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Why Full Conceal? -Concealability

Alright, let’s talk about concealability Most people, when they conceal carry, they either carry a smaller pistol with less magazine capacity or they carry a full size pistol thats harder to conceal right now Im carrying 2 full-sized semi automatic pistols im carrying one appendix and im carrying one outside the waistband im also carryin’ our Full Conceal M3 Delta in my front pocket Our pistol’s more concealable cuz it doesn’t print like an L-shaped pistol 22 rounds, 9 millimeter –and it’s square or rectangular like another everyday object your cellphone im carryin’ in my front pocket to show what it looks like-for the camera i can carry it in my back pocket, put it in a bag. the point is- it doesnt look like a gun where if youre carryin a full-sized pistol its harder to conceal because you can see-these two pistols are printing with this shirt Im wearin ours is a full-sized pistol that’s more concealable

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