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Why Gun Control Laws Don’t Work: Meet Local Coordinator Aeris Stewart

As a teenage girl, like, I need that
personal protection. My name is Aeris Stewart. I’m from
Claremont, California originally but I am going to school in Boston,
Massachusetts. Liberty to me is twofold, It’s both
personal freedom and personal responsibility In other words, you have the freedom to live
as you choose, but you also have the responsibility to not hurt anyone else. Probably the gun control laws in California.
It’s really hard to own a weapon especially if you are younger, but you know
as a teenage girl I need that personal protection so my state is actively preventing me from
you know, carrying something that can keep me out of danger. I joined Students For Liberty because
I was interested in professional development in the activism-sphere.
University is really great for specializing in an academic topic, but when it comes to
learning about the political technology needed to make a change, it fails you.
So Students For Liberty has given me the training and the network to really turn my
activism dreams into reality. The Harvard Conference that I went to last
October was my first Students For Liberty event
and I met so many wonderful people. I actually got to talk to Jeff Miron, who is a
professor at Harvard and a libertarian. Probably one of my favorite memories is
going to my first SFL event and being able to speak to a libertarian great, like, right off the bat. Everyone always asks themselves what can
they do to make liberty win in the United States, or anywhere really. And the answer is to
invest in young leaders. Students For Liberty is one of the only
organizations that I know that is individual leader focused and not
chapter focused. So when you give to SFL you are investing in students who will
carry on those skills and that network on to the rest of their lives. You are not just
investing in a university chapter.

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