52 thoughts on “Why has this 13 Year Old Riven player reached Challenger 4 Times?

  1. He is going to blow up and deserves the attention! Who am I gonna bring on next? Guess here! Also direct link to Buff so you can start earning while playing League of Legends! http://bit.ly/Buff_RTO

  2. I don't even need to watch your video the answer is simple

    Riven is just unbalanced and only a Riven main will tell you that she is a high skill champion. SERIOUSLY WHEN THE HELL RIOT ARE GOING TO NERF HER!!

  3. I'd love a video with feedaboi or soulmario. Both of them are insane at kled
    Btw your videos are really well made, RTO! Keep up the good work ❤

  4. So many insecure little bitches in this comment section lmao. "Riven is so broken" "Ofcourse a riven 1 trick says it takes skill to play her". Hey dumbasses if it's so easy to play her did it ever cross your mind to abuse her and get challenger with her? No it didnt because you know you're just another shit bronze player that's jealous of someone who's younger and higher rank than you. Why dont you people just learn instead of whining like complete bitches. Its pathetic

  5. I like how you respond to like every single comment. Its very humble, one day you'll be so big you won't be able to.
    Anyways, thanks for all the vids, they're very helpful. I spent allot of my time as a kid growing up going semi-pro at COD.
    I don't I regret that, but I could only imagine if I picked up league 10 years ago when I was his age, it would have def been interesting to see where I ended up, he's got a big future.

  6. I can't tell which is greater, people being salty about Riven or people being salty a 13 year old is better than them.

  7. This is what actually sucks about Riven. If you first pick and the enemy picks Renekton you pray for jungle ganks and watch your team feed around you.

  8. GS is a beast in lane and in a lot of game people will poke fun at his age in all chat etc but he is not to be taken lightly

  9. If riven is so broken then you insecure little bitches should get challenger with her. Oh that's right you guys cant because you're just shit league players who are jealous of someone who's younger and higher rank than you. I hate to be that guy that says "you're just jealous" but if you guys were right you wouldn't be sitting here bitching you would be challenger already. I'm also not saying riven is by any means a weak champ. Shes strong IF you know how to play her. But shes shit if you have very little knowledge of her (literally just like any other good champ in the fucking game). Maybe its pretty easy to learn the basics but to master her and play riven on a challenger level takes skill. And no low elo shitlord can tell me otherwise.

  10. I get that a lot of people think that riven is broken or whatever, but even if she is, that doesn’t discredit that this kid made challenger multiple times. U can’t just abuse a broken champ to get so high. Stop trying to bring down a 13 year old kid

  11. Maybe instead of doing guide. Teach someone to reach challenger. I can volunteer! Stack in plat. 🙂 That would be awesome and people could learn much more. How someone improve, what change in play style and actually change his win ratio.

  12. Damn, he was nervous as hell. Well, good that he managed. Actually i think this lil boy deserves the respect. Lets be real, most of yall never ever even reached plat for whatever reasons. I think his inspiration is pretty admirable.

  13. That’s why I love RTO he actually replies to everyone he can which is really humble and he provides good content for improving at league.

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