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Why I prefer Bolt Action Snipers vs a SLR (DMR) Sniper – Battlefield 5 pro tips

Hey what’s going on guys it’s Ascend Dazs
here. Today I want to discuss why I love Bolt Actions
so much and why I do not utilize DMR’s or SLR’s. I get asked a ton why I always snipe? One quick answer is because when I return
from my day job I find it relaxing to snipe and just be in chat with you guys on stream. It is enjoyable and time passes really quickly
in a positive way. So I just keep sniping. I do it in every game if I have the option
and it is nothing but a fun and soothing. But today I will discuss also my own personal
thought process and the goal is deep dive into my thoughts that might help understand
how I approach and think through things logically Right or Wrong and how it impacts my gameplay. Either if you use a Bolt Action or an SLR
the takeaway should be this is the bucket I feel I could maximize my own kill potential
and bring my gameplay to new heights. We will cover the following: Kill potential of a SLR vs Bolt Action
KPM of SLR vs Bolt Action SLR balancing and why it can create bad habits
going for body shot kills SLR not providing enough incentive for headshots
And why I feel the SLR is better suited for the medic class Today I want to discuss what is considered
the most popular SLR which is ZH-29 comparing a 6x to a 6x scope of the bolty. And reason for that is that is where I personally
feel most comfortable using the 6x even for close range maximizing my KPM. My current KPM stands where it is faster than
even most assault players. I get a lot of questions or comments saying. My god I could just imagine what damage you
would do with an SLR. Or why don’t I use a more effective weapon
such as an SLR. Well honestly a bolt action mathematically
can have a higher kill potential and KPM depending on the player of course. Let’s discuss kill potential. The ZH can hold when using specific talent
of 6 bullets which if you get all headshots or even perfectly landed body shots within
the kill range can total 3 kills. At which point you then need to reload. Note even when utilizing the maximum firing
speed you need to utilize perfect recoil control. Now if you utilized the Lee Enfield which
has a mag size of 10 and landed 10 perfect headshots then you could net a perfect 10
kills close and long range before needing to reload causing an overall faster KPM. In Between shots you can reposition or go
back into cover if needed. Because we all know standing out in the open
too long will get you killed. We are assuming maximum kill potential. Even comparing to the Krag we still have a
pretty beefy and stronger kill potential with all headshots. Now for KPM the initial burst of a SLR can
be faster if you are strictly saying go for a body shot kill. But if you change the conversation to headshot
technically then the SLR would be similar to the bolt action as the bolt action is a
one shot headshot. Let us do a quick breakdown. The SLR for the ZH-29 has a rate of fire of
150. Which
most do not utilize to its fullest potential because of recoil. But lets just say for numbers sake you were
able to do so. The Lee Enfield with the faster rate of fire
has a rate of fire of 84. Which if you were going for headshots only
the SLR would be technically slower if you maximized no miss the highest potential rate
of fire with 100% accuracy. No one can ever manage that exactly not for
the maximum number of kills. But we all know that you can have moments. But now seeing the quick math we can see the
kill potential is already higher, the standing out in the open lower, and the KPM is higher. Now one thing you have heard me state is high
a body shot can be two kills and same for headshots. I feel this creates bad habits. There is not a strong incentive to go for
headshots and you are not rewarded for it. With bolt actions your reward is an extremely
high KPM and kill potential is greatly rewarded for doing so. Because no matter what it will take two kills. So taking that extra moment to go for the
body or head just not feel as worth it. Not if you are trying to work towards strong
habits of headshots this works opposite of what you want as a player. For even assault weapons you are highly rewarded
as the damage increase is higher and does kill faster. I do feel balancing needs to occur here. My recommendation would be to see SLR’s
do 3 hits to the body for a kill and stay at 2 for the head. BUT, give way more ammo to reward those players. So if the maximum kill potential for the Lee
Enfield is 10 if all headshots are landed perfectly than have 20 bullets but of course
you need that strong accuracy and if you body shot only it takes 3 shots. Just note this is my own opinion in wanting
a stronger balance of the guns. Also keep the SLR zoom in slower and can make
this is a talent like the ZH is or let them have a faster zoom but with less ammo. Gives an option on the feel of the gun without
breaking the game. We need to create a strong reason to go for
headshots otherwise the skill of an SLR just is not there and even when it is, does not
reward you for it. It caps the potential for growing as a player. Now my final point I want to discuss for the
SLR is that I feel this type of weapon should be provided to the medic class. Now we do not have to give them all the bells
as whistles like I showed before. You can make it takes more body shots and
keep the reward high with headshots, make the reload even slower, or ADS slower so the
recon class skill has the one up and the stronger incentive. But it does give them a fighting chance. I discussed on my stream that every class
deserves a fighting chance even if it is weaker one. Because you can still position and provide
help. People are in the want to help and improve
and if you give them options we feel there is room for growth. So an assault weapon currently and kill a
sniper and same for a support class weapon. But it does not mean its best suited for it. I think overall the game needs and will get
a further rehaul in terms of balance and when this balance comes it will keep things always
interesting and we know what we can improve and do better on. This is why the bolt actions are my favorite. The kill potential is higher, KPM can be more
effective, you have the versatility of long range kills and a quick adjustment to close
range shots up close with a one shot if you headshot. And you can duck and weave in between shots. I hope this look into my overall mindset has
helped why I choose bolt actions. Also, maybe helped you learn something. If you love SLR’s there is nothing wrong
with that choice, you can make a very strong counter argument for the way you play and
hopefully even hearing this commentary will help you see what you want or do not want
in your gameplay. That was the overall goal. Thanks guys for watching, just want to thank
you for watching the full video. Be sure and drop sub for more. Leave a like if you enjoyed or a dislike if
you did not and will see you guys in the next video!

26 thoughts on “Why I prefer Bolt Action Snipers vs a SLR (DMR) Sniper – Battlefield 5 pro tips


    Using a new mic and fine tuning settings. I was listening to my audio and for some reason after the first 5 listens I then catch it today…I mentioned Krag having a kill potential of 10, I meant six got stuck thinking about the Lee Enfield. Also, about the SLR section I mention having an SLR at 20 rounds and that is to match the kill potential of the Lee Enfield which is 10. Of course balance other SLR's to match the other snipers so the kill potential matches and has a better balance.

  2. I’m not a gamer. I don’t even play BFV but lemme tell u something. I really watch your videos bcz of you are only one who i can listen too. I mean, not a single swear, just pleasure to listen. Wish you all good in life and your family!

  3. Had this idea for classes and guns. Make one gun of each weapon class available to the other classes, however without being able to specialize them.

    So for example; as a medic you can pick only one blot action, dmr, mmg, lmg, and assault rifle, only to be used with stock settings. And of course the same would apply to the other classes, where they would be able to use one stock smg if they'd like.

    Sounds like a bit much, but with the specializations improving guns as much as they do, it seems feasible to achieve balance this way without making class options pointless.

  4. Nice Vid man, but you`ve to be honest . We´re not only playing Bolt Action because of the Kill-Potencial. You just can´t compare the feeling of a Slr to an Bolt-Action, the sounds, the look of your gun, the satisfying headshot sound. Mostly when your getting a clear feed or longrange kills. to see the enemies head exploding 300 meters away at the first try always puts a smile on my face, hehe.

  5. I think that the SLRs are just fine the way they are. If they were a three-hit on the body you would be better off taking the G43 or other semi auto rifles from the assault. Also I would increase the damage for bolt-action rifles up close. The most appropriate damage model is the one of the m.95. It does up to 80 body damage up close. In contrast to that rifles like the Skrag or the Enfield only deal between 50-60 damage. That is a tiny bit too little for my taste, especially since sidearms have such a steep damage drop-off. Therefore I would also increase the effective range of sidearms. This would enable many scouts to play more aggressively. At range the current damage model is alright. If DICE did this I think the game would be more balanced since other classes would still be easier to play. Either that or the skill level for other classes has to be increased as well.

  6. I use bolt actions just it has the traditional sniper feel which I’m more familiar with. Also, I won’t tunnel vision as much cuz I will scope out to look around

  7. Also if you take upon the enemy team, Bolt Action does alot more damage then a DMR
    If you've hit 5 sanitäters with one Bolt action mag vs a DMR with 10 bullets then the 5 sanitäters are easier to Finish by your team where you used a Bolt Action rifle😅! And thats why i like Bolt Action so much👍 Headshots are a different story though😊

  8. Your opinions are sound and well grounded. The only SLR I’ve dabbled with was the Model 8.

    Overall I will say that there is a more chaotic undertone with general gameplay whilst using SLR’s.

    I totally get what you are saying with the whole ‘chilled’ aspect and bolt actions.


  9. I almost cried, so emotional. The choice of background music, words touching my soul straight away. THANKS for the hard WORK.

  10. Well there we go, always assumed SLR's were 1hit headshot kills! Will have to stop whinging about Level 50's using 'cheat snipers' (SLR's) from now on! Wish there were an option to only show the head on enemies or to only count headshot hits as I am having a hard time teaching my muscle memory to go for the head. I still have to think about it unfortunately. Staying out of your comfort zone can be hard as you see yourself doing poorly and go back to the tried and tested and therefor waste a perfectly good opportunity to improve. The fear of going negative is constant

  11. I love bolt action rifles, just love the sound of the bullet and the reload animation etc.. but it's too frustrating, maybe cuz am new to the game but from my pov you use a bolt action for long range heads hot which I barely mange to get maybe like 0.25 of my kills are heads shots not to mention how many bullets you waste for a long head shot, but for an slr it really simple and easy and you can move freely with your team and utilize your weapon, ofcurse I wouldn't prefer to get a bolt action for ranges lower than 80m slow reloading time and probably targets are not stationary so an slr would do better in short range which is better for me as it allows me to move with the squad and capture objective, If I could get better at using bolt actions specially at medium ranges I would use it all the time but yeah for now I'll just try it every once in a while to try to get used to it, still the slr shooting with slr feels so easy I would hate to lose that

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