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Why Carry Trainer?

Carry Trainer provides solid solutions to
keep you and your family safe. My name is Mickey Schuch. I’m president of Carry Trainer. I’m been very blessed in my life to train
with some of the best people in the industry. For a number of years I ran a non-for-profit
that fights for gun rights in our state here in Illinois. Our organization played a role in the passage
of concealed carry here in Illinois. A small role, but something we are proud of. A big question people ask me is, why do you
do this? Are you a gun nut? Are you a fanatic about fighting? And the answer is actually not at all. I enjoy guns. I enjoy training. But… sadly as a young man a very close family
friend was brutally murdered in her home. A gentleman invaded her home, brutally raped
and murdered her. It was one of my sister’s best friends. It was a… defining moment in a young person’s
life when you realize the world isn’t all peaches and cream… and rainbows. Because of some of those instances as a child
I personally developed a strong passion for self-preservation I suppose. I’m not a paranoid person by any means,
but we understand that evil exists. I’m a father. I’m a husband. I’ve got a large family. My parents had eleven children. And so one of the things my folks instilled
in us was taking care of each other. As I got older and began training, I took
each other to mean friends, and other human beings. One of the things I’ve tried to do with
Carry Trainer is bridge the gap from super soldier, super cop to average citizen. And be able to take the tactics and strategies
that exist and put them in laymen’s terms. I’ve made it a huge part of my life to help
disseminate that information to people that want to know it. While we do have students that are active
military and law enforcement officers, the reason that Carry Trainer exists is for average
Moms and Dads. This is for the Mom on the way to the car
in the mall parking lot with a guy stalking her. This is for Dad that wakes up in the middle
of the night to the front door getting kicked open. I’m not taking anything away from any military
or law enforcement people. There are some amazing instructors out there. What I’ve seen is kind of a disconnect from
the formal military/law enforcement training to average Mom and Dad. That’s how Carry Trainer has developed and
grown, in that genre, in that segment. Personally I take my own education very seriously. I spend a ton of time and personal resources
to continue to educate myself. On a yearly basis I sometimes take up to 300
hours of formal training to continue to learn and grow. The biggest thing for me in my life is that
we are able to provide information… to folks that can actually save their lives and make
them better. That makes me sleep better at night. It brings me some fulfillment in my life,
and hopefully folks watching recognize that. The essence of what Carry Trainer teaches,
is at the end of the day, “What can you do to affect your safety, your family’s
safety, with what’s on you at the time an incident takes place. That’s really all that matters and that’s
what we instill in our students.

10 thoughts on “Why Carry Trainer?

  1. hey mickey new subscriber been following you on Instagram before now must say very very informative videos i have always wanted to train but sadly the laws in my country are a bit confusing n training is very expensive…. so ill keep watching ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘keep up the great work

  2. Just wanted to say thank you again. Your videos and advice are well received and taken to heart. As a former LEO I have found that you and your staff have the right mindset and attitude for not only professionals, but for the everyday person. I thoroughly enjoy your videos and always learn from them. As a father and grandfather let me say you are doing it right! Wish I had the time to come train with you.

  3. Love your mission statement and content. Subscribed. Keep up the good fight in Illinois Mickey! You're doing great work!

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