock 19 and my beautiful assistant Paisley is going to try to load some of those rounds into that magazine Oh, you actually got it. Good job. Where you can tell she’s my kid then right they’ll mess up See she’s having a really hard time doing it. She even dropped the bullet Okay now, we’re gonna see how many rounds Paisley can get inside of the 380 shield ez magazine Faster. Come on Good job, I think that should be an Olympic sport Now the Smith & Wesson easy magazine has these really cool pull down tabs that actually allow you to very easily Slide the next round inside this kind of system is typically found on 22 long-rifle pistols But I think it was a really cool option to add for brand new shooters because it does make loading this magazine Extremely simple The magazine release is reversible for both right and left-handed shooters Now this pistol does come with an optional Manual thumb safety. I personally am not really a big fan of thumb safeties on a defensive pistol But if you’re a brand-new shooter, you probably like to have that extra kind of safety mechanism I did notice that when I shoot this gun, I really have to have the top of my thumb on top of that safety Just so that I don’t accidentally engage it while I’m firing. Now when this pistol was first released to the public Smith & Wesson had a recall because the safety was accidentally engaging while people were shooting the gun I fired about a thousand rounds through this gun so far I haven’t had that happen yet, but I can see how it would be a major issue This pistol also comes with a grip safety So that if you are not gripping the firearm tightly this firearm will not function which I think is awesome. The trigger on this firearm is Absolutely amazing. It’s a very smooth take up The wall is very well defined and man when it goes off, it is beautiful Now you can see that Smith & Wesson installed this very small little indent or plastic bump here on the trigger guard that kind of prevents the trigger from over-travel And gives you that nice clean break on the trigger The 380 ez also has a loaded chamber indicator To tell you whether there is a round inside of the chamber or not. So this little piece right here will actually pop up It’s bright red, and it’s easy to notice However, if you’re new to guns I’m not gonna trust my life or the life of people around me to some little piece of metal You still always need to properly lock that slide of the rear Perform a safety inspection and make sure the firearm is completely unloaded Now, here’s a pop quiz to see if you guys are really paying attention. What would you guess it’s like to disassemble the Smith & Wesson ez for cleaning. I’ll give you one guess it’s easy All you have to do is move this tab down Let the slide go forward and bang the gun is apart. There’s no need to Pull the trigger or anything like that The recoil spring pops right out along with the barrel and you can finish cleaning your gun. Then you simply reinsert the barrel Reinsert the recoil spring put the slide back on top Now I did notice that if you are Depressing the back of this grip safety when you try to put the slide on The slide will not go on so you got to let up on that grip safety slide it back And then lock the slide of the rear and that’s it the Smith & Wesson ez Also comes with an accessory rail that allows you to attach a flashlight, a laser or any other type of device You could possibly think of the magazine on this pistol Drops freely very very easily And the magazine release button is really simple to operate Now, this pistol was designed with really one goal in mind and that was to give a brand new shooter A firearm that they can feel comfortable. So eventually they can trade up to a bigger gun. Maybe even a larger caliber However, I do think that this pistol is a great option for home defense because we can install night sights We ca install a flashlight, which is what we need. It’s also thin enough and easy enough for you to carry This could be a daily concealed carry gun. I honestly was not impressed with this firearm I wasn’t I thought it was a gimmick. I thought to drop this grip safety was really stupid the first time I saw it Until I shot this gun I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it and don’t tell Tiffany but I’m gonna buy a bunch of these for myself

34 thoughts on “Why the M&P .380 Shield EZ is My New Favorite Pistol….

  1. I love this gun! It's hard to conceal for me in appendix carry (Alien Gear Shape Shift) but it's so easy to use. So much safety.

  2. How old is she? Id like to teach my daughter about guns one day. She's 5 right now. A little too early I think

  3. Nice video, good gun maybe for the new β€œrange” shooter. Some of the features remind me of Glock, Ruger and Springfield. Would be concerned that after time the recoil spring gets tired and it going out of battery, that’s why it’s only a range gun besides the minor caliber

  4. Buy an uplula loader….. wont ever have to worry about strained thumbs…. blisters… broken bones…
    Seriously….. get a loader.. makes shooting life soooooo much better….ie……
    Honey…. can you load this for me ?
    Noooooo…..problem. πŸ˜πŸ‘

  5. Have you tried the new SCCY CPX3 .380?
    It is similar to their 9mm, but slightly smaller (still double stack 10+1) compact pistol.
    It is suppose to have a new quad Lock system for the slide / barrel.
    Easier racking than the 9mm..
    Just interested to know if you have tried it..

  6. Another great and fun review Brother! Looks like a fun EZ pistol to add in my collection. Would be great to teach my Son with. Thx my friend. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  7. S&W has been doing their homework. Their products work as advertised, and they are made here in the US of A. Thanks!

  8. Great Video !!
    This will be a great training tool to get new people involved in shooting sports and self defense !! Even elderly people who have issues racking the slide finally have a tool to use !! Outstanding !!!!

  9. I wonder how many snowflakes called FDCF because you let your daughter touch a dangerous gun. Love your videos.

  10. Very good video! and your newer format is great. …….. The EZ mags are currently the only mags that I find might not work well with the ReloadWrap mag carriers due to the protrusions on the body. Since you have some, if you figure out a configuration set up with our carrier I would love to see pictures of it…I just have any handy to mess with it at the moment

  11. S&w did a great job with it.
    If i didn't have my sigp230, i would get an e z.
    My first pistol was a Hawes western Marshall 44 mag.
    Tell Paisley good job.!
    Get her to grip the gun higher, and it won't torque around so much.

  12. That is your best intro yet! Been very interested in picking up this gun to help introduce friends and family to shooting. Great getting your rundown on this one.

  13. ~My Summer carry is a Glock 42 because of its size and because I can use 7-round Magazines. My Winter carry is a Glock 19. I like staying with the same Manual of Arms in my handguns.
    ~Smith and Wesson makes great Pistols for the money spent. One day I will own a 9 mm Shield.

    ~Since there has been great advancements in the lethality of .380 ACP Ammunition, I have no problem carrying this cartridge as my EDC, since I practice a lot on Head shots. If all the Evil Person is wearing only a Tee-shirt, I'll go to the chest with my second shot. I always practice a double-tap shoot.
    ~No matter what you carry, please, practice much more with your EDC than your Fun-Guns. It will pay off big-time for you and the ones you love.

  14. So we are back to the 1911 manual of arms without the benefit of a SA trigger. Another solution would be to develop some more grip strength or go to the glock store and get one of those firing pin retainers with a finger loop.

  15. Ok man
    I have a serious ?
    I am a prepper and i have a mini 14 and a ar15. Should i get a ar pistol or a ar9 seeing that all my handguns are 9mm amd they are cheap to stockpile amd shot.i want all members of my family to have a battle rifle.

  16. My wife, who is/was afraid of guns, picked up one of these and on the first try put all rounds into a 2 inch group at 10 yards. She had tried a few minutes before with an LCR .22 and while able to hit the target, her shots were spread all over the place. This one clicked for her. We are getting her one for her own.

  17. My first gun was a Smith & Wesson M&P .357 sig.Now I carry a HK USP .45 as a duty weapon. I'll be the first to say it.I am in no way physically challenged but I want this gun as my CCW.I like that it is easy to use it should translate to faster and more efficient as well comparing to a 9mm or 40 of the same size and weight.

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