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Why Is Remington So Often Faked?

APPRAISER: Remington is one of the most faked
American artists in history. There are many reasons for it but I think one of
the major reasons is that his work was so popular. It was in magazines for two
decades and weekly magazines so there was so much for people to look at and
love and admire and sometimes fakes were made purposefully and sometimes they
were made as replicas. So there are a lot of variations but there are a lot of
fakes. And that’s why the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody has the catalog raisonne
system in place to keep together the integrity of Remington’s paintings which
sadly has not been able to happen with the sculptures.

1 thought on “Why Is Remington So Often Faked?

  1. Huh, fascinating. I feel like Remington is one of those artists that everyone tries to emulate when attempting to capture the American ethos in art.

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