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Why gun violence can’t be our new normal | Dan Gross

OK, so, confession: I’ve always been weirdly
obsessed with advertising. I remember watching
Saturday morning cartoons, paying more attention to the commercials than to the shows, trying to figure out how they were trying
to get inside my head. Ultimately, that led me to my dream job. I became a partner
at a big New York ad agency. But then, all of that suddenly changed
on February 23, 1997, when my little brother Matt
was shot in the head in a shooting that happened
on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Suddenly, my family was thrown
into the middle of a nightmare, being told that my brother
was going to die, actually being given the opportunity
to say goodbye to him, then several emergency brain surgeries and now what’s amounted, for Matt, to a lifetime spent courageously
recovering from a traumatic brain injury. He is definitely my hero. But as much as (Applause) —
yeah, deserves it — (Applause) But as much as this tragedy
was a nightmare for my family, I often think about how much worse
it could have been; in fact, how much worse
it is for the 90 families every day who aren’t as fortunate, who lose loved ones — brothers,
sisters, sons, daughters, parents. They don’t all make national headlines. In fact, most of them don’t. They go largely unnoticed, in a nation that’s kind of come to accept
a disgraceful national epidemic as some kind of new normal. So I quit my job in advertising to try and do something about
this disgraceful national epidemic, because I came to realize that the challenges
to preventing gun violence are actually the same ones
that made me love advertising, which is to try to figure out
how to engage people. Only instead of doing it to sell products, doing it to save lives. And that comes down to
finding common ground, where what I want overlaps
with what you want. And you might be surprised to learn,
when it comes to gun violence, just how much common ground there is. Let’s look, for example,
at people who love to hunt, a sport enjoyed by millions across the US. It’s a proud tradition. Families. In some places, the first day of hunting season
is actually a school holiday. What do hunters want? Well, they want to hunt.
They love their guns. They believe deeply in the Second Amendment right
to own those guns. But that doesn’t mean
there isn’t common ground. In fact, there’s a lot of it, starting with the basic idea
of keeping guns out of dangerous hands. This isn’t about taking
certain guns away from all people. It’s about keeping all guns
away from certain people, and it’s the people that, it turns out,
we all agree shouldn’t have guns: convicted violent criminals,
domestic abusers, the dangerously mentally ill. We can all appreciate how Brady background checks
have been incredibly effective in keeping guns
out of those dangerous hands. In 20 years, Brady background checks
at federally licensed firearm dealers have blocked 2.4 million gun sales to those people that we all agree
shouldn’t have guns. (Applause) And whether you love guns or hate guns,
you probably also appreciate that there shouldn’t be thousands
of gun sales every day at guns shows or online without those Brady background checks, just like there shouldn’t be two lines
to get on an airplane — one with security
and one with no security. And — (Applause) And the numbers show the overwhelming
agreement among the American public: 90 percent of Americans support
expanding Brady background checks to all gun sales — including
90 percent of Republicans, more than 80 percent of gun owners, more than 70 percent of NRA members. This is not a controversial idea. In fact, only six percent
of the American public disagrees. That’s about the percentage
of the American public that believes the moon landing was a fake. (Laughter) And it’s also about the percentage
that believes the government is putting mind-controlling technology
in our TV broadcast signals. That’s the extent to which we agree
about background checks. But what about the 300 million guns already out there in homes across America? Well first, it’s important to realize that those guns are mostly
in the hands and homes of decent, law-abiding people
like you and me, who want what we all want —
including keeping our families safe. In fact, that’s why more and more people
are choosing to own guns. Ten years ago, 42 percent
of the American public believed — incorrectly — that a gun
makes your home safer. Today, that number is 63 percent. Why? I kind of hate to say it, because it gets to the dark
underbelly of advertising, which is if you tell
a big enough lie enough times, eventually that lie becomes the truth. And that’s exactly what’s happened here. The corporate gun lobby
has spent billions of dollars blocking the CDC from doing research
into the public health epidemic of gun violence; blocking pediatricians
from talking to parents about the dangers of guns in the home; blocking smart-gun technology
and other technology that would prevent kids
from firing parents’ guns and would save lives. They’re desperate to hide the truth, because they view the truth
as a threat to their bottom line. And every day, people are dying as a result. And a lot of those people are children. Every day in the US, nine kids are just shot unintentionally. 900 children and teens
take their own lives every year. And here’s the thing:
they’re almost all with a parent’s gun. Even two-thirds of school shootings
happen with a gun taken from the home, including the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook. I meet so many of these parents; it’s the most heartbreaking
part of my job. These are not bad people. They’re just living with the unimaginable
consequences of a very bad decision, made based on very bad information that was put into their minds
by very bad people, who know good and well
the misery that they’re causing, but just don’t care. And the result is a nightmare — not only for families like mine, but for, really, at the end
of the day, all of us. But I’m not here to talk
about the nightmare of gun violence. I’m here to talk about our dream,
and it’s a dream we all share, which is the dream
of a better, safer, future. For my organization,
for the Brady Campaign, that dream is reflected in the bold goal to cut the number of gun deaths
in the US in half by 2025. And I hope to leave
all of you here tonight with a strong sense of exactly why
that dream is so absolutely within reach. Because folks, for every great movement around the world, there’s a moment
where you can look back and say, “That’s when things
really started to change.” And I’m here to say that for the movement
to end gun violence in America, that moment is here. (Applause) We are so clearly at a tipping point, because the American public
has come together by the millions like never before,
based on that common ground, to say, “Enough.” Enough of the mass shootings
in malls and movie theaters and churches and schools. Enough of the daily terror
of gun violence in homes and streets that’s claimed the lives of women
and young black men in staggering proportions. Enough of easy access to guns by the people that we all agree
shouldn’t have them. And enough of a small group
of craven politicians putting the interests
of the corporate gun lobby ahead of the people
they have been elected to represent. Enough. (Applause) And the really exciting thing is,
it’s not just the usual suspects like me that are saying it anymore. It’s so much bigger than that. And if you want proof, let’s start where most conversations
in the US seem to start — with Kim Kardashian. (Laughter) And here’s the thing:
it’s not really a joke. I mean, think about when issues change. It’s when they go from being
political and advocacy issues to being part of pop culture, voices coming from everywhere,
celebrities using their platforms, musicians, athletes. The NBA has come forward. Conservative pundits that you never
would have imagined have come forward. There’s real cultural change — I even hear there’s a TED Talk
about it this year. That’s the extent to which
this cultural change is happening. And yes, Kim Kardashian has made
an unsolicited passionate appeal to her 35 million Twitter followers for expanded background checks. Let’s look at the political elections
that are heating up. This used to be the classic
third-rail issue for Democrats. Couldn’t run from it fast enough. Now candidates are running on it. Some are being forced
to reverse very bad positions they defended very comfortably,
until very recently. For somebody like me, watching people wave around
their negative NRA ratings — it’s almost surreal to watch. We’re still outfunded, yes,
by the corporate gun lobby, and ultimately that needs to change. But you know what? We’re smarter and we’re scrappier,
and we have the truth on our side. And we’re on offense. You know, they say that the Internet
democratizes information. Social media and some
of the organizing tools that plug into it have democratized activism. It’s allowed us to show what 90 percent
support really looks like. Sometimes I think of it — you know, we’re converging
and attacking instantly by the millions, kind of like white blood cells. It’s enabled us to start to really
close — and this is the bottom line — close that disgraceful disconnect between what the American public wants and what our elected leaders
are doing about it. Until recently, the narrative in Congress
was that calls from the other side, from that six percent, outnumbered calls from our side 10 to one. We’re flipping that narrative on its head. After that recent terrible tragedy
in San Bernardino, we jammed Congressional switchboards. We put 15,000 calls
into Congress in 24 hours. And you know what? We got a vote on a bill that nobody thought was going to see
the light of day anytime soon. We’re seeing real movement
to repeal some of the most evil, ugly gun lobby legislation
passed over the last dark decade. The stranglehold of the gun lobby
is clearly being broken. We’ve seen President Obama’s
historic executive actions. They don’t go all the way, but they are going to save lives, because they expand
Brady background checks to thousands of gun sales
that didn’t have them previously. And we’re marching across the country —
we’re not just waiting for Congress to act; that would almost
be the definition of insanity. We’re marching across the country, state by state, marriage-equality style. And you know what? We’re winning. Congress is almost always
the last to wake up and realize that it’s on the wrong side of history. And when they do, it’s always
because the American public shakes them. And that’s exactly
what we’re doing right now, as we’re in this tipping point. You know, recently I was flying
cross-country to give a speech to a large group like this,
although far less intimidating, and the woman sitting next to me
happened to be binge-watching one of my all-time favorite
TV shows, “Mad Men,” a period TV show about advertising in the 1960s. And as I was trying to think
about how to end my remarks, I’d glance up at her screen
every now and then, and it seemed that every time I did, I’d see somebody smoking
in an office or around children or while pregnant or drinking and driving or driving without seat belts
or sexually harassing a coworker. And ultimately it dawned on me: what tremendous inspiration to those of us who have this dream
to end gun violence. I mean, think about how much
the world has changed in a relatively short period of time, how all those behaviors that were once
considered commonplace or normal — some even glamorous or sexy — have become stigmatized
in just a generation or two, once they became conversations
about our common ground. That is the magnitude of the change
we have the potential to create around gun violence. And that’s my dream, that maybe someday, some period TV show will depict
the terrible nightmare of gun violence, and a future generation of children
might only be able to imagine how terrible it must have been. Thank you. (Applause) Thank you. (Applause) Thank you. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “Why gun violence can’t be our new normal | Dan Gross

  1. Watch the people who still, after the facts of this video, can't open their eyes to murder, something they are desensitised to because of how often they hear it.

    – Guns injure and kill, nothing else.

  2. We banned guns in Chicago almost completely. Overnight we became the safest place on earth. Move here its so nice

  3. Big gun buy-back program would be a good idea, voluntary of course, but it'd be a start. Universal background checks across the board (getting rid of the gun show loophole too). Banning assault weapons that are ONLY used to kill people and not used to hunt. Banning specific bullets that are made to shoot through body armor. Numerous other things could help too, but these would be good starts. This guy is a very intelligent person.

  4. what?! confused, kids that steal guns n shoot up schools aside, this guy don't know crap. a person dose not go out n shoot someone with there own gun, they buy them on the street. keep making it harder to buy guns, it will just get worse. look how many shooting happen in TX, not much versus others. that cause everyone has guns. who's easier grandma without or with a gun to rob? the badies know this. look at other places where major drugs are legal, how many crackheads on the street?

  5. what did that guy actually do? cut out all the small talk. how are gun people like smith are stoping the FDA, FCC, ATF from doing research? i can't seem to find any proof of this. wheres the bank statements from the FDA worker who took money to dumb down advertising? or the… ya know what i thought TED talks was all about facts and not fairy tails.

  6. in case anyone wants to know, i dont like guns, i dont use guns, n i dont want a gun. i have a sword. ill take a few before i go. but if i wanted one i cant get one cause ….(unknown reason). i thought i had a right to have one. land of the free, Not to brake the laws. n evey one that has kids if its locked up, ammo too, and yours kids are thought. there should not be an issue.

  7. I can't imagine why anyone would even want to own a personal firearm. Are people really that frightened of their own shadow that they have to be armed to the teeth before they will dare to step out from behind the sofa, leave home and go to the supermarket? It's nuts. I'm so glad I don't live such a climate of fear.

  8. This guy is using fallacious "facts" in his arguments like the so-called gunshow loophole that doesn't actually exist. Additionally, "we all" didn't agree on who shouldn't be allowed to have guns. I never voted on it and neither did he and neither did you.

  9. Ugh…. First off, Brady Background check blocked 2.4 million gun sales. Who cares? That doesn't mean that criminals were prevented from getting a single gun. There's a difference. Do you people not realize that gun murders have been going UP, since the late 90s? So what good did your idiotic background check do?

    You people that push this crap, are so hypocritical. Let's ban alcohol. Look at all the hundreds of millions of crimes committed under the influence of alcohol. You ask these same idiots why don't we ban alcohol, and instantly they come up with an answer. Organized crime, Al Capone, black market.

    You tell these same people, we can win the war on drugs, we just need tougher laws and tougher bans, and they all laugh because no matter what rules you put in place, there is a Heroin epidemic across the country, and you can get pot in any school in any state.

    But you mention guns, and all of a sudden, their brains cell seem to instantly die, they forget everything they were just saying and "We just need good regulations! We just need tougher laws! We just need to ban assault rifles!"….

    The exact same thing THEY JUST TOLD YOU doesn't work with drugs and alcohol, will magically work for guns.

    2.4 Million guns sales prevented by the Brady Background check? Tell me how many hundreds of millions of sales have been prevented by checking IDs for alcohol and cigarettes? And yet if I go to the local high school, dozens of under age students will have both. Tell me, what good did the ID check for alcohol and cigarettes do? Now tell me what good you think the Brady Background check did? Nothing. NOTHING. IT HAS DONE NOTHING. PERIOD.

    The solution to the crime problem, is to have a society that doesn't tolerate crime. A reformation of morals. No amount of government controls, and regulations, and bans, and whatever the heck you dream up, is going to stop gun violence. In the Gaza strip, the Israelis have blocked in, and banned, every single method they can, for the people to get weapons. Did you miss what happened recently in Israel? A Palestinian, shot a woman police officer with a gun…. it was a home made gun. The barrel of the gun was a water pipe. He killed her with a home made gun.

    And you think you are going to ban, regulate, and background check your way into a Utopian future? Bull. You guys need to grow up.

  10. I really wish I could watch one of these TED talks without having those annoying "more info" boxes pop up and stay on the screen…

  11. If your pro gun your crazy and dont think we landed on the moon. This is laughable and totally crazy. Everyone who knows anything about what we are told to believe knows we landed on the moon. Gun violence is caused by all these guns! But then again….isn't the violence the problem? Not the means? Seems to me that violence is the problem, not guns. If someone wants to do something crazy they will find a way. You cant dummy proof the world. If you could people would know we never landed on the fucking moon.

  12. I'm from Australia and America appears as very unsafe from my perspective due to American gun laws or lack thereof

  13. Too bad we can't imprison people for lying in effort to restrict the rights of American Citizens for political gain – we'd never hear this nonsense again.

  14. I support background checks, that blacklist felons, and confirmed mental defectives with histories of mental illness. Unfortunately, the clauses inside these gun control bills, go further than this type of commonsense gun control. The clauses, basically give the government authority, to suspend your 2nd Amendment rights by mere suspicion, that someone could be a danger to society.

    The person could have a squeaky clean record, and still have their rights suspended. Also, the terror watch list proposal, would suspend someone's constitutional rights, by simply having their name put on a list. This is 100% tyrannical, and is a violation of due process, and the Bill of Rights. In reality, euro style gun control, basically tells criminals, and savages alike, that We The People, are defenseless to their violence, and only they will be armed.

  15. Sorry for your lose but as soon as you said 9 out of 10 republicans i knew its biased, even if they agree with you, you are signaling them out, you are not coming to convince anyone you are rallying your camp for the election.

  16. it seems Americans only need fully automatic assault rifles because they have to live next to other Americans! you guys are scared to visit Australia because we have some snakes & spiders… well, guess why I'm too scared to visit America! I just hope you find a better solution soon, because whatever youre doing isnt working 🙁 Peace to the good folk of America. LOVE YOUR FAMILY MORE THAN YOUR GUNS.

  17. So someone who makes a video on losing his brother to guns and who is trying to stop 90 people a day being killed and presents FACTS to convey his message gets nearly a 50% dislike ratio…. This is retarded, who can possibly not want to stop gun violence, he even said he doesn't want to stop normal people getting guns just the people who obviously are not suitable. By disliking this video you are basically saying that you enjoy the fact that 90 people a day get killed by guns or that you are one of those mentally insane people who shouldn't cannot get a gun (or perhaps you just to ignorant and brain washed to understand facts.)

  18. I feel like as a society we like to place blame on guns because there scary and they kill people. And sure people will say "it's because all those deaths can be prevented" but no one wants to talk about how heart disease kills 20 times as many people and in most cases is completely preventable.

  19. Great speech and I agree but its too late for America to change unless their willing to piss off a lot of people

  20. Stalin said, "The murder of one is a tragedy. The murder of a million is a statistic." That makes the Empire State Building shooting a true tragedy since only one murder was committed. If one person is killed by a drunk driver do we reform ALL the traffic and alcohol laws in the country?

  21. 4:10 "90% of Americans support background checks." Another straight faced lie. But his logic is wrong too. It's an Emperor's New Clothes argument. The majority can be wrong. If 90% of Americans supported legalizing slavery would we just shred the 13th Amendment? By his logic, yes.

  22. Americans are like that one kid at school who smokes just because he thinks he's cool. It's about time you realised that guns aren't going to protect you if they're so easily accessible. Why don't you do what other countries do and call the police if someone is breaking into your house? this problem is only going to self perpetuate into something so so much worse if you carry on as normal.

  23. Ha, doesn't know about mind control in TV's? What does he think billions of advertising money pays for. The purpose of TV broadcast is to persuade or manipulate people into buying products. They use "shows" to divert your attention whilst suggesting ideas.

  24. How many of the people "stopped" by Brady were arrested? Aren't "internet" gun sales already regulated (GCA 1968)? What portion of gun owners committ firearms related violent crimes? How do gun control laws affect ALL violent crimes?

  25. "new" normal? hahahh. remember 1930s-1980s US? the mafia and their tommy guns absolutely shredding up shops and streets? today's gun violence is nothing compared to that. fucking regressive liberals trying to disarm the citizens

  26. Non partisan English language scholars testified before SCOTUS that the word "regulated", meant equipped, in proper working order. This is not debatable. The militia is the citizenry, not the government. There is no gun issue! The issues are socio-economic, mental health or terrorism.

  27. Smart guns aren't practical. It would drive the the price of a firearm up way too much. Sometimes a child has to defend themselves and his or her siblings with a firearm. Taking away people's 2nd amendment rights is not the answer. Uneducated people want gun control.

  28. Educate yourself on current gun laws. I am guessing you know absolutely nothing about guns or current gun laws. A terrorist can also use a bomb if they want. Google how to make a home made bomb. Or you can get a book they explains how to. A bomb is More deadly than a firearm. Terrorism is an ideology. A firearm is a physical object. You can't kill an idea or take it away from somebody. You can take away a firearm but that is called theft. Equating the two is Literally the dumbest thing. Also Paris has Very strict gun laws. They didn't stop ISIS from killing 130 people. An ISIS sympathizer also just killed a French policeman with a knife. I can keep going on but your argument got utterly destroyed.

  29. This is too easy. Bill Clinton signed the 1994-2004 crime bill into law on 1993 or 1994. It banned assault weapons. In 1997, during the assault weapons ban, the North Hollywood Shootout occurred. What was used:
    -An AR-15 converted to fire automatically with two 100-round Beta Magazines
    -A semi automatic HK-91 rifle with several 30-round magazines
    -Three different civilian-model AK-47 style rifles converted to fire in fully automatic mode with several 75 to 100-round drum magazines, as well as 30-round box magazines.
    Again, all this occurred in 1997. Clinton's ban was enacted from 1994-2004. They were felons. They committed countless felonies. GUN LAWS didn't stop them from acquiring the weapons and ammunition. You can't defend control. It has a terrible record.

  30. Kim Kardashian can eat a bag of dicks! I'm for guns AND against gun violence. (Yes, it's possible to be both in America.)

  31. The cuckery. So cringy to listen to. Fucking cowards praying off of the mentally weak. And armed society is a polite society. Go ahead and try to shootup a gun store and see what happens.

  32. I'd rather be attacked by a knife or a box cutter or a shoe, than a gun. At least you still have a chance of survival!

  33. lul. The picture of Obama; he's pointing to where he's gonna take the gun market to. This TED was OK, too emotional so possibly therefore biased

  34. A disclaimer first, I am not pro guns or anti guns, I am not even Americans. Do you have the numbers on how many Americans are saved by guns everyday? Or how many Americans live in safety because guns prevent potential attacks?

  35. Gun control is like giving a band aid to a guy with his throat cut, it is useless. Gun control does nothing for people getting guns illegally. You can get guns in the streets out of the trunk of a car in a back alley way. Gun violence is rising all over America. In San Jose ca the other day, a woman was shot to death in front of her house. In Chicago, kids are killed everyday. All over America, people are falling victim to gun violence. You ain't stopping guns, you ain't stopping gun violence, never. Gun violence is part of America's diet.

  36. " it's obvious that the US would be a safer place if there weren't thousands of them sold every day without background checks."

    Not true, we've seen a massive increase in gun sales for years gun homicide has gone down in the same time.

  37. The only thing that's going to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.
    Not gun control.

    His heart seems like it's in the right place but gun control is the very reason no one was there to protect the students in the shootings.

  38. I can't imagine having guns in the UK. Look how peaceful (perhaps not recently with everything that's going on right now) we are. We don't fear our neighbours. I just don't get why people can't see that giving people guns is a means of both defense and offence. They were made to kill, not protect. And killing shouldn't be the answer to all our problems in the first place.

  39. We banned guns in Baltimore and DC, they are not the murder capitals of the US and everything here is peachy. It's very safe, come live in Baltimore. You won't believe the freedom people have here.

  40. Gotta love how blind to reality all those pro-gun people are. I guess every other advanced nation on Earth must have it wrong with their common sense gun laws.

  41. So this guy thinks 90 people are killed each day by guns? Try checking FBI stats. It's closer to 22 per day. Also in the last 30 years gun ownership has doubled while crime has been cut in half. Coincidence? I think not

  42. Is 'gun violence" the "new normal"? Ninety people a day, mostly criminals killing each other is hardly an epidemic.

    2.4 million sales denied? How many prosecutions? Virtually nil.

    The existing law already prohibit felons of all stripes and those adjudicated insane or incompetent from owning guns as well as illegal drug users and habitual drunkards. The reality is that criminals don't buy guns at gun shops. Often they buy them from crooked police officers.

    "Thousands of gun sales at gun shows and online without Brady background checks"? Really? All interstate sales have to go through an FFL. I buy guns online and they get shipped to my local gun shop. Dealers at gun shows have to abide by the same rules that govern them in their fixed place of business which means that a background check must be done.

    Jim T. Criminal won't care if the law requires a background check when he sells a stolen gun to Bob Mugger.

  43. can't believe this guy said we're winning!! lol lol lol!!!! is he still going to say this after the HPA gets passed?

  44. Note how the majority of these 90 deaths are suicides. Also note how the UK has a higher homicide and suicide rate than the US, the just don't use gun.

  45. The US has the most well armed civilian population on the planet and has 25x more gun related deaths than other developed countries. That is the only statistic that matters. Period. End of discussion.

  46. The description says "It's obvious that the US would be a safer place if there weren't thousands of them sold every day without background checks." First if that is the case then how come the Brady Campaign has repeatedly used false stats and studies that have been proven wrong to push their agenda? Secondly how exactly do you enforce universal background checks in a country of 318 million people with over 400 million firearms? How do you prove that someone did or did not buy a gun with a background check? How do you keep track of when someone goes to visit a friend and then leaves with a new gun? The government can't even keep weapons out of the hands of prisoners. HOW do people even think we could keep track of over 400 million firearms out in the hands of civilians. You want a real good example of the true purpose of gun control in a scary speed up way? Look into Venezuela .

  47. These gun control tools don't seem to have anything to say about states that turn law abiding people into criminals.

    A perfect example is New Jersey. It has many of the "common sense" gun control garbage laws that these busy bodies love. Yet, law abiding citizens with no malicious intent are occasionally caught up in NJ's strict gun laws, often simply because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some of them narrowly miss being incarcerated for the better part of a decade, while some are convicted by a corrupt judge and/or an incompetant and apathetic jury.

    Don't believe me? The following names should be all that is needed to convince a reasonable mind that gun control is out of control in states like New Jersey:

    Brian Aitken
    Shaneen Allen
    Dustin Reininger
    Gordon Van Gilder
    Meg Fellenbaum

  48. I took an NRA safety course and they teach proper gun safety and storage. Lol idk why these people keep calling them evil. Maybe they should do some gun safety courses too and help the NRA instead of calling them evil.

  49. “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is an indispensable and essential action for the overthrow of any sovereignty. “

    “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the futture.”

    -Adolf Hitler

  50. Right On. Gun control has nothing to do with the Second amendment, has to do with Common Sense. I have been campaigning since 81 for stricter control. When they murdered John Lennon, they started a war for me. We don't have to exist in the murder capitol of the world

  51. I'm honestly pro-gun and came here because I like to get a perspective from people with differing opinions.  It's really disheartening to see this man try to present people with opposing views as stupid and evil.  Comparing people who disagree with him to "people who think the moon landing was fake".  Propaganda at its finest.  The bottom line is this, the second amendment is there, its purpose is made VERY CLEAR in the federalist papers, and the majority of today's gun control is in fact unconstitutional.  If you want you can lobby to amend the constitution to make the 2nd amendment void.  Until then what we are doing is letting the government disregard the laws on which this country was founded.  How long until it gets out of hand?

  52. What a shallow and near-sighted talk! Guns are just tools. The speaker first mixed intentional violence using guns with accidents with guns. Then he never tried to put accident numbers into any context(comparing to cars, swimming pools for example) while preaching reducing gun numbers as a solution. The speaker totally ignored the root causes of violence (broken families for one) and fixated on his hate on a tool. He is also totally ignorant about millions of lives saved by guns used by law abiding citizens against violent criminals. Very disappointed about this emotion-driven speech without logics.

  53. I'm not against Guns because i got no idea what to say about them. I just have opinion but Gun Violence must end! Children are getting killed in schools for no reason! It's got to stop!!

  54. The sad part is that Gun Violence in America is already the new norm. This is a multi-faceted problem which is truly American. We need the whole country to be involed. This is not just about race,mental health,2nd Amendment rights,gun safety,etc..
    It's about all of it and it will take all of us to fix the problem.

  55. The old, "gun shows and internet sales don't check backgrounds" LIE Ive not seen any evidence of this regularly happening.

  56. "It doesn't matter whether you love or hate guns; it's obvious that the US would be a safer place if there weren't thousands of them sold every day without background checks."
    total bullshit.

  57. I can only sympathise with u but unfortunately gun nuts of America value 2A more then ur brother's life and human life in general.. mass shooting is the American way of life

  58. 30 people a day are murdered, 60 commit suicide. Those 30 a day, 29 are in gun free zones and cities, and 90% drug related. We have a drug problem, pharma and recreational. Drug war and Zoloft. #2A

  59. Yeah… education… and the realization that the your child isnt special… the birth to death ratio had increased

  60. As soon as the gun conversation brings up hunting, I'm done listening. There is no common ground when anyone is discussing limiting and reducing ANY of my freedom and liberty. Since over 96% of gun homicides are committed with illegally obtained firearms why don't these gun grabbers go and confiscate all of them first? The laws are already in place and we don't need to debate anything. Any additional laws won't remove a single one of these already illegal firearms. Once this act of law enforcement has been accomplished, we can then discuss more gun control laws………………………… if it would even be necessary at that point.

  61. Gun bans don't work look at Europe. Although gun related violence is lower Europe's overall violence is much higher than the United States. Between the rape gangs destroying European cities the stabbings the United States and our right to carry our firearms Keeps Us safer than anywhere else in the world.

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