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  1. If North Korea didn't have nukes they'd end up like Libya or Iraq so keeping them is a good idea.

  2. I'm a fan,. BUT…
    This one was a bit weak. Nothing new regarding Korea, and a couple of factual errors:

    1) Russia did not "invade & annex Crimea", there was a referendum there (as you've mentioned yourself, I think, in another video…) and they seceded from the ukrainian state.
    2) The "Federal Republic of Germany" (quotation marks are mine) DID NOT absorb the "German Democratic Republic" (again…), it's more like the socialist structures and discourse have overtaken the whole country, carried by the people who served these structures before, and are now in positions of power, disguised as "europeans" and globalists.

  3. I highly disagree with your opinion that North Korea is more susceptible to regime change than Iran solely because Iran has the Strait of Hormuz at its doorstep. America is known to instigate protests and support te rebels as we have seen in Libya. We aöready saw glimpses if it in Iran a few years ago. North Korea is blocked to everyone but for a handful of tourists and special guests. Iran is still a lot more susceptible to regime change than NK

  4. I know he's a communist garbage I never thought I would side with the commies but…he has the right to have nukes he doesn't want Rothschild scum bank and usury as the supreme rule of the land he doesn't want to end up like Libya Syria and Iraq you Americans are the biggest zombies I've ever met you're nice people but your such sheep to your government this is Iraq 2.0

  5. What does preservation of the government means to the great powers? North Korean is just desperate to survive. I am sure the war does not resolve anything to bring the weak nation to stand against the pwoer. It is just a tool to make the world controlled by great powers. I am sure North Korean soon will realize that stimulating world balance only will bring them more problems.

  6. Russia never invaded Ukraine nor annexed Crimea.. I liked all your videos, but this video is a a dislike. You sell out! You are a fucking hypocrite. People voted to join Russia. What about Yugoslavia, Serbia and Kosovo?? Fucking sell out!!

  7. Your audio has gotten significantly better. By far the best geopolitical analysis on YouTube! Thank you

  8. Very good video with some good insights into things most people don't realize such as a potential revolt in DPRK. There has been a political civil war that has led to many executions and imprisonments of members of the opposition. However, I feel that it is important to note that Iran is rumored to be breaking their lopsided deal with the West (and I would bet they are, too) and that is their extra layer of protection.

  9. DPRK has already nukes . If the Yankees attack say good bye to Seoul . USA will be in difficult position.

  10. Fantastic video. Could someone bother to explain to me something? I thought North Korea already had nuclear weapons, yet it is implied in the video that it's not yet the case. (10:35)
    Do they have nuclear weapons, but no means to deliver them? Is that what they're working on and what everyone is afraid of?

  11. After a long time Caspianreport is back with quality report.
    Make a report on Syrian peace process – Astana talks, Turkey's referendum & implications on Syrian Crisis, US post-Obama policies towards Syria.
    Most importantly make a report on US policies towards rising China & Pivot to Asia or Policies of West towards rising China.

  12. North Korea having nuclear weapons means the government that enslaves it's own people in labor death camps can continue.
    One day the NK people will over throw him .

  13. But luckily North Korea does not have uneducated idiots that could be easily armed with tow-guns by outsiders to overthrow their own governor! That's the perk of having totalitarian government 🙂 ( Not a fan of anyone, peace to the world )

  14. Experiences from the fast in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria shows that if u haven't the Nuclear arsenal, you will be perished from the world map as country —Nothing could protect you only u need to have enough defense forces there is no justice system for weaker countries to survive —-

  15. Famine was the result of trade sanctions perpetrated by the west. Less than 20 seconds in and you're lying

  16. This is propagandistic garbage. North Korea is invading no one. The US currently has nearly 1,000 military bases on others land. You and your channel are questionable at best

  17. "Capture and death of gaddaffi

    You must be referring to the illegal murder of a sovereign head of state by US funded terrorists. Yknow.. the murder Hillary literally clapped about on live tv?

  18. Are you seriously advocating for a US invasion of North Korea in the first couple minutes of the video though?

  19. North koi is still there because of china support
    China always support rogue countries like pakistan and North Korea

  20. The US has been sabre rattling on NK's border for decades. What did they EXPECT a small country to do in response? And now the Americans have elected a mentally unstable leader so anything can happen. God help us all.

  21. China china china all about chine
    1 does not wont to see a united Korea on its border to powerful
    2 does not wont u.s on its border Korean War
    China Solution watch as north Korea attacks south Korea and Japan with nukes this damages economy and industrial platform and also destroys north Korea kill 3 birds with one stone at last minute invade north Korea to the 34 parallel and occupy stage set for ww3👹👹👹👹👹👹👿👿👿

  22. Folks. How about this. No one cares or pays attention to N.K. Then, they have no reason to fear of anything. No need for nuke. USA must stop looking for someone to demonize. Why would they want to have nuke if USA don't intend to get rid of the N.K. regime?

  23. I like Caspian report but its very important to put things into perspective when talking about the Crimean incident. First of all US secretly funded the February 2014 uprising that ousted president Yanukovych to the tune of 5 billion dollars through Victoria Nuland and the US ambassador to Ukraine which was later leaked yet that part if the story is never mentioned . The Russians responded to the US covert operation by sending troops to secure their interest in Crimea their only warm water port which no Russian president would allow the US to install a puppet governments in Ukraine then take Crimea from them as part of their so-call Russian isolation and anyone who think that's possible is just kidding themself. On the other hand the Crimeans are Russians not Ukrainians so that explains the outcome of the referendum held to rejoin Russia so this ongoing talk about Russia invaded Ukraine is a big lie, its simply western propaganda just to clarify. Im beginning to realize that most people dont know that Crimea has been part of Russia for centuries and are clueless to what happened in the 1950s under Khrushchev but the information is all there.

  24. Why North Korea wants nuclear weapons? Easy – Saddam, Muammar and Bashar gave up their WMDs the Ayatollah didn't. Guess who feels they made the right decision?

  25. Speaking at the Brics conference yesterday Putin said "Foreign interventions in Iraq and Libya had convinced the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, that he needed nuclear weapons to survive"

    Is Putin watching caspian report? 😀

  26. Man don't be stupid its sanctions that cause widespread famine …tell the truth sanctions are a act of war,how the hell can ppl stop other from getting food jus bc they don't suck Americans dick …..man our creator never sleeps that's why u all are getting his with hurricane after hurricane….how is it okay for some countries to have nuke n it's not okay for other …I guess if ur friends with America it would be okay to have nukes ….the world need another world war to get rid of those wicked evil fucks that's running the world……nuke the shit outta the u.s mainland

  27. Just today I started watching yr videos….. And this is one of the best Channel on you tube…. Indeed…. Already watched 5 of your videos….. Today only….. Really great work… Hats off

  28. If the United States attack North Korea, Russia will throw thounds of nuclear bomb to the United States, the Third World War began.
    Earth is formatted.

  29. The fAct that stuxnet is a thing means there more than likely is a way to beat North Korea unless another power is back if them for obvious reasons. USA can obliterate NK physically, probably doesn't for the same reason. Think. Who wouldn't want a neutral"haha" there is no neutral they will be ""influenced" to be pro West.. China. But it's not that they are the bad guys. Study the last half century. USA can act but it's suicide of their stance of being the morally higher and god chosen ones. Never mind the zealots of the middle East and the insane egos of central and eastern Asia. Consider that self projection.

  30. Nukes protect no one. A loving heart protects a loving heart. Weapons are not needed. Kim has a false sense of power and importance. A calm, meek, peacful mind would be admired by the world had Kim decide to cast off what he has now. The world wants to see Kim loving people not oppressing them and imprisoning them not making people to tremble at his presence.

  31. South Korea, Taiwan and Japan must have nuclear weapons to defend themselves against North Korea. The United States of America must give nuclear weapons to South Korea, Taiwan and Japan to balance the nuclear weapons of North Korea.

  32. China does not want South Korea, Taiwan and Japan to have nuclear weapons. China may use military force against North Korea to get rid of North Korea's nuclear weapons. President Trump would then have no justification to give nuclear weapons to South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

  33. Another option is what we shoulda did in the Nineties; but instead of political will we had political willie.
    Whenever N Korea launches a missle, shoot it down.
    This takes the threat capability way down.
    If you feel impelled to jump in and say we don't have the technology, do your homework.
    2017-11-24 18:53:08.90 GMT +7

  34. Good report but not entirely objective. Kim Jung Un have used nuke to blackmail money from USA. Has happened before. By giving him money, it has emboldened him and probsbly helped fund his missile program. Simple truth is that power corrupts absolutely. South Korea needs to step up. America should give a damn if even South Korea and Japan don't care.

  35. America have proven time & time again that they cannot be trusted, Iraq, Libya, Syria…no wander NK want nukes, not so crazy after all

  36. America is not a God of this globe who under consideration as they WENT Korea have right to improve
    there military power. human it's nature to RACE power and live not more surprising put i say forward N Korea.

  37. NK knows that if they attack ANYONE, they will cease to exist in hours, their nukes are the deterrent to stop America from invading. If America backs off, the Koreas will in time, sort their shit out. NK already offered to stop the nuke programe if the US & South Korea stopped their yearly military exercises, America said NO! So who is the aggressor here? Answers on a post card to………..

  38. Shirvan fexrimizsen qardas! Azerbaycanin geopolitikasi ile bagli material hazirlamagini xahis edirem ,:)

  39. Something to think about. If North Korea is invaded, what happens to the scientists that have developed their nuclear ability. Once Korea is reunited, a la Germany, said North Korean scientists will end up in the custody of South Korea, to which will use them to start their own nuclear programme to protect themselves from China

  40. Brilliant report, theres only one thing i'd change. North Korea isn't setting a dangerous precedent that countries need nukes to be safe from America. America is doing that.

  41. Old thread but
    Well vassals is a bit of a stretch protectorates is more like it.
    As far as the prospects today for a Korean unification nukes would be a necessary deterrent to invasion by China Russia or the US (not to mention Japan who historically has invaded more than once in the past). A unified Korea were the North maintains autonomy while it catches up to the rest of the country lessens the viability of a conflict in the region substantialy than the current status quo and if Korea is freed from influence from across the sea a bit more China would not be hostile to the concept of an independent Korea when compared to what currently exists

  42. I’m not a expert on this but I’ll say this if North Korea launched a nuclear strike on America and the president decided to retaliate with America’s nuke guess who will be coming to aid North Korea that’s right Russia and Russia is allied with China and thats two of the world’s super powers then comes Britain to aid the United States and we are all fucked because the world’s delicate political power balance breaks into a million pieces then then thrown at the sun……or atlest i think that’s what would happen anyways feel free to correct me

  43. Gaddafi gave up his WMD programs in return for a security grantee from George W Bush. Then in 2011 Obama turned on him and killed him. Lesson "Never give up your weapon".

  44. Crazy OR Insane? (Was something lost im translation in that first sentence?)

    Lol. Had to say it….

    Also, excellent point about Libya, and what happened to Qaddifi (just like Hussein) when he gave up his WMD aspirations- a lesson that Kim surely has learned…

    Why would he give them up when he has seen what happened to similar dictators? I wouldn't (and I'm not even a murderous madman!)…

    What a mess, eh? Bottom line is that the world community had better hope that Kim is basically rational, and values survival over his ideology (whatever that really is- I think it's probably 'Stay in power or die like those other guys!')


    (Edit- i made this post after I had only watched the start of this vid. So… Yeah. What he said. (I agree) -B)

  45. Wasnt Iraq invaded due to the belief that it had weapons of mass destruction? I think that there is really no incentive to invade North Korea. As for Iraq, there was oil.

  46. 07:56 The case with Ukraine is irrelevant, even if they had all these warheads, they couldn't operate it, all keys have been and are held by Moscow. This memorandum (BTW, find out what a memorandum is and its value) was to prevent Ukrainians from selling these ICBMs to rogue states, just like they sold missile technologies to North Korea. https://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2018/03/16/Report-North-Korea-rocket-engine-includes-Ukrainian-technology/5691521206682/

  47. 9:23 – I like how, in retrospect, this turned out to be just another example of why the North Koreans are right to be wary of the U.S.

  48. You're reports are very good, and I'll continue to approve you, but, you tend to miss a few things that leave them a little too partisan. For example, here, you note the Russian "invasion" of Crimea, but, you miss the American backed terror based coup in Kiev shortly prior, as well as the consequences to Russian security from a Ukraine based American attack, not to mention Russian access to the Black Sea. How would Russia not keep Sevastopol? Would the United States give up the San Francisco Bay under similar circumstances? Certainly not.

    This further eastward NATO push (as if the Cold War was not over, as if Communism was still the excuse) also after America broke another of it's promises, and brought former Soviet Block nations into NATO with the subsequent Russia proximate placement of US bases and missile strike capacities. Please… Russia is in a defensive position necessitated by imperialist US/NATO aggression. This is the real politic of that situation.

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